Older engine additives for vehicles that sit, run occasionally, to quiet tapping, stop seal gasket leaks

Older engine additives Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order items covered call me... george at 512 665 3388  Now sipped worldwide.

Most trouble occurs with blow-by which Mega Power Reduces:  Blow-by - which is 2000 degree combustion hot, flow pass sticky piston rings, and mixes with your motors oils.

Blow-by contain acids which sludge's your clean oil, and heat, shrink seals - causing oil leaks. Mega Power ends both problems - and lowers oil burning and loss down to almost zero.

The normal way to fix a troublesome worn motor 

    Is pay a mechanic $2000+ to $5000 to remove your motor, take it apart and replace every part with new ones. Kit replacements provide what's needed. And reinstall the motor - ready to go like new again.

    My way - what I want you to order, uses Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment to solve those problems and to avoid that expense - for a couple years.

There is more that Mega Power does for your motor than this fix.

    Lets go back to the piston in the picture.

    As it moved downward and sucked in a bit of oil, there is a bit less space for gas in the mix. This is one of 3 reasons why less power is developed.

    Follow me as I uncover the others - all of which, Mega Power ends for you.

      That is the main causes of oil burning, oil consumption, loss of power.

      But there are secondary causes you want to end if you knew about them, Right? Sure! And Mega Power can do so. That is what I w3ant you to appreciate - that Mega Power is so much better.

      The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment ends 3 other causes of power loss and wear speed-up for you.

      I'll explain as you read along.

    The arrows show you where Mega Power cleans and layers itself in those 3 areas to end the problem.

    Customers tell us

      Mega Power ended their motor problem in just a few miles of driving. And so will you.
    • Just add the treatment to your motor as directed and drive. Driving does the fix. No wrenches or repair skill needed.

    • The 6 products do the job when nothing else will.

    • A ingredient called MC+ friction modifies. This restores power lost do to friction. Imagine how lowering the high amounts of friction helps you going up and down hills.What is more, smoother surfaces keeps the oil film complete, instead of being ripped apart as worn rougher surfaces do a lot of.The surface smoothing action is a remarkable double benefit to insure longer wearing life for your older motor - and is a benefit even brand new engines and transmissions can enjoy [if you want anti-wear protection working in their motors], as well as when later-on in life, when their rubbing surfaces wear and become ragged.

    • Mega Power does not stop with that benefit as its oil reducing advantage.Next, a co-polymer fills worn spaces. This chemical acts like a motor overhaul - chemically.

    • Now all this seals-off and ends the oil burning, tap, and lost of power problem and brings back what you thought was lost. Pistons, bearings, valves, lifters and gears now can slide on these protective and slippery clean ingredients - instead of metal-to-metal.

    As you can see, these ingredients provide a wealth of help deep inside to handle such a complex task - and only a $3000 motor overhaul is better.

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  • Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment, is a one-of-a-kind problem-solving product. Sold in thousands of auto repair and lube business - but still not enough. More profitable products are pushed - for the store owners good, not the customer.

  • Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment is used by motorists in tens of thousands of motors.The Worn Motor Treatment is a tribute to the genius inventor Bud Esterline, whose chemistry does what you thought good oil was suppose to do, but can't!

  • Ask your mechanic or oil changer to order this product for you - or buy it here, and have them perform the simple installation when your oil is changed. [They may charge you $20 to do so. That's a fair price]. I'm George Christ. Product adviser. Distributor

  • They, or you can call me for this help anytime. 512 665 3388

  • This site provides technical information about specific wear and tear, and performance decline problems. Those, all cars and equipment have, from when new to the time they're junked - that Mega Power Chemistry Products prevent or remove.

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