Cold Weather Diesel Additives...
Products to keep newer and older Diesels going
  all winter long. 

Cold Weather Diesel Additives

Mega Power's Cold Weather Diesel  Additives keep fuels and oils flowing for easy cranking, starting, runningMega Power's Cold Weather Diesel Additives keep fuels and oils flowing for easy cranking, starting, running.


Keep - All Your Rigs Starting Easily All Winter Long. 

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   What are cold weather diesel fuel, and engine additives for?

     The problem. Waxes are in fuels and oils bog down engine spin and prevent starting in cold weather. 

     Cold weather additives help the diesel owner provide the anti-gel means for keeping wax molecules separated in the fuel and motor oil, when waxes and resins want to block fuel flow, and hamper engine spin in cold weather. 

     Also called anti-gel additives. They allow fuel and oil flow. This overcomes blockage. In this way anti-gels prevent slow cranking, hard starting, and no-starts, or long warm ups in sub zero weather. 

     Some cold weather additives use solvents. Solvents are cheaper. Old timers add kerosene to the diesel fuel to keep fuel flowing in cold weather - works, but may cause lubrication problems. Those meeting Gov. Regulation or industry guidelines prove better, safer. Mega Power List Of Gov Approved Ingredients shown here.

                            How do cold weather Fuel Additives work?

     This anti-gel feature keeps wax when cold from wanting to clump - blocking up fuel flow thru filters. With separated wax molecules in the fuel, fuel flow thru the filters - allow for starting fuel when otherwise, waxes will plugged up fuel flow thru filters - preventing starting.

      Fuel additives with cold flow ingredients follow Truck Industry Guidelines percentages per gallon. See product label for each products directions for cold flow features.

       Engine cold weather additives.  These are additives for motor oil cold weather flow. chosen to help high mileage diesels crank easily, start quickly. idle and operate smoothly in the coldest weather.

engine starting, cranking, and operation - when otherwise they would not, in below zero weather.

    Cold weather additives provide anti-gel. If you want premium features, to prevent clumping of waxes and resins in diesel fuel that block fuel flow and starting.


Older Diesel Cold Weather Engine Aids

     Our Mega Power Diesel Additives provide beneficial features in addition to fuel flow aid. They help older diesels overcome frigid weather crank-run problems. 

    These Mega Power Brand Cold Weather Fuel and Oil Additives are dual purpose, and therefore a cost a bit more.

    They are chosen to help high mileage diesels crank easily, start quickly. idle and operate smoothly in the coldest weather.

    The product has 2 Steps to help older diesels crank start easily:

     1- Step One: Cleaning Treating Steps:  3 fuel system, and oil system cleaners, remove combustion carbon, resins and waxes on moving parts. They advance cold fuel flow and thereby increase crank spin and start ability.

     2- Step 2: Adds  slippery co-polymers and friction eliminators. Called MC+, 2  conditioners that smooths friction roughen pistons bearings valves and gears surfaces. And then covers their worn surfaces with slippery protector. Smoothing of older worn parts means horsepower sucking friction will no longer drag down engine cranking and starting.  

      Cleaners and conditioners remove combustion carbon, resins and waxes in the fuel, combustion, and oiling parts areas. And smooth hi-mileage friction accumalitions.

      Removal of tar-like and carbon residues on all engine parts remove glue-like conditions older diesels accumulations. A clean engine starts easier. This is Step One to aid older diesels cold weather starting. 

toovercome fuel and oil flow negatives to overcome or prevent slow cranking, hard starting, and no-starts, or long warm ups in sub zero weather. 


      They break up waxes in fuel and motor oils and keeps them dispersed. This prevents their ability to collect and block fuel flow in the tank, filters, and fuel injectors.

      They may have features to help improve combustion by removing sludge and carbon in the combustion area and intake manifold. And emission system. See label.

 How do cold weather Motor Oil Additives work?

      Some motor oil additives remove engine oil sludge on the surface of pistons bearings valves and oiling passageway. Some motor additives  remove friction drag by smoothing wear roughen surfaces.

Introducing Mega Power Brand Cold Weather Additives.

      Cold weather sub zero engine starting, running, easy shifting is a prime feature of Mega Power Brand Winter Engine Treatment. It works equally well in new to older worn vehicles. It many benefits pays for itself many times over.

      This article reviews Mega Power's Cold Weather Diesel Additives. They are packaged as a complete engine, engine oil, and fuel treatment. Prevent hard start run problems while adding oil flow, and friction reducing, and combustion improving features.

More cold weather additives Benefits.

    You'll marvel at Mega Powers power to give your fleet vehicles much easier cranking, faster starting, quicker warm-running-ability. Contains anti-friction MC+ additives, not found in any other additive brand.

    You'll love to see drivers working sooner - not wasting time at start-up, at warm-up delays. More income with Mega Power helping fuel and oils side of your vehicles.

   You'll love, and marvel at even all your older, worn, Hi-mileage trucks start run ease.

Help your budget and your vehicles...

    This is because, unlike other additives with 1 feature - usually for fuel flow features...

    With Mega Power, ingredients cover all 6 needed cold weather diesel engine areas. Not just fuel flow problems.

   Mega Powers Cold Weather Diesel Engine Treatment will win your winter war keeping your fleet starting, going great in 4 needed ways:

  1. By removing tar-like resins in the motor oil and engine parts.

 2. By preventing wax crystalizing in the fuel, filters, motor oil.

 3. By coating engine parts with MC+ smoothing out friction drag.

 4. By coating every moving part with MC+ slippery anti-wear.

    Mega Power whole engine and fuel features assures you full, superior, complete engine start, run protection coverage night and day, all winter long. A premium product.

                            Winter and Summer Protection.

    Order Mega Powers Cold Weather Diesel Engine Treatment now to keep your fleet going great every day, all winter - all summer long, too

                    Our Hot, Cold Weather Diesel Additive Specials

Order your MP cold weather diesel additives here...

      12 Pack.  12 gallons for fuel and engine all winter long protection.

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Includes  5 gallons fuel additives to keep fuel flowing all winter long.

                1 gallon fuel injector cleaner, combustion area carbon remover.

                1 gallon engine sludge remover to keep this problem away.

                5 gallons motor engine tune up, friction remover, slippery coating.

Treats two large diesel engines.

"Add to Cart" 

Directions: install and future addition.

     Mega Power's Cold Weather Diesel Engine 

Treatment - Directions. The 4 items [engine cleaner

not shown but part of the items described].

 1. Add one quart MP Fuel Treatment to 40 gallons fuel, as needed. 

 2. Follow engine residue flush out at motor oil change.

 3. Add carbon remover as shown.

 4. Add MP Engine Treatment.

This Special Gets your thru winter at reasonable prices.

Motor and fuel cold weather diesel additive combo 12 pak



 7 gallons Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Additives with

  .. injector cleaner. Treats over 1005 gallons fuel.

 3 gallons Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Engine Additives. 

  .. Treats 2 engines. 2 gear boxes.

 1 gallon Internal Engine Cleaner. Treats 2 engines. 

 1  12 oz Combustion chamber cleaner. 

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Motor. Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Motor Additive. 1

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Motor. 6 gallons 6 pak Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Motor

Additive. $360  Shipped usa 50 states included. Canada, adds $40 postage

to your c card. Includes easy to follow directions, phone help, guarantee.

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Our cold weather diesel additives special. Protect the fuel and motor.

Motor and fuel. 6 each gallons each. 12 pak total. 6 Mega Power Cold

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Ordering our fuel and motor oil companions, the Mega Power Engine Oil, and Fuel

Treatment assures top and bottom side motor oil and fuel flow, and both residue and

metal friction drag removal. Enjoy Mega Power's Cold Weather Diesel Additives and

their benefits of easier cold weather, no strain cranking, starting, and strong powerful

operation - Believe me, its beyond amazing, all winter long!

Cold weather protection is easy when you have

 Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Additives.

However, overcoming its winters crippling effects is now easily done by

performing 3 needed start, run objectives.

Fuel flow when cold: By adding "cold flow diesel additives" with their

ability to allow fuel to flow when cold, by preventing their wax

formation and blockage negatives, wherever fuel sits or flows. 

Products chosen with proven anti-wax benefits that keep solids from

forming wax blockage if not solvents, and are more advantages if they

claim to do so after the problem exist, like those shown here, from Mega

Power Cold Weather Diesel Additives.


Engine residue removal: Not all additives can remove tar-like baked-on 

gooey residues. Those that do use chemical cleaners, not detergents like

BG's brand, nor like truck stop additives that use lube-removing 


Brands capable of removing your engine's piston, bearing, valve, and

gear sticky-residues, which labor their movement in cold weather. Those 

shown here, from Mega Power do a top, safe residue removal so you

have the best winter Diesel Engine clean operating and tune up

advantages going for you all winter long.

Friction suppression: A better winter protection advantage. Friction

occurs and is hardest on your engine when starting, when oil is sticky,

and when residues bind the piston and valve movement.  Friction

reduction is in a 3 of Mega Powers cold weather products.

Negatives: Non found!

Review: Cold weather diesel additives.

What to look for and use in your diesel in cold weather.

Use fuel cold weather flow additives, 

Install engine residue removers to remove friction causing drag. 

Look for MC+ metal surface smoothing, ingredient benefits. 

Mega Power install directions and winter usage is as follows:

Add one quart MP Fuel Flow Additive to each fuel tank. 

Add 2 quarts MP Engine Cleaner and Tune Up to the oil. In a week, just

prior to an oil change add 2  more quarts MP Engine Cleaner and Tune

Up  and to the motor's oil. Run motor 10 minutes and then replace old oil 

with new.  To the new oil add one gallon MP Engine Treatment along with new oil.

End. Cold weather diesel additives.