New! transmission fix options to end rough shift, hard shift, converter clunk and slippage problems. 

Transmission fix options Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question - order items shown, call at 512 665 3388

Rough shift - slip, even, torque  converter clunk at 45mph are wear and tear conditions now made easier with this easy-to-install treatment. Just add them to your fluid and drive, to return smooth shifting, again, guaranteed!.
Why these three items as your fix?

Transmission shops want to replace problem-causing parts - as the remedy - that's good! But budget crunching at over $3000.

It makes sense that if the transmission still works, that its a minor problem and not a $3000 fix.

Some car and truck owners have tried part store additive flushes, or quick lube flushes as a fluid exchange remedy, but with no improvement. That would worry me, say George Christ,  who is a mechanic, but owns a number of older vehicles he has tried to fix with additives - some successfully, other not so! In trying, he has become the countries expert on additives and his suggestions are followed by over 20,000 customers.

Here is his transmission fix option.

Lots of products are sold. But this one below works best. Here is how it came to be so.

His Slo-wear Mega Power Treatment returns transmissions to their former smooth shifting ways again.

A simple 2 step method is all it takes. Nothing to take apart. Driving does the actual. Explained below.Sure, when a part is beyond treating, has failed and needs replacement, a few car owners found, it did not entirely end the shift problem!But, they could see, it stopped it form getting worst! It helped them continue to use the car and get-by using the vehicle up to a year or longer - when they had $3000 for the fix, or traded off their vehicle for a newer one. For them, it offered the help needed. With a high 99% success rate - Please note: 2 refunds requested last 267 days.Slo-wear is making thousands of car owners  happy! Doing so by keeping their engines andtransmissions going strong - at under $100 investment avoiding a huge $3000 plus repair bill for them.Become one of those using this little known car fix secret! There is no loss for trying - but a lot to gain! Order Now! Ordering infoOrder one Slo-wear MP Transmission Treatment. 3 items shown. With easy-to-follow directions, phone help if needed, and guarantee. Shipped FedEx to your door in 3 days. Just $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.
Easily install Slo-wear to free, clean, and perform conditioning to end your transmission shift problem. 
Either way, Why not join that group and enjoy this same care care, problem-solving secret Also...Slo-wear Transmission Treatment, unlike BG, Lucas, Rislone, Slick 50, an other additives from part stores and quick lubes; that are thick, gooey fluids, or harmful solvents -  or worthless repackaged products for extra profit-making for the store, with no shift problem-solving advantages, the Slo-wear Fix-better Transmission Treatment corrects rough shift because:Slo-wear crawling chemistry penetrates the tiniest of spaces - to lube. free and remove causes of shift problems all other products, even synthetic transmission fluids cannot endSlo-wear works in the transmission valve shift body - and in shifting mechanism, where Slo-wear removes residues and or friction shift causing conditions, to end your shift, slip, leak, clunk problem. Order below. Slo-wear does not end there with it help...No! Your best engine protector...In your engine, Slo-wear changes your wear-roughen, dirty fuel injectors, valves, pistons back to their new-like, smooth and clean - operating  state - making engines run as if bigger, stronger, but often going 20 to 40 more miles on fill ups. The install is simple, and driving does the actual fix!Slo-wear works in engines, too, to also clean, conditioned, and revitalize the many engine pistons, bearings, valves, and gears - that may be on the verge of causing you engine repair problems.This advantage, adds more great, trouble free service to the life of your whole car - for those planning on keeping their vehicles.The 3 Slo-wear Fix-better Transmission Problem-Solver: $75, and 6 items for servicing your engine $99 total, and all its required systems, 9 items needed, $174 total. Now just $135 plus $15 s&h=$150. Tax added to Texas customers.  Our spring special soon to end!