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We would never recommend you a product or service that we do not use ourselves.


Your gain from a lifetime of research the best and easier ways to chemically end a vehicles operating sludge, friction and wear problems  - the main causes of all operaating and mechanical problems. And the added research discovery in doing so our way, the ability to keep returning the like-new integirty and dependabitility you invested in them when new. Research we wanted for our vehicles, our customers vehicles made available as your option to start using. to keep returning integrity wear wear away.

the like new .

ua lifetime care and repair avoiding feature  in an easy to service gained from our years of , testing, and experimenting isolated we found to not only end operating problems when other products claim too, but can't.  brand with unique features to also return the like-new conditioning we paid so much for when make life and work easie.  that turn back the wear rate so we can redrive the last years miles over and over again,  helping us and our customers keep our cars and heavy equipment running great, indifinitely..


Cars are not just a hobby to us, it is our passion. We are commited to providing the best resource we can.various products we love and use for our cars and equipment and settled on this brand, for the combinations

When just a couple of your cars hundreds of parts are overcome by sticky, friction loaded movement - Removing them with Mega Power Additives returns the car to normal!Why unique? No matter the automotive internal operating problem, Mega Power's Sludge, Friction, Binding Removers, and Conditioners in each treatment end most any problem permenently. Heal the damage chemically. Produce a NO-Problem State while you watch - cheaper, faster - and for the long term trouble free driving. That's unique! Avoids repair? Returns Like new operation? Aservice I can do? Yes! That's how it got its name. Nothing else known to fix cars chemially yet invented thts's guaranteed to do so. Worth a try to see for yourself.

Auto repair options

5 reasons for visiting page.

  • To learn more about my car or diesel problem causes. 
  • Checking out Do-It-Yourself services and products to end my car operating, oil burning, tapping, rough shift overheating or leak problem - to end them so they won't need repair.
  • Learn a system of care to keep older vehicles running, adding endurance to them to put off their expensive replacement.
  • Helping you, a mechanic or repair shop wanting to restock your Mega Power Inventory. Learn how to become th lcal distributor. 
  • You have a new vehicle and want products to extend its life.

I'm your cardoctor2 and this is my auto repair options site for those kinds of help.

See how they can are ending wear and tear problems in an easier better way. For:

  • Ending engine tune up problems.
  • Engine noise wear performace mechanical problems economically.
  • End transmission rough shift and slippage problems
  • radiator and head gasket  and overheating problems
  • ending steering whine, leak, hard turning problems
  • and ending a/c troubles all economically by special product I show you. 
  • and with  steps and help to walk you through the fix. 
  • service products and tips favored by millions, you can install to count on also.
  • Bumper to bumper solutions you can count on.
  • Me?

mechanic pic


My name is george christ and since 2007 I've been online as America's Car and Diesel Care, Endurance, and Problem Solving, Other Than Repair, Expert.  A special kind of mechanic trained to help auto repair shop owners, equipment owners, rig owners, and individuals in those ways.

Early in life I started on a search to find ways to extend fast wear component part life on my bycles, then scooters, then motorcycles, then cars and diesel equipment.

The methods shown here have given me and my family [and thousands of oters who foolow the methods I promote] the way to avoid tens of thousands in repair avoidance. Using that unspend money to pa down other family needs. Keep my vehicles and my customers vehicles going years past in likenew state when others - using other methods pay thousand fo repair we end for a few bucks.

A friend suggested I work for a company selling additives that offered those problem solving, and endurance adding products, I was always in hopes of finding.

This site list what they taught me as this alternative auto repair option. The solutions hidden from most, me and others found that solve or end automotive performace and mechanical problems using special additives. That's the auto repair option here for you.

I explain each problem cause, what doesn't work and why.  What the actual repair does about the cause. Why repair is not the end of car problems. 

And how these amazing products can do so.

Seeing the need, as a many vehicle owner to keep more money in my pocket with them, I love the system.

As a repair shop owner these products provide a better repair way to help customers keep their cars running better - they see as driving smoothnes that just keeps going. 

As a distributor I teach auto repair shops their profit side benefits. Show equipment owners their way to reduces repair and downtime expenses - and add the savings to the profit coulmn. All from additives to return any vehicle to its  like-new state - no matter even if worn and havinga serious internal wear problem. To keep them running great indifinitely.

I'm ready to show you what to use, I teach mechanics to offer their customers as an option - Mega Power additives.

See how they can end your engine transmission radiator steering a/c troubles economically. And those bad additives to stay away from.

How To Add Additives To End Your Vehicle Problems:

Ending your engine troubles with additives.  

    While  a broken part -  shuts down your engine or component - and needs replacement to end the problem. That's rarely the case and the reason for an additive fix. Why so?

The secret to their magic.

  99 out of 100 times vehicle only have a sludge friction carbon problem  - causing their upsetting to life and car problems. And all 3 are problems additives [it takes more than one] can remove as the fix. Sound Good to you?

 Here are which ones to use and where...

Some additives harmful to engine to stay away from. I'll tell you which on the label to avoid. 

For auto repair options and the addditives for engine problem solving : I swear by the following 6 treatments as the real way to end your vehicle problem. Why?

For ending engine problems. Mega Power Trnsmission Treatment. The easiest and best way to smooth strong quiet engine performance again. Sent to your door in 3 days to start the solution.For ending engine problems. Mega Power Trnsmission Treatment. The easiest and best way to smooth strong quiet engine performance again. Sent to your door in 3 days to start the solution.

Ending engine problems Solution:

The Kit shown to end engine problems covers every engine section. There, it removes its problem causing contribution to your main now Problem. They are the Addiitives that end engine problems due to years of friction and sludge buildu cause. Read more here for ordering whats guaranteed to ending these friction and sludge buildup causes of your problem to end it. More : Go to auto repair options engine additive solutions.

For transmission problems. Mega Power Trnsmission Treatment. The easiest and best way to smooth shifting and an end to shift problems.For transmission problems. Mega Power Trnsmission Treatment. The easiest and best way to smooth shifting and an end to shift problems. Sent to your door in 3 days to start the solution.

For transmissiom problems. 

Mega Power Transmission Treatment.

The Ideal Transmission Problem Sr. An Easy to install. Fast acting Solution.

Ends rough shift, jerk into shift, slippage in gear, hangup, and leaks.  Avoids their $3000 repair fix for less than a 19th of that expense. This is the right treatment for those problems. Frees sticky shift valves. remove sludge binding gear movements. fills worn spaces  and more. Click to read our auto repair option transmission solution. 

For radiator problems. Try Mega Power Radiator Treatment. The easiest and best way to end overheating, headgasket and heater leaks- fogging the windshield. Works quickly. Non clogging stop leak. Sent to your door in 3 days to start the solution.For radiator problems. Try Mega Power Radiator Treatment. The easiest and best way to end overheating, headgasket and heater leaks- fogging the windshield. Works quickly. Non clogging stop leak. Sent to your door in 3 days to start the solution.

Ending radiator problems With Mega Power Radiator Treatment.

    For ending radiator cooling and headgasket problems. Try the Mega Power Radiator Treatment. Removes problem causing overheating  and headgasket leak aciduc scum. Opens cooling tubes for proper cooling. Add stop leak and better heat transfer cooling by its 3 part, faster cooling ingredients. Stops any coolant leak.

    The easiest and best way to end any overheating, headgasket, and heater core drips on the carpet. Ends smeelly leaks fogging the windshield. Works quickly. Non clogging stop leak.

    Sent to your door in 3 days to start the solution. Read more and ordering. 

Mega Power Automotive and diesel additives are here to put you in charge of makin your vehicle problem solving, preventing, easier, cheaper, faster.Mega Power Automotive and diesel additives are here to put you in charge of makin your vehicle problem solving, preventing, easier, cheaper, faster.

What Problem Mega Power Brand Car or Diesel Additives End?

  1. Since 95% of all internal automotive problems are caused by : 
  • A clean, shinny smooth, freely moving internal part becoming dirty, sticky, acidic pitted. 
  • It makes sense to return your dirty sticky, acidic pitted pistons, bearings, valves, gears and such to their original state - tight? 

That is what this option teaches you how to do so.

  • To remove the upsetting friction drag, binding conditions, noise, oil loss, loss of power and other drivability upsetting, and possible stopping on the road. 
  • People, only knowing to pay someone to replace those affected parts. This adds a second financial burden. 
  1. Repair cost run $4000, to $10,000 if heavy equipment by repair. Replacing those parts is the traditional way. Removing the cause is an untraditional Mega Power way to end the same 2 problems - as your auto repair options. And a whole lot cheaper.

  2. Mega Power is the alternative auto repair option for both problems. The rest of this article details this auto repair option.

Ending your car problems by removing the causes.

  • By servicing your vehicle with the "Mega Power Additive Treatment" listed on the page where your problem is covered. You will see the products to clean out the dirty residues. And smooth, heal, then coat the affected parts - which ends the problem. That is what you are after - isn't it?  Sure!

Is it possible to end a vehicle's ageing problem, too ? 

  • Since chemicals are way cheaper than labor and new parts, cost is a fraction of their cost - so you really save a bundle of expenses this way. 
  • The total of the conditioning to end the problem features, include a worn space filler returns the motor to a new -like smoothness and power. You do want that feature, too? Don't you?  Sure!

   What people say about autor repair options

   - what Mikes says...

   "I ordered the engine additive treatment George sells and installed it like he showed. My old engine  was running badly. I was trying to end its worn, burning oil, very noisy engine running problems. It runs like on its last mile! 

   I tired other additives and they did not work, and I expected the same with these, also! However....

   After a mile of driving after the install - and a few coughs from the engine, the noisy, listless engine just perked right up frisky-like, and started purring like a kitten. Over the coming weeks I notices its oil consuming ways seem to end.  Since that day...

   It's little running problems not only went away! It's been running strong and quiet since then - like it use to, years ago when newer! It's an amazing improvement for ending my older, high mileage engine problems." Mike H.

Your Vehicle Problems? 

  These are the most common automotive problems Mega Power can end, including mechanical noise such as:

  • valve tap tap tapping. 
  • Stops oil seal and gasket leaks.
  • End head gasket and manifold leaks.
  • End oil consumption usage.
  • Removes sludge safely.
  • Free pistons rings. 
  • Stalling. And lousy fuel economy.
  • Black, white, blues exhaust smoking,
  • Rough shift and gear slippage.
  • Gear and rear end growl and heat.
  • Power steering whine. 
  • Keep new cars/equipment running twice as long.

 Each of those have a cause for a reason, and each has its own Mega Power Solution. Mega Power Additive Treatments are an alternative to actual auto repair option solutions. 

   How to find your additive remedy!

  1. READ a few articles to get the gest of the service an the recipe format.
  2. Call me if you have a question - or to order by phone instead of online.
  3. Don't be stupid and ignore other servicable components - when you should service all five components with the same purpose. I'll walk you thru them! 

  Is it Guaranteed? Sure! 

  Can you do the Service?

  Sure! It's With My Auto Repair Options!

With so many additives I'll isolate the ones you need!

 You will find...  My expertise - better helping you end your internal car truck troubles - like no other! 

   All my life - as a mechanic - I wanted to be more than a part changer! 

   I also wanted to end little problems that caused costly repairs - with additives. I tried every one I could find on my own....

   - My own cars trucks rv's, and motorcycles - and my customers vehicles, too! Few did any good, and some made things worse!

   I settled on what additive brands give them that extra spark they had when new! Those that controlled negatives to give them a longer life. Customer reports verified my conclusions. 

   I sold the additives - made into kit, installed as a service treatments, to other mechanics from the 2 companies  making such products. In this way other mechanics could enjoy performing a better service and even better repair outcome. 

   These additive products and their recipe even ended mechanical problems - avoiding, or putting off the repair for years by their usage. For my own vehicles - and customers that followed my recipe - we could get most of our expensive-to-replace vehicles to go many more years - new-like, without overhaul need! 

   These additives are the Mega Power Brand of automotive additives - grouped into 6 treatments to fix most any internal car - heavy equipment problem!  ...   

    I'm george christ - call me if an individual, or own a fleet of older vehicles you want to keep going - less expensively.

Mechanics love them for their help to condition, clean up, and smooth those internal parts and systems not repaired so those parts run as good and as long as the new ones!

Phone Help: To solve your automotive problem anytime call me at 512 665 3388

For Diesel Additive Fixers go here...

For over 400 more additive repair avoiding tips, try my other site...

   Popular Problem Solving Articles. Click the link to go to the article.


Try them at no risk and see for yourself!

These articles follow this idea.

Avoiding repair is possible!

Auto repair options 

      Hi! I'm the expert for these auto repair options:

My name is George Christ. 

I’m the Automotive Additive on the Web, Expert.

Me and this Auto repair options site helps

Car owners, Equipment owners, and Repair shop owners: 

Find the Right Auto repair options and service for it.

I'm here to explain and show you.

How to end your automotive problems and,

keep your vehicles going longer, trouble free, repair free. 

   This site will show How To solve your troublesome, wear and tear caused, automotive

problem with MC+. They are street proven. Proven to work when other additives fail


     That's because they have unique wear and tear ending features the inventor

found that reverses the problem, to end it! Every other product offers a mask to cover

up your problem. You don't need a cover up. You need his product to reverse the

problem to end your permanently.  No other products makes that claim! Money

refunded if not so!

     Install the suggested treatment to end your vehicle trouble faster, cheaper, and better than ever before. 

  • Start by going to links above and below about your problem.

  • They detail new, shortcut and alternative tune, repair and services that are better, easy to 
  • install, 
  • Me in my vehicle, and tens of thousands have proven they end engine, transmission problems
  • You will find priceless tips, advice and specific additive treatments for other components you may need for servicing with a tune up benefit.
  • That product suggested will return your troubled vehicle back to a better than ever running, long term, trouble-free state. 
  • No matter if man or women, its made easy as your best auto repair 

The Home Page - Read it all:

How our auto repair options end your vehicle problem.

 Additive auto repair options

Service products ending engine transmission oil loss, running, tap, sludge, shifting troubles. Chosen because they return a New-like, no-more-problem, running-great again performance.

For Transmission products to end your transmission problem... read this article..

For Radiator products to end your radiator problem... read this article..

For Power Steering products to end your pump, rack, whine, fluid leak problem... read this article..

For A/C cooling  products to end its problem... read this article..

Are you thinking this is what your engine needs?
Order it below at no risk to find out.

Specific auto repair options helping motorist and equipment owners get back on the road trouble free againSpecific auto repair options helping motorist and equipment owners get back on the road trouble free again.

 The First Auto Repair Options Website using new products, in a HOW TO recipe format, so you can roll down life's highway again, faster, cheaper, better.

You will smile too once you apply this option to your car repair fix. Easy DIY Repair Easy DIY Repair Products

Auto repair options Contact Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, purchase items listed,  call me... george at 512 665 3388

Does it fix 

How these program products benefits you...

Here's your Introduction  if you are a discerning person who feels waste not, want not. This auto repair options service fix is for you too!

It will help you restore your vehicles operating ideal  - with a twist!

It pays you, as you can extend the life by years, all your vehicle engines and transmissions  - when others, using other methods must spend plenty for new cars,  while yours just still runs great!

As you learn to follow the service method of care here given, very smart people invented and follow.

These auto repair options in the program will help you end fix vehicles more wisely = with a unique way to teach customers what you use and do for their vehicles, wisely.

It shows them how you offer wear avoiding services that prove their worth to the customer - they easily experience.

How can that be so, you might wonder?

Well, its like this: Now possible, if actual part failure has not actually occurred.

Dirty parts, rather than part failure occurs in one out of 95 vehicles from wear and tear progressing to the failure point. However...

 One, to a dozen trouble-running, performance, tap, rough shift leak problem just seems like some piston, valve, bearing, or gear has failed, but in most cases, friction and sticky residues make internal parts act bad, when they are just not - on the way to failing!

Until now, us mechanic's replace those trouble-affected parts as the norm, and that is expensive.

Besides that, new parts strain half-worn parts not replaced - brewing more trouble sooner than later.

This option to clean, free, friction modify is a lot less expensive as your fix, and conditions every part with anti-wear,  to do a long-term, better fix - explained below.

So, with that reasoning, How does this fixing option work - and - will it work in your business?

Engine Transmission Trouble Ending.

Certain additives, and combination of those additives end power decline, rough idle, noise tap, sludge, oil lost, rough shift and leaks, and such problems.

The fix you want to sell!

Chemistry based Mega Power Engine and Gear Treatments are their fix option in most cases.Chemistry based Mega Power Engine and Gear Treatments are their fix option in most cases.

  My auto repair option Program -  explained, and shown, makes it easy to use - where they perform this reconditioning ending the trouble they cause vehicles.

These Auto Repair Ads

 Included In Your Ads

 Engine Treatment Ordering Info.

Transmission Treatment Ordering Info:

Fuel Treatment ordering Info:

Radiator Treatment Ordering Info:

Power Steering Treatment Ordering Info:

If the product fails because a broken part does exist, they return to you for repair and get credit for what they already spent with you for the treatment.

There you have the option that ends the cause of your losing business and cheapest way possible to recover!

Our option - with chemistry's help, provide a great tune up like improvement, a bigger stronger engine feel. And that gives you an inner feeling of you just did the right thing for your car!

That's our for you!

alternative to actually fix engine and gear wear and tear problems  - those it use to take actual and costly repairs to fix.  A Tip...

Bookmark this site to find us again.

And read its many pages to get the sense of why this option can fix even older vehicles, help them again run as if new - by chemically reversing engine transmission radiator steering state-of-wear...

That's the fix product item needed, making for faster, better, cheaper and your option offered here.

Why better, cheaper...faster?

  • Its the next century way today, to fix mechanical wear and tear caused problems... Yours, if still reading, no doubt. 
  • Their usage now will help you end your car problem yourself!
  • And pay you big dividends with amazing driving performance all-your-life.

All your life" is another benefit for understanding this option.

How so...

I'm here to help you on the page your problem is covered.

Steps seem strange... yes, but consider this...

At first there is a little mistrust in new ways.

Like the ball point pen took 25 years to  get use to and replaced ink and ink pen, which took the pencil 100 years to do so.

And cell phones took us 25 years  to trust them turning into computers, and computers took 25 years to replace of the old big typewriter and library of books, so to... these options to fix your car...

Since conterfits are everywhere, I'll help you weed out such, and encourage you to try  the real thing -  the fix to fix cars chemically.

These field tested fixes..

These introduce new products and their easier, better methods to end wear and tear - the cause of 95 out of 100 automotive and truck repairs.

Will they work for your deep inside problems?

They are not a magic cure-all.

However... consider.

If you have a nail in your tire and it goes flat, you usually patch it for $20 instead of  shopping for a new $150 tire.

If damage cause the tire to blowout with damage  - you need a new tire.

Compare a nail hole fix for what most internal engine troubles need because...

With engines and such, all trouble start with acids, then friction, then surfaces that turn rough...

and like losing air in the tire.....causes hard steering.   Bits of power loss in your engine or transmission causes a lot more drag and power loss occurs, and all the time sticky residues act like tar bogging-down and disrupting, and causing over 400 running, noise, performance upsetting - eventually repair needing fix. However...

These auto repair options work to end the lost and recover - not with a patch or plug, but with  chemistry in products from  a company called Mega Power. Mega Power,  if installed, in any of those stages "reverse" that wear and dirty rough trouble - ending  --- what worries you right now.

That's the auto repair option .com product fix.

Auto repair options:

These auto repair options end the internal problem and promote recover - not with a patch or plug, but with  chemistry in products from a company called Mega Power

With that method - there is always the worry something else will happen soon and leave you stranded - this option - avoids-for-you!

Before and after difference...

If here for a failed part fix --- here's our option that better .... before the fix.

With actual busted part, replace the bad part or parts to end the problem - but the "acids, still grow more friction, creating a lot more drag... 

and sticky residues are still bogging-down the original like new power... and still going to cause more disrupting and upsetting engine transmission and radiator failures" --- these option avoid --- by reversing all those negatives.

They are the only specific brand products to do so. Sold most online.

Counterfeits can't.

No more than just putting air in your tire can't remove the nail or air escape again. 

Like a plug or patch makes a permanent fix, these auto-repair-options do the same.

They End Your Present Vehicle internal operation upsetting Troubles - listed below.

Then prevent future ones with Money Saving New Products That end Engine Transmission Internal Wear and Tear Problems - Results return a great running car, Diesel truck again.


Each fix treatment is sold to do an actual fix, with professional like results.  At a try it at no risk fix. If results fail, and an actual repair is needed, a guarantee refund is offered. 2 refunds last 267 days show its great value to do as advertised. Please note: Where a repair is needed, failed parts are exposed. Replacement assures every other part not-replaced is reconditioned to operate like the new part. A good-as-new-feel then results, we guarantee. 

A great auto repair option with amazing fix ability to get your transportation back running great for years to come - assured by Mega Powers restorative auto repair option features.

To end engine troubles.

To End Your Car  or Equipment  Wear and Performance Problems  - Yourself!  Install the following Mega Power Auto Repair Options  Problem Solver.

Click this sentence for large equipment and trucks repair options: Treatment for diesels and big rigs

Shown below. Car pickup treatment ordering and info links. 

With these car pickup ingredients links are found HOW TO reverse wear and tear in every part of the engine - This is much more than an engine rinse out of sludge. Its MC+  plus protectors work over every part like good medicine, to rid trouble, an end oil burning, valve tapping, blow-by, compression loss, leaks, rough idle, lousy engine performance. 

Is that what you're looking for?

Installed is in 2 easy steps into the fuel tank and motors oil, then by driving, which reverses the problem! Imagine the good that does!

Improvement ingredients starts ending the internal sticking, binding, friction, and wear causes of 99 out of 100 problem causes almost immediately.  As you drive, conditioners continue to a like-new performance appears.

Auto repair options:

Engine Treatment Ordering Info.

Transmission Treatment Ordering Info:

Fuel Treatment ordering Info:

Radiator Treatment Ordering Info:

Power Steering Treatment Ordering Info:

Avoids problem by ending internal causes.  Prevent Future Avoidable Problems by conditioning which add a like-new clean finish to each part. That Pays You a big return for its small investment price.

Your "Other" Auto-Repair-Option! introduces new products to fix wear residue caused problems in place of introduces new products to fix your wear residue caused problems, in place of repair.
auto repair options. The problem you want solved!


Click one or more links to find your fix.