Transmission remedies to avoid costly repair.

What new products are helping motorist end a variety of transmission troubles - themselves.

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The  Common Transmission Problem Solver by repair.

  • An inspection at a transmission shop goes like this.
  • They remove the pan sealing the bottom of the transmission. They show you all the metal debrie and trash. Suggest the fix is to tear it apart and replace worn parts.   The fix is a laborist hand cleaning and rebuilt runs $3000 plus. What else is there?
  • The  Common Transmission Problem Solver from Mega Power

    Ending friction drag ends half your problem.

    Is that a problem? Yes! More friction creates heat - the #1 killer of 14 million transmissions. So reported an Automatic Transmission Trade Society.

    Reducing Hi-temperatures from friction use to require shinny smooth new parts. Not an more.

     Ending sticky valve shift valves, and dirty parts ends the other half of   your problem.

    with MC+ as part of the transmission remedies, Demo along with removing acids and sludge, can gets every part of your transmission to move and slide freely - ending it problem - from all 3 sources of the problem.

    Each is detailed on another page, along with our sure-cure recipe you can follow to end those problems, and especially the one you're concerned about.

    This is a permanent, low cost treatment to avoid transmission repair and have your shifting and leak problem go away.

    The Mega Power Transmission remedies work Fast! They are Effective. And Easy to use.

    ....Hear, feel, see the end of your problem in just a day or so of driving.

    ...Mega Power works perfectly well in any size, new or older vehicle/equipment

    Stops leaks.

A permanent, low cost way to avoid transmission repair have your wear-out, shifting, and leak problem go away.

Mega Power Transmission Additive. Fast. Effective. Easy to use.

....Hear, feel, see the end of your problem in just a day or so of driving.

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...Mega Power works perfectly well in any size, new or older vehicle/equipment. The product is sold with a satisfaction guarantee.

Please Note:

The yellow item Special Mega Power Cleaner. Plus a Conditioner an Anti-wear end transmission problems.

Special Mega Power Cleaner.

Mega Power neutralizes acids and flushes them out of your transmission, along with varnish and sticky residues.

    Conditioner an Anti-Wear. 

    The other two Mega Power Products reduce raw friction by changing wear roughen surfaces back to smooth.

    And they add conditioners to make new fluid much more heat tolerant and slippery, as one more aid to smoother shifting.


    Co-polymers with MC+ chemistry takes away harmful friction. This also conditions seals that have shrunk a bit to stop leaks.  Adds elasticity stopping their leaking action. Co-polymers will also coat worn surfaces taking up wear slack. All long durability benefits.

Ordering the Mega Power Transmission Treatment.

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