Fuel Injector Cleaners.
Those with twice the cleaning power!
Those that Clean other dirty conditions
your engine is needing?

These Multi-purpose fuel injector cleaners from Slows-wear Cleans-Holistically Engine Injector Treatment, shown here, offer twice the performance improvement over other cleaners. A top quality, Do-it-yourself, professional, fast acting cleaner with anti-wear, and horsepower boosting features no other product offers. Including these advantages, after the cleaning process: 

  1. This fuel injector cleaner adds a zippy race car feel, and tire burning improvement to get you going from dead stop easier,  climb hills faster, easier, to stop backing up traffic going up hill.
  2. This fuel injector cleaner adds plenty of power for you to enter freeway fast traffic, quicker and safer - and end the dirty engine, dragging unsafe state your car has evolved into.
  3. This fuel injector cleaner for diesel or gas engines. Exceeds 25k warranty service requirements. Instantly rejuvenates older, worn engines, for a second life of service. Last to 24 months.
  4. This fuel injector cleaner has an easy, yet multi install choice into fuel tank and motor's oil, then drive for results. Mechanics can use vac install, or fuel line install, for injector cleaning. Directions, tips, phone help, guarantee included. Shipped FedEx to door or shop in 3 days. Offers twice the cleaning power. Twice the performance  improvement. Professional strength. Inventory pricing for shops wanting a superb tune up aid. 

Ordering Info

One Slows-wear Cleans-Holistically Engine Injector Treatment. 6 items shown. Includes 6 powerful, fast acting, fuel injector cleaners with entire engine cleaners, and power boosting tune up aids for rings and valves, intake, combustion, emission, catalytic converter, and oiling system. Includes easy to follow directions, tech phone help if needed, shipped to you in 3 days. Guarantee of satisfaction.  Includes:

  1. Fuel injector cleaner Retail value $49 if bought separately
  2. Combustion intakes sensor plug emission and cat cleaner Retail value $69
  3. Motor oil lube system and ring and valve stem lifter cleaners  Retail Value $39
  4. Sludge Residue remover Retail Value $29
  5. MC+ Friction eliminator Retail Value $99
  6. Internal part surface smoother and anti wear Retail Value $99

Order here. Click cart button: Just  $99 +$15s&h +tax 8 total $122. A $400 dealership value

All is not well in river city!

Since popularity of fuel injectors in engines in place of less efficient carburetors in the 60's, straight fuel injector cleaner has help clean injectors by a direct high-pressure setup, or by stronger dose added to the fuel tank. 

Diesel Injector cleaner vs gas fuel injector cleaners

With - dirty diesel engine fuel injectors, engine performance hardly suffers. The richer mixture resulting from a wetter spray from crud on fuel injectors, the intake manifold, that makes fuel wetter, burn blacker, matters not with older diesels.

Newer ones - and all gas engines - yes, they affect performance and need cleaning to keep the fuel in a fog mist for proper burning and performance. With heat, acids, and residue formation from 90% of the way we drive, cleaners restore performance.

How much cleaning is needed?

Problem-solving attempts.

Engineers and chemist could see performance decline from many other minor internal problems developing in engines, and in other power train components that deterred horsepower and increased horsepower absorption. They wanted to solve all possible crude and wear problems while cleaning injectors. 

A holistic approach additive would, clean injectors, but also produce full horsepower now lost to wear, acid pitting, increase in friction. Such a product could recover lost horsepower and pass thru to power you down the road. this is an amazing idea!

Like a doctor, giving you several meds to bring you back to normal, this premium multi-purpose set of cleaners does the same for your engine lagging performance.

Old mechanic school thinking versus new school holistic engine care thinking.

While its true, performance suffers as crude accumulation in the injector, pital and spray tip of the injector weaken the fogging of fuel. Crud makes for a wetter, incomplete, highly carbonized fuel burn, and horsepower decrease by as much as 10%.  What else is bogging down horesepower and making coinditions ripe for othe performance upsetting conditions?

With over 200 other parts choking down horsepower development and being absorbed, don't you think you need to have those removed?

To holistically remove hidden, sticky residues, carbon, acid pitted surfaces, freeing of engine piston skirts, piston rings, bearings, valve stems, and such, and reducing  friction to slam the brakes on wear out, you really need a holistic approach to treat every part and system, not just cleaning of fuel injectors.

Introducing the Slows-wear Cleans-Holistically Engine Injector Treatment 

When I added to Slows-wear to a number of my older cars and trucks and new ones, by simple addition to the fuel monthly, oil each oil change and steering fluid, and gear or or fluid -  an amazing recovery of once new-like performance will reappeared. 

The product consist of 6 items - 6 ingredients found to surpass anything else sold or advertised. The 6 ingredients for cars - shown above, and 5 for diesels in gallons include: 


  1. FSC Fuel system, fuel pump conditioner protector, fuel injector cleaner.
  2. CAC Combustion area piston ring valve .
  3. OSC Oil side  pump system filter, piston ring, valve stem, lifter clenaer.
  4. MSC Oil change residue and sludge remover for motor oil area.
  5. MC+ surface healer, pitting remover and smoother.
  6. SWF Surface wear filler for worn spaces, surface slippery coating anti-wear.

Source: Better cleaning for better results!  Bill Fulton and Rob Bilyeu.