These Engine Sludge Removal Products
Works When Nothing Else Can!

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Engine Sludge Removal Tips.

Is There A Best Method.

   New engines is one solution for sludged choked engines.

    However... quick flushes are promoted.

    This details a guaranteed method from Mega Power.

    So what does it do that's better?

Method One: Quick Flush.

The Mega Power Quick Engine Flush. 

     This engine sludge remover is good!

    You drain out the oil and add this gallon cleaner to the crankcase. Run motor for 5 to 10 minutes - with this product as the crankcase solution. Then drain out. The fluid will be heavy and black. 

    Add fresh oil and a filter. Repeat if needed in a week.

    Not a solvent!

    Contains multiple chemical cleaners for vital deep  cleaning and quick sludge removal.

    Extra lubrication.

    Contains a super lubrication feature called MC+ Conditioner to lube and protect every part. 

      Keeps sludge removed, in suspension, for drain out. A huge improvement in just 5 to 10 minutes.

     Plus features other quick flush products do not have. 

     Order Now. At your door in 2-3 days.

    A Do it Yourself Engine Sludge Removal Product from Mega Power. 

     Just $49.  Sold only online to professionals, but easy for anyone to install.

     Order by clicking cart button.

    Includes Directions. Phone help included. 

    Shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx.   

    Satisfaction Guarantee  Just $49.

My favorite engine sludge remover:

Mega Power Sludge 

Removing Treatment. 

    Contains top and bottom motor sludge removal - with a Revitalizer Action. 3 item Service. Easy to install.

  • Unlike other engine sludge removal products that give quick engine rinse. This MP 3 item Treatment works slower - with a week of driving - then sludge is removed. 
  •  This Mega Power 3 item flush has no solvents, yet has   superior sludge removing features. 
  • Customers tell us this product avoided the mechanics painful suggestion that only a $3000 to  $5000 motor replacement is needed!
  • Mega Power offers the best solution.... to get your motor running great at much lower expense.
  • Has a motor will run like-near-new again after this service - Guarantee.

Ordering This Item: Today's Free Bonus

Order this Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment.   

 Includes 3 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Guarantee.

Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. Phone help, if needed.  3

items needed: Just $85 plus $14 s&h= $99 + $8 SF fee = $107 total.

Today's E Bonus with your order

Includes 2 Extra Engine Cleaning Treatment Products to boost recovery and assure longer engine life. 

While they last. If sold out we will provide 2 other items.

Bonus Includes:

      Our $39 value: Combustion Fuel Injector System 

2nd Bonus Includes:

      Our $49 Engine Anti-Wear Long Term Engine Treatment to continue cleaning between oil changes. Total 5 items: 

   All this... Just $85 plus $14 s&h= $99 = 8 SF= $107 total.

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Introducing the first 100% engine sludge removal safe flush. Features quick engine RECOVERY!  Do it Yourself Product ending this problem safely for many vehicle owners. No need to take engine apart. No expensive engine replacement. Ready to go in 30 minutes! Details... Ordering

How Mega Power Removes Sludge.

Mega Power uses a superior 3 item engine

sludge removal treatment, where harmful ri

nse actually occurs - to avoid introducing any

more harm already at work on your sluggishly

motor's performance. Instead... 

  • Mega Power introduces into your motor a friendly revitalizing cleaning advantages that zero's in on critical piston rings, valves, bearings and such, after opening blocked oil delivery to sludge covered engine parts. The number one priority!
  • Then, engine sludge removal revitalizing ingredients immediately clean, free, and start a healing advantage that benefits each part 's worn, wear roughen surface - your motor's real trouble makers. 
  • Mega Power's cleaning, freeing, healing advantages start conditioning each part surface area where your motor's real, actual trouble is. 
  • Only those moving part area surfaces matter - Why? That's the location of where actual sludge causes binding,friction, and faster wear out  trouble!
  • Order Now! End your engine's worrisome, sluggish operation, and dreadful tapping that deters your motor's performance. 
  • Unlike $2500 to $5000 tear apart engine sludge removing methods mechanics use for sludge removal. 
  • Cost: Mega Power is just $250 [cars, pickups] to $450 [large diesel engines] if a mechanic or repair shop does the install. 
  • Cost:  About $100 if you do the simple, easy install. Driving does the actual cleaning followed by an oil change.
  • Easy Install Directions:

Mega Power's engine sludge removal method calls for 1 for top of motor cleaner, and 2 for bottom of motor cleaners, installed in the fuel tank and motor oil as shown her in a 2 step method: 

  1. Step one: Install 2 of the 3 items in the gas and oil as shown and drive for a week  Let them do cleaning bottom to top of motor areas.
  2. Step two: A week later, you do an oil change using items marked 3 just 10 minutes before you change oil. This liquefies sludge to drain out with the dirty oil.
  3. This assure healing of damages surfaces and to add protective conditioners. You will notice an improvement with each step and as you drive, more cleaning takes place as your drive. Repeat ion 3000 miles. This avoid overhaul expense  
    Order Mega Power now, online, while here. Mega Power is sold with a money back guarantee - if not pleased with results.

Ordering Mega Power and Today's Free Bonus Items

One Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment. Includes 3 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. Phone help, if needed.  3 items needed: Just $85 plus $14s&h= $99 = 8 tax.= $107 total.

Today's Bonus item: Includes 2 Extra Engine Tune Up Treatment Products to gain longer engine life.

  1. Bonus Includes: Our $39 value: Combustion Fuel Injector System Cleaner FREE with today's order. 
  2. Bonus Includes: Our $49 Engine Anti-Wear Long Term Engine Cleaner to continue cleaning between oil changes. Total 5 items: Just $85 plus $14s&h= $99 = 8 tax.= $107 total. Click cart button to order.