Diy diesel egr remedy.

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Several DIY cleaning methods to remove and avoid carbon blockage in the exhaust gas recirculating system.Tips, products we use and promote.

TRUCKTREND.COM explains quite nicely how diesel ERG's get dirty and hand cleaning methods. EGR is the acronym for exhaust-gas recirculating. We will explain:

  • How the system works. 
  • What causes the problem.
  • Ways to correct the problem.
  • How you can correct the problem chemically. 
  • and prevention. Just in case your one of those who rather pay to avoid problems than chance paying a lot more should the problem occur.
  • and tune up methods to correct any problem they cause

Pollutants are what we want to limit. Diesel EGR 

The EGR system is one of 2 add-on systems on nearly all motor vehicles. The other; the crankcase combustion blowby-fumes recirculating system.

They are added to engines to reduce smog. Smog is caused by automotive engine fuel-burning, and its nasty, harmful condition exhausting from cars and all motorized vehicles.

The idea for them is sound.