Additive Oil Treatment ENDs BLOWBY
this easy, lo-cost way!

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Blowby causes: As engines get dirty, wear a bit, show signs of oily fumes coming from the motor, they develop what I call the leaky door seal syndrome. Mileage, residues, wear, and age are big contributors to this negative.

If its not corrected quickly, it may require an expensive overhaul as the remedy. So, its important to use the right additive method that works on freeing sticky pistons rings before it to late to do so.  

Combustion - the source of blowy is squeezed pass the top of your pistons. Some combustion escapes past dirty piston rings - normally, and wear spaces on the piston, and sticky piston rings allow excessive combustion to slip down into your motor's oil. 

Blowby remedies: Your mechanic may suggest a rebuild of your dirty engine, or a new engine  - for about $3000 to double that amount - as the remedy. You may be shocked! You may also googles for help

Additives: Complaints about part store and quick lube engine flush additives for blowby reduction are causing engine damages is common. Read the label and follow instructions to avoid more harm.

The method describes here is from field testing and remains the best blowby reducer.  worst case scenarios is that the treatment shown here keeps it from getting worst. 

While diesel truck tractor and boat owners are at a loss about this method, me and many other boat and truck owners use the following method to end our boat and truck blowby problems.  Read story of struggles and poor solutions to this fix. See picture.

Ends Blowby :While diesel truck tractor and boat and gas car owners are at a loss about this method, me and many other boat car and truck owners use the following method to end our boat and truck blowby problems. 

Ends blowby: Over time, wear increases friction. That speeds up the wear out factor by several years.

Add to that, oil breakdown and fuel sticky residues create deposits - on your. fuel injectors, pistons, piston rings, and sticky valves stems. Each causes a little less power to develop, and more allowed to escapes as blowby from your motors power developing cycle - occurring hundreds of times each mile.

What's needed is cleaning and conditioning as the chemical fix in Mega Power. Mega Power features cleans, frees, and restores piston ring parts - and fills worn spaces with a co-polymer shutting down blowby - chemically - a lot cheaper than by overhaul.

Blowby conditions are un-noticed-able at first. However, over time, friction and sticky residues wear on your motor - and stick piston ring expansion.  This is the Mega Power method. Cost is under $100 - $250 if a mechanic does the install.

 Just remember...

Your car runs, but needs products that ends blowby. In the course of time, more friction and more blowby lower your motor's power output.  Dirty, sticky residues on your pistons, bearings, valves, and gears cause power and fuel economy to go south. Rough idler, stalling, engine miss, and valve tapping appear. Its telling you to do something - and ordering Mega Power is your guaranteed low cost, easy to install remedy.

Easy Install Directions that ends blowby

Mega Power Tune up Product is easy to install and results are almost immediate. 3 product go into the gas and oil, working as you drive. A week later, 3 more go into your oil during an oil change to completely treat top and bottom cleaning, conditioning, and anti-wear protecting. That is what your motor needs.

End blowby. Ordering details.

Order Mega Power here. In a few days, you will have the product to install. Driving does the actual deep inside blowby reduction.

Ordering Info

    One Mega Engine Blowby Treatment. 6 items shown Comes with easy-to-follow directions, my phone help if needed, guarantee. Shipped Fedex to your door in about 3 days. Just $84 plus $15s&h= $99 total.

    Not just for sick motors. Protect your other car and avoid for years friction and residue caused problems - by keeping your good cars clean and protected in this special way. For two car motors, 12 items - Just $120 plus $15s&h= $135 total. Save $25.

    Order 6 Mega Engine Blowby Treatments. 36 items, for fleet or auto garage resale. Just $330 plus $30s&h= $360 total. Save $100. Shop Labor for installation $25 to $75.

To order by phone or ask me a question, call me day or evening at 512 665 3388 ... george - I am not a machine!

Mega Engine Blowby Treatment.  What is Restored?

Did you know....

What is restored is a mechanic-like performance and like-new power for years to come.

When - worn tune up parts are replaced, and fuel injectors cleaned, the motor will again run good, but not as good as when brand new - unless you clean, free, smooth and add Mega Power Mega Engine Blowby Treatment. 

The problem your motor has with friction and sticky residues that causes blowby.

That is because

  • Until recently, there was no way a tune up could remove the causes of increased friction.
  • Until recently, there was no way to clean sticky residues that lowers power development.
  • Unless you spent $1000 to $3000 to tear apart the motor and hand clean every part.

Mega Power ends blowby?

Mega Power Tune up Blowby Treatment. Not just the other half of a good tune up.

What's Mega Power Tune up Blowby Ending Secret?

Product Cleaners Conditioners and Protectors

  1. They safely remove those residues on piston rings to end blowby.
  2. And they add a coating to close down blowby escape on cylinder surfaces.
  3. Friction wear is reduced to its lowest level possible for longer engine life.
  4. And cleaning freeing movement to every piston, bearing, valve, gear, and system.

This produces more power as blowby converts to horsepower making again - while slams the brakes more blowby - to provide years longer life.

Read the Details about this Mega Power Tune up Product.

Mega Power has a new, simple, easy-to-use product, I call the Engine Revitalizer.

Anyone can use it to restore like-new performance to any motor, in minutes. Then keep it that way indefinitely.

In minutes, you can feel the protection working!

This product will save your motor, add years more dependable life to it, and in doing so, reduce vehicle care and repair anxiety, help you keep tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket, instead of others - who want you to replace your vehicles sooner, for their benefit, not yours.