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secrets Of a car buff's
cheaper, faster, better
car pickup diesel truck Rv Equipment Secrets to alternative repairs, and better repairs that are cheaper, faster, better. And most, you can do yourself - our way! Secrets to alternative repairs, and better repairs that are cheaper, faster, better. And most, you can do yourself - our way!

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SECRETS: Slide show of a dozen products from one company with features [secrets] explained, to give you Knowledgeable Control to end your engine and power train problem cheaper, faster, better! 

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What I'm educating you by these secrets, is what the brief slide show does not show you... the following does so for you.

                 your auto care and repair fix.

Early in life, I chanced upon learning  a repair and care secret over several years, in my quest to keep older cars going:

  • What I learn I will now show you to end your vehicle problem faster, cheaper, better!
  • I learned only very specific additive brands and just their products do so!
  • With amazing ingredients "just 3" of all the additive makers around have.
  • Could avoid, or end costly internal wear and tear repair problems my vehicles developed. Most vehicles develop. That's the secret I discovered! 
  • Like both a promoter and educator, me and a few others make a good living off this knowledge  - like doctors do. But charlatans sneak in with counterfeits to catch the ignorant. This exposes them to you!

                          A bit of site reading will show you to test why                            the choice given, at no risk to you, is your best fix one.

  • My auto repair options will fix your problem in 95 times out of 100!
  • It puts on hold for overhaul or replacement needs, for years on end, 
  • It become the inside half of what a real repair should consist of.
  • For the auto repair shop believing in it, it will sky rocket income.
  • For mechanics, results gives public opinion paying you more is cheaper.
  • Vehicle owners and small construction companies with fleet equipment pay us to capitalized on help to reduce their 2nd biggest expense we all have - transportation by tens of thousands of dollars. A huge benenfit only my secret explained can provide.
  • Amazing proof shows it ends your premature wear and tear problem.

If you had a certain disbelief that any additives could fix your car and equipment running, performance, tapping, oil burning, smoky, blowby, rough shift, overheating,  fluid leak, whine and such Hi-mileage, wear and tear problems you need to read this article.

If you would be happy to end your $2,000 to $6,000 Engine and Power Train Problems for under $250 [cars pickups]... [$450 large diesel trucks tractors] this site is for you! 

Finding a $2000 to $6000 engine or gear repair fix at a fraction of actual repair cost is what I promote! I'm the country's expert in that niche!

Here's the details: Then see product 12 products in the slide show below.

  • Simple Install Anyone Can Do. 
  • Just add into the fuel, oil, or fluid. Then replace fluid. 
  • Then add items shown to new fluid. That does the fix!
  • To do so, uses Chemistry and Your Engines Worst Enemies to Do So.
  • While You Drive.
  • Smart cart owners add the service/product as the Inside Half of An Actual Repair. 
  • Others, install it so they "Don't wait for further wear and tear to cause total failure.*
  • The fix in 95 out of 100 times!       
  • Saves Time and Money. 
  • Ends your hidden biggest money worry. Transportation Espence Worry. 

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Each is a powerful, Fast-Acting, Internal, Economical, Engine Fix That  Avoids the Costly Expense of Tearing Apart and Hand Cleaning, Freeing, or Replacement of Dirty, Worn, Troublesome Parts. Results Operation as if New Again!  

Our Guarantee: Your Money Cheerfully refunded If Not As Advertised!                    Order Now!  You know your car needs this type care!                                                Enjoy a return to a like-new-return method of vehicle care that pays you for avoiding it  repair in this new way Millions are using.

Cut in Half Repair Expense by 50% or more doing so! Order by clicking a link.

The Chemical Mechanic

Just Add and Drive

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For Valve Tapping, Oil Burning and Blow-by
2 / 3
For Rough Shift, Jerk, Transmission Leaks
3 / 3
For Fuel Injection System
3 / 3
For Fuel Injection System
3 / 3
For Fuel Injection System