Engine Additive Guide shows you -
what's in the additives you buy

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A guide to what is believed to be in popular automotive additives.

Here's what you should know About...

Ending or preventing a motor running, performance, or residue problem!

Additives come in 4 catagories:

  1. Solvents.
  2. Detergents
  3. Oil 
  4. Chemicals.

Here's what you should know About...

About Solvent Based Products: This note about solvent based additives from: auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com quoted in part here...

     "Never put a solvent additive or stop leak in you oil or                      transmission! I'll give my reasons as you read on.

    First, lets begin by giving those who favor solvent-based additives their say.

    Some say, the solvents in stop leaks and motor flushes containing "Xylene or xylol" - are OK for you engine and transmission. They are the good sellers at parts stores.

    Quick lubes also sell flush services, and nearly all of them promote a solvent-oil flush product as their flushing agent..

    My opinion: Never put a solvent based additive, stop leak, or engine flush in you oil or transmission! Not even those sold at quick lubes.

Some Mechanics use our engine additive guide.

Allen's car experience with his older car and his additive usage in them.

Here's what you should know About...

Choosing new Hi-tech stop leak and engine flush products taken a quote from auto tune up and repair options web site. Their engine additive guide on "solvents" in engine additives. And their engine additive guide.

    Avoid stop leak and flush products with these ingredients: Xylene or Xylol.

    Look at the label. Any product having either of these two words as part of a word in the ingredients - you better avoid.

    If repaired by a mechanic, chances are the price ranges from $1200 to $3500. A week without your car. No guarantee. Our method - just under $100. Works as you drive. Guaranteed.

    Mega Power, our recommendation is a new breed of stop leak and flush additives uses  modern chemistry inventions to help car and equipment owners  gain more that  a stop leak or cleaner to offer more value and safer additive choices."  End quote.

Here's what you should know About...

Detergent based additives.

        A forum where BG, a 1980's additive still sold, weight the pros            and cons of BG. A detergent. Their additive experiences.


Here's what you should know About...

Oil based additives. STP. Lucas. Slick50.

    See this Am'soil Report on their engine product findings. 


Here's what you should know About...

Chemical based additives and their advantages. See this Video engine additive guide.

         Resources: auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com