End sticky engine valves problems! Tapping, knocks, rough idle, stalling?
This simple engine service, tens of thousands have used, will end those problems for you and have your motor racy ready to go again in no time, avoiding their costly repair for you. 

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The Mega Power Sticky Engine Valves Treatment is so simple women are installing it to fix their tapping, rough idle, stalling motor problems.

 Ending Sticky Engine Valve Problems in a different way.

   Engine sticky valves repair can easily run into thousands in repair expense. The reason? There's lots of labor involved to get to them for servicing. 

  Not Anymore! You can NOW end their your own vehicles sticky engine valves problem - and their related problems with a mothod I'll show you below. It ends :: 

  • Engine valve tapping,
  • Carbon knocking,
  • Rough idle, 
  • Engine stalling in just 10 minutes.

   This great different engine product will go deep into your motor where oil can't and with an oil change "drain-out" your dirty engine problem when nothing else can!

  Even female car owners are doing so! So easy to install!

  You will be smilling after this product from Mega Power Additives returns a truly smooth, quiet tap-free engine operation for you again!

   And more smiles will appear when you think of the hundreds, perhaps thousand$ in repair expense this different, superior way to end sticky engine valves problems provides.

   While the product is intended for mechanics I'll show you how to easily add this package of additives to your engine as good as any pro can that will having you smiling too because your motor run so quiet! Good job Joe!

    Directions are easy to follow and you won't need any tools, nor special skills.

    And this same product ends many other problems engine  problems. Its versatile.

    have  can be uValves are everywhere. Engines, transmissions $100 , radiators, and power steering systems all have valves. It's what makes their systems function. 

    If its not your practice to known how to clean them  - when they jam, you could spend thousands of your hard earned dollars to have them cleaned - when for a few bucks ... I'll show you how you can keep them, and all your cars and diesel rigs, RV's running clean and trouble free.

    I'll explain the problem, and a product that will handle their cleaning care expertly. The product is a care/repair treatment and works as a tune up to clean up sticky valves as well as the whole component clean out. Its variation cleans and works on all the car truck components. So its the ideal service and protector ideal.

   Man, women, mechanics - its all you will ever need  to clean your vehicles fuel system, motor, transmission, radiator,  steering  system as a required service, but not just change their fluids - NO! A real clean of their innards that 10 minute later will give your vehicles the smoothest quietest running operation  - including the cleaning of, and ending of your sticky engine valves.

    When dirty, and oil can no longer keep them clean, they become sluggish. That then upsets the components smooth, quiet operation. 

   Its not uncommon for sticky engine valves to require some serious engine repair - at $1500 to $5000 to fix and hand clean  to end the problem.  However...

   Mega power is added to brand new and rebuilt engines and transmission to prevent such friction tighness lube problems - ending friction wear to provide longer engine life.

   protect their vehicles by occasiobnal use of mega Power products. Smart men and women car owners use the Mega Power Engine Treatment Product for its wide range of protection, anti-wear, and to service and clean sticky engine valves and apping and stalling problems. There can be other causes and Mega Power quickly elimates them. 

    Mega Power is ideal as it offers an instantly return of the motor to its cleanest, quietest, smoothest operation - avoiding its costlier repair alternatives.

What you should know about tap-causing residues even synthetic oil can't remove

    There are many kinds of valves in your engine, and transmission, and power steering, even your radiator, and air conditioning system - when dirty, cause troublesome expensive overhaul expenses.

    Here's why.

    Each time you change oil only the watery thin, dirty oil drains out...

    A sticky acidic engine film remains behind coating every part. Now, you would expect fresh good oil to remove that film - but it can't!

    Eventually, enough dirty motor, and transmission residues, for that matter, collects as a tar-like goo on every part to cause many problems and your tap.

     When that happens...

    A space appears and then closes and a tap like a hammer blow sound occurs.

    In transmissions, the same goo on shift-valves causes jerky or rough shifts, hang ups, and slippage. In Power steering - a whine or growl sound. In compressors, a hot running compressor and not as cool air flow. In radiators, less cooling efficiency.

    Mega Power Engine Treatment ends your engine tap by its cleaning and conditioning ingredients - no other product has or can match! See the video on this, below. 

    Mega Power is a service product treatment that cleans and frees all your valves-parts - as you drive, but few shops reveal this info.

    The Treatment exceeds the 100,000 mile service all car makers suggest you do after the car makers warranty ends - and is what also ends motor valve tapping - avoiding a repair.


      Mega Power is installed by addition to the gas tank, oil, and air intake. I call this Step One.

      Step Two a week later goes like this. Add 3 product in the kit are added before and after an oil change.  This remove he causes and ends your engine sticky valve causes. 

      Because Mega Power is thinner than oil it can crawl into troubled valve-sticking areas oil, even synthetic oil cannot reach. The happens with a few miles of driving. 

      As you drive the product chemically cleans each engine valve, and Mega Power Addive ingredients conditions and smooths, and heals, and then adds a protective lube film over worn areas - that is the secret to its restorative feature and valve tap quieting secret. See video.

      Because Mega Powers method cleans and lubes whereever needed wherever fuel, air, combustion and oil goes in the engine it is the ideal additive to protect brand new vehicles and is often the best product choice for 25,000 miles servicing requierments to get the warranty in force. 

      Mega power is added to brand new and rebuilt engines and transmission to prevent such friction tighness lube problems - ending friction wear to provide longer engine life.

      The more places you install Mega Power, the more places you are providing extra years of dependable life to. That is my conclusion and that of many thousands of motorist who love and add Mega Power to all mechanical things they own.Those are the advantages all your cars and their motors and transmissions an other components need - and now you know what will do so. Order Mega Power for this and other cars - Don't you agree they all need Mega Power! Order now!

    Order this Mega Power Engine Treatment today. Have a quiet and smooth motor tomorrow! Enjoy valve tap-free, engine-stalling freedom as it returns quiet engine operation.  

      Includes 6 items needed.  Shipped by Fedex to your door in 3 days.

      Just $80 plus $15 s&h total $95.  Bonus offer? This... 

      Includes easy-to-follow directions, Guarantee. Includes phone help if needed during installation, a $25 value. 

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Mega power is added to brand new and rebuilt engines and transmission to stop and prevent engine sticky valves  friction tighness new engine have with this same product for its MC+ lube enhancer - returning smooth strong operation in minutes - and providing longer engine life in the process.

Clean and protect  both of your car motors. Order 2 Treatments. 12 items. Regular price $180. For both of your cars now $147 - Save $33. 

Clean and protect your motor and your transmission.

Our MP Combo Pak. 9 items.  Includes the above Mega Power for your motor: 6 items: $75 plus $15 s&h total $90. And, the MP companion cleaner and protector for your transmission: It includes 3 items, $60 plush $15s&h= $75 total. Easy to follow directions included. Regular $165. Now both $135. Save $30.

Why not do a complete car service: Each includes pre-cleaners, conditioners, friction modifiers, an protectors that fill worn areas

  • 1-Mega Power Engine Treatment, $90.
  • 1-Transmission Treatment $75.
  • 1-Power Steering Treatment $65
  • 1-Radiator Treatment $65
  • 1-All purpose spray lube $12 ...Total $315
  • 5 treatments to do the required fluid exchange services for one vehicle just $195.

Watch this video of Mega Power's cleaning, healing, and friction-reducing factor protecting your motor parts and valves, with anti-wear advantages.

Mega Power Cleaning returns smooth idle and proper air mixture with fuel reducing advantages - as well as great performance producing protection.  Includes injector cleaners... Your motors injectors...

4 to 8 fuel injectors change liquid fuel into a fog. When dirty from years of work, along with friction and sticky valve-parts they reduces horsepower development by up to 20%.  Mega Power cleans these to restore fuel fogging and restore that lost horsepower.

Several smog reducing parts recycle combustion that sneaks past dirty pistons into your oil and recycles it. Mega Power cleans these to restore flow out of your motor  ending one big source of what causes engine tapping. 

Another de-smoger takes exhaust and reburns it to cool the combustion temperature as needed. Mega Power cleans this system also, to reduce  that engine dirty making condition - also a tap maker. 

One Valve controls the oil pump oil delivery pressure and volume. Mega Power cleans this oil pump V so full oil pressure keeps valve-adjusters pumped up and not tap.

4 to 8 V's are inside the 4 to 8 adjusters themselves, to make adjusters work - adjusters are valve-lifters. They take up slack from wear as they open and close V's to keep your motor quiet. When residues hold the adjusters-valve-open, oil will not raise the adjuster.

A space appears to cause the tap you hear. Mega Power cleans these 4-8 V's so oil pressure again raises the adjuster, and not tap.

Fuel and exhaust V's open and close by cam action. When dirty, they close a bit slower and upset combustion and a space occurs causing the tap you here. Mega Power cleans these from the combustion top of motor side - and from the bottom of motor oil side to end their lazy space appearing tapping negative.

By this complex cleaning - done by simply adding Mega Power to the gas and oil and air intake of your motor - you directly or indirectly end every cause of - tapping, and restore your motor to its former output for a stronger, really quiet ride again!

That is the 2 ways to stop your motor tap.

Basically, you now know more than 99 out of 100 mechanics on this subject and it will be easy to understand the remedy described below. If you read this far, you need this product. Order it below.

    Be warned: Most mechanics won't like chemical repairs or fixes as their are trained to make their living replacing parts - not saving them.

    This Mega Power method cost under $100 if you do it, $250 if a mechanic installs it. Or, $2000 if a mechanic does the repair by replacing your dirty engine parts.

    And Mega Power does the same good for your transmission, too. use Mega Power to protect it with out Fluid service product - listed below.

Order this Mega Power Engine Cleaning Treatment today. Have a quiet and smooth motor tomorrow! Avoid a big repair hit to your budget, too

    Includes 6 items needed. Just $80 plus $15 s&h total $95 

    Includes easy-to-follow directions, Guarantee. Includes phone help if needed during installation, a $25 value. Shipped by Fedex to your door in 3 days.

Clean and protect  both of your car motors. Order 2 Treatments.       </B> 12 items. Regular price $190. For both of your cars now just $147 - Save $43. 

guarantee policy... If a fix to quiet tapping is still needed after the treatment. Send us a paid invoice for valve tapping repair and a refund.