Cold Weather Diesel Additives...
From Mega Power.... 
The best Brand to drop the flow point of
fuels-and-oils and ENGINE-movement, 
guaranteeing quick starts, ready-to-go Engine performance -
Or we pay for the start up, if it fails too!

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Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Motor and Gear Additives. Guaranteed strong freezing weather operationMega Power Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Motor and Gear Additives. Guaranteed strong freezing weather operation





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    For a great, worry-free winter engine starting, running, easy  shifting operation treat your fuels, oils, and gear boxes with our Mega Power Brand Winter Engine Tune up Treatment.

Why the Mega Power Brand? Because...

    You'll love, and marvel at Mega Powers power to give your fleet

vehicles easy cranking, faster starting, an a warm-running-ability up

to 50% sooner each day, compared to any other additive brand.

    You'll love, and marvel at drivers working sooner each day - not

wasting start up, warm up delays. Making income for you.

     You'll love, and marvel at even all your older, worn, Hi-mileage

trucks and equipment cranking faster, starting easier, ready to go

instantly. Especially in sub-zero weather.

Save more than your vehicles...

    No more having employees hanging around with vehicles idling for a

warm up - losing time and money for you, nor hours of productive time

each week!

    This is because, unlike other additives with 1 feature - usually for

fuel flow, with Mega Power you cover all 6 needed cold weather diesel 

start, run problems - not just one feature, assuring you full, superior,

complete engine protection coverage night and day, all winter long. 

Order Mega Powers Cold Weather Diesel Engine Treatment now to

keep your fleet going great every day, all winter - all summer long,


See our Hot Cold Weather Diesel Additive Specials Below!

    Mega Powers Cold Weather Diesel Engine Treatment will win your

 winter war keeping your fleet starting, going great in 4 needed ways:

  1. By removing tar-like resins in the motor oil and engine parts.

 2. By preventing wax crystaliation in the fuel, filters, motor oil.

 3. By coating engine parts with MC+ smoothing out friction drag.

 4. By coating every moving part with a slippery anti-wear.

A lo-cost investment that always avoids thousands of dollars winter 

avoidable expenses. 

Order your cold weather diesel additives here...

Directions: install and future addition.

     Mega Power's Cold Weather Diesel Engine 

Treatment - Directions. The 4 items [engine cleaner

not shown but part of the items described].

 1. Add one quart MP Fuel Treatment to 40 gallons fuel, as needed. 

 2. Follow engine residue flush out at motor oil change.

 3. Add carbon remover as shown.

 4. Add MP Engine Treatment.

This Special Gets your thru winter at reasonable prices.

Motor and fuel cold weather diesel additive combo 12 pak



 7 gallons Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Additives with

  .. injector cleaner. Treats over 1005 gallons fuel.

 3 gallons Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Engine Additives. 

  .. Treats 2 engines. 2 gear boxes.

 1 gallon Internal Engine Cleaner. Treats 2 engines. 

 1  12 oz Combustion chamber cleaner. 

Shipped usa canada. 

Limited time offer. FREE SHIPPING.

Just $560 total. Order now!  12 items above for fleet

and resale usage. Special subject to end at any time. Save

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Fuel. 6 gallons 6 pak Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Fuel

Additives. $360  Shipped usa 50 states included. Total $360. Canada,

adds $40 postage to your c card. Includes easy to follow directions,

phone help, guarantee. Save $400.+-

Motor. Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Motor Additive. 1

gallon $124. Shipped usa 50 states included. Canada, adds $30

postage to your c card. Includes easy to follow directions, phone help,


Motor. 6 gallons 6 pak Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Motor

Additive. $360  Shipped usa 50 states included. Canada, adds $40 postage

to your c card. Includes easy to follow directions, phone help, guarantee.

Save $400.+-

Our cold weather diesel additives special. Protect the fuel and motor.

Motor and fuel. 6 each gallons each. 12 pak total. 6 Mega Power Cold

Weather Diesel Motor and 6 Fuel Additives. Just $560  Shipped usa 50

states included. Canada, adds $80 postage to your c card. Includes

easy to follow directions, phone help, guarantee. Save $700 over

single  item price. Limited time offer.

Ordering our fuel and motor oil companions, the Mega Power Engine Oil, and Fuel

Treatment assures top and bottom side motor oil and fuel flow, and both residue and

metal friction drag removal. Enjoy Mega Power's Cold Weather Diesel Additives and

their benefits of easier cold weather, no strain cranking, starting, and strong powerful

operation - Believe me, its beyond amazing, all winter long!

Cold weather protection is easy when you have

 Mega Power Cold Weather Diesel Additives.

However, overcoming its winters crippling effects is now easily done by

performing 3 needed start, run objectives.

Fuel flow when cold: By adding "cold flow diesel additives" with their

ability to allow fuel to flow when cold, by preventing their wax

formation and blockage negatives, wherever fuel sits or flows. 

Products chosen with proven anti-wax benefits that keep solids from

forming wax blockage if not solvents, and are more advantages if they

claim to do so after the problem exist, like those shown here, from Mega

Power Diesel Products.

Engine residue removal: Not all additives can remove tar-like baked-on 

gooey residues. Those that do use chemical cleaners, not detergents like

BG's brand, nor like truck stop additives that use lube-removing 


Brands capable of removing your engine's piston, bearing, valve, and

gear sticky-residues, which labor their movement in cold weather. Those 

shown here, from Mega Power do a top, safe residue removal so you

have the best winter Diesel Engine clean operating and tune up

advantages going for you all winter long.

Friction suppression: A better winter protection advantage. Friction

occurs and is hardest on your engine when starting, when oil is sticky,

and when residues bind the piston and valve movement.  Friction

reduction is in a 3 of Mega Powers cold weather products.

Negatives: Non found!

Review: What to look for and use in your diesel in cold weather.

Use fuel cold weather flow additives, 

Install engine residue removers to remove friction causing drag. 

Look for MC+ metal surface smoothing, ingredient benefits. 

Mega Power install directions and winter usage is as follows:

Add one quart MP Fuel Flow Additive to each fuel tank. 

Add 2 quarts MP Engine Cleaner and Tune Up to the oil. In a week, just

prior to an oil change add 2  more quarts MP Engine Cleaner and Tune

Up  and to the motor's oil. Run motor 10 minutes and then replace old oil 

with new.  To the new oil add one gallon MP Engine Treatment along with new oil.