Engine Sludge Removal Method
Offers Engine Revatilizing Features.

"My mechanic and the car dealer say, "The solution is a new engine at $5000."

Engine sludge removal Contact info:  On a cell phone, to ask a question, order items listed, call me ...george at : 512 665 3388.

What You Should Know About Engine Sludge Removal.

Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removal Treatment offers the best method for engine sludge removal.Mega Powers Engine Sludge Removal Treatment offers car owners fighting engine sludge a real solution

Engine Sludge Removal Treatment Helping Vehicle Owners End Their Engine Nightmare Sludge Problem

    Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment offering an easy solution to a car owners dirty engine nightmare. Mega Powers Engine Sludge Remover has conquered the number one problem cleaning a sludge-filled engine has. What to do with all the sludge removed and cerculating now clogging the oil passage ways.

    Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment solve the problem 3 ways:

  1.  Leave all the sludge just sittting there doing nothing alone for a slower more controlled removal as you drive. 
  2.  Go directly to each part and free it of sludge binding problem. What sludge is removed is liqufied back as an oil. 
  3. Send its super lube MC+ contact surface healer to every surface rubbing surface  to   return smooth operation to the freed engine parts.  

So effective Mega Power is offered with a guarantee of satifaction. No other product like it.

Order Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment now and have it in a few days to end its nightmare. Its made for driving to instantly starts the recovery and Heal the damage sludged caused. Driving readies its sludge removal for a 100%  safe recovery!!!  

  • It includes a super Sludge Removal method usung  6 different sludge removers.
  • It does not tackle and remove sludge just sitting there  - like all other flush products, including Amsoil's Engine Flush that have solvent harmful negativeso
  • Instead, its MC+  feature seeks out and starts a cleaning revitalizing action where other flushes can't get to. To the actual metal surface between parts where sludge is replaced with Mega Powers, superlubricant MC+ frees the engine of its tar-like bondage.  

Mega Power adds the missing ingredients MC+ that safely cleans and frees every sludge-loaded part, turning forceless engines into a stouthearted running machine. That's why I say, "This Engine Sludge Removal Method Is What You and Your engine needs."

Could you order this economical way to save your engine before its to late? Shipped to your door in 3 days to start the recovery needed.

 Our price. At mechanics price. Just $107 total. Not a $6000 expense the car dealers push your for - Start your engine recovery. Click the cart button and ready yourself for a fantastic recovery.

 Mega Powers Engine Sludge Removal is made to start cleaning from the oil pump screen, through each oil dilivery way for full oil flow again, to each sticky part. Then to free and lubricate each part touchpoint with its super cleaners and super lubricant.  Quieting the valves and valve lifters, returning the engine to a purr! Right before your eyes. Get on with it before it's too late!

   Mega Power's fantastic ability to crawl through oil passageways to each lubricating touchpoint to start the engine sludge removal process is quite different from engine flushes.  and it resettles to block oil delivery - its 50 year fault.  Mega Power engine cleaning is done ignores the sludge, just sitting there doing nothing, and removes it later in a conrolled way. 

    What's is loosened is held in the oil liquefied for removal a week later. A feature no other product has. It is its freeing, surface smoothing, and MC+ super lube feature giving you your engines revitalizing recovery conditioners make it the best around.  

   When Mega Power begins working, engine performance starts returning. This is the Safest Method. It Happens To Be The Easiest Engine Sludge Removal Method. To do the service...

The Mega Power Sludge Removal Service takes half an hour and begins by adding three items marked to the gas and oil as directed. A change out  complete the engine sludge removal process a week later. 3 products provide the sludge removal between oil changes.

The engine will show noticeable improvements as the first three cleaners continue to complete the week-long crawling and extraordinary lubrication with MC+. Three other items in the kit are installed during the oil change. They continue the healing recovery. An excellent recovery performance will make you glad you followed my advice. Nonactive sludge is dissolved during the 6000-mile oil period ahead, if any.  

Do you see the value in Mega Power's slower method? Do you want its healing features?

If you read this far, you need this product. The 6-item engine sludge removal kit is sent to your door with instructions and free phone help if required. It's way cheaper than a new motor at $100 and may soon double in price.  ORDERING:

Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment is the product you need to have your engine working great right after installation. Easy to install by anyone. And avoids a costly engine replacement. The six items' total averages near $200 if bought separately. 

  At mechanics price. Just $107 total. Not like $6000 like at some car dealers -  to help your engine recover. Click the cart button to order.

The quick lube can drain out Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removing feature for you.The quick lube can drain out Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removing feature for you.

You can do it in half an hour and nothing to take apart.

    Some mechanics blow away the visable sludge with an air hose to see if that helps. It doesn't! However...

    The engine's life choking problem is not in the sludge all around the engine.  Or a new engine. 

     The mistake most mechanics make is to blow out sludge with an air hose to remove that muck. Or to use a fast flush that does so. No! Don't do it. 

    Those methods will free that sludge just sitting there "doing nothing," which will mix with the oil and caused more oil lube blocking problems. Instead...

   This method is street proven: Use additives to remove what is restricking oil supply, and binding the engines pistons, bearing, valves and such.  They should go wherever fuel, air, combustion, exhause, and oil flows.   

Girl smiling: Mega Power's Engine sludge Removal saved my engine and me a lot of repair expense is the reason why.Mega Power's Engine sludge Removal saved my engine and me a lot of repair expense.

  This customer had her boyfriend help her do the install. Sonetimes a mechanic will help. But is easy for anyone to do so.  The smiles shows her success at engine sludge removal.

   Engine sludge removal method is actually now, a no branier for anyone with a car or diesel sludge choked engine. They can have their car or diesel running great in an hour! Here's How to do so...

   This Method starts by only removing sludge at:

  • the oil pump pickup filter - 
  • the oil and fuel delivery system, and 
  • between the engine pistons, bearings, valves.  
  • Not removing that muck just sitting there - but to do the opposite.

      This better method from Mega Power Additives, works primarily in 2 steps. Nothing to take apart. Just add what shown, to liquify sludge and to free up stuck moving parts - while driving - but most important.  Hold sludge removed as a liquid for drain out. Something other additives cannoto do. They ignore sludge just sitting there causing no harm; for removal later. Adds special lubricants for healing any damage, further helping recovery, refered to as MC+.

     That's our method. It ignores sludge all around the engine just sitting there. Its removed later. Instead, going to the specific trouble-causing areas for engine sludge removal to get your motor running smoothly, very quickly.  Specifically liquifying problem-causing sludge at:

  • oil pump pickup filter - ending it oil flow blockage.
  • at the oil passageway system, allowing oil flow to each part again. And, 
  • crawling into the engine pistons, bearings, valves, freeing them of sludge.
  • And, wherever air, fuel, combustion, exhaust, flow....
  • All, your engine's real trouble causing locations needing help.

You would think that would be the job of every additive, but not so.

    Only the 6 Mega Power Additives pictured do that - or any additives listed containing these three sludge removing features - :

  1. Any Fuel and Air Intake System Cleaner - you add to the fuel tank
  2. Any piston, valves, and exhaust cleaner - called a "Combustion Cleaner" also added to the fuel tank
  3. An Oiling System Cleaner - added to the "motor's oil" to unblock clogged oil delivery, holding sludge for filtering or drain out. That allows the car owner to drive with them inside working.

      ... That describes our Mega Power Brand Engine Sludge Removal method. It also includes an ongoing slower muck and engine sludge removal process you add a week later at an oil change for engine sludge removal as you continue to drive. Also making the motor run better and better.

    They have proved most successful getting engines to run great again - in as little as in one hour.  Removing sludge in thousands of engines - saving them from sudden destruction... 

Order Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removal Treatment. What your engine needs to run great again.Order Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removal Treatment. What your engine needs to run great again.

 Have The Best Engine Sludge Removal Method sent to your door in 3 days.

    Order the Mega Power Brand Engine Sludge Removal Treatment at the cart button below.  Comes with directions to your door - as a 2 step install. Step One using 3 items. 2 added to the gas tank and one to the motor oil.  Step Two uses 3 items during an oil change a week later. They continue improving on the engine sludge removal process. It easy to install and I'm here by phone to help you, if needed. No refunds ever requested!

   It is the product you need to have your engine working great right after its installed. Easy to install by anyone. And avoids a costly engine replacement.

  At mechanics price. Just $107 total. Not like $600 like at some car dealers - who only uses a combustion cleaner - not all 6, like given to help your engine recover. Click cart buttom to order.

    The product you chose for your engine sludge removal is important to your success, or can promote faster failure.  Mega Power Engine Sludge Remover is what you need for your engine's recovery

Bud Easterlin's Mega Power Engine Sludge Remover Treatment offers the only real solution to save your muck-filled engine's life! Have it in 3 days to have your car running great again.Bud Easterlin's Mega Power Engine Sludge Remover Treatment offers the only real solution to save your muck-filled engine's life! Have it in 3 days to have your car running great again.

    Engine Sludge is the one problem that could not be solved - until now. It will most likely cost you a new engine expense - if you don't know this secret to its lo-cost instant recovery - I'll show you to use.    

The worst engine sludge removal method.

    If you use a solvent flush - like those sold in parts stores and quick lubes -They do too good of a job and that's their problem. They removal sludge just sitting there causing no harm. And its results add to the sludge plugging up effect, as solvents have no way to hold sludge removed, in supension. It re-settles as soon as its removed - adding to the plugged up oil delivery problem. That is the quick flush additive harm.

     I want you to use Bud Esterlin's sludge removal method - the Cuntry's expert on Additives Formulas. Shown here. Order below online. Or on a smart phone. To ask a question by phone. Call me... george at 512 665 3388

The surprise of your life!

    When the mechanic removes the motor covers for engine inspection due to a lousy running problem, and you see your engine parts covered with an inch thick layer of dark chocolate looking, mucky, tar-like jelly -  the direct reason for your engine trouble. 

    He says - "removing it is always fatal to your engine. You need a new engine - $5000. ... Not so!

  • Because the mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment will end this problem and make recovery easy.
  • Even though sludge trouble started years earlier.
  • It happens to every engine.
  • Its cause is your oil's breakdown from "piston blow-by, Mega Power prevents.
  • Otherwise, it remains during oil changes to thick to drain out.
  •  Now, you have the one good solution - the Mega Power Treatment. It also keeps good engines free of sludge. 

Ordering the REAL Engine Sludge Removal Solution: 

While a new engine cost $5000. Bud's Mega Power Engine Treatment, I call the Mega Power Sludge Remover is just $199.  Now cheaper.

The treatment contains, beside $100 worth of sludge removers, a $49 fuel injection cleaner, a $49 carbon remover, a $49 engine friction modifier, and a $49 anti friction mc+ protector. They end the real sludge problem and assure you of years more dependable car life and service.

The offer.

8 items with bonus items Just $199. Saves your engine." 

Motorists who invest in this Mega Power product today will also be given our $49 each, transmission saver, and radiator saver Bud invented and loved by millions. The free tune up additives stops those problems where ever fuel, air, combustion and exhaust go. Note supplies limited. First come first sold who also get the transmission and radiator bonus of $100 for free. 100 available.

   This buildup of sludge, although paper thin, builds up, night after night, year after year, adding layer after layer of this tar-like sticky film - and eventually, replaces the space for where oil used to flow between moving parts.

And there is your engine problem that needs removed.

You hadn't taken care of. Not that muck just sitting there over the top of the motor. 

I'll walk you thru its removal, and more important, engine sludge removal between each part with a chemical sludge remover from Mega Power.

That is why I say, your engine problem started years earlier - because you follow the cheaper "what everyone uses oil change method." Not the one us smart car buffs use to never have any engine or gear problems and our cars run an extra 10 years trouble free. 

The stuff you see now has little to do with your engine's problem - but it drives you to want to remove it - and that is where the danger exists. First of all 

Several causes of oil breakdown occur and I cover them in other lessons. It's the reason you have car problems because you never knew how to change out the cruddy sticky stuff left behind during your oil changes. However…

There's your problem I will show you to solve

...and it prevents every other known wear and tear problem - because it lets you conquer them  - not them, YOU! 

Got this problem understood?

If you get the idea with muck layering between the parts where oil goes, over time your engine strains as it try's to move under the glue strain of muck between each part surface. Think - like a trying to move the two slices of bread on a peanut butter sandwich.

What's causing your real engine running problem?

It takes more gas to make more horsepower to overcome the resistance of goo. As the heavier horsepower forces engine movement the exerted force slices thru  those jelly filled spaces between the surfaces so the one side is force directly onto the opposite side now grinding against each other. Friction….appears to resist engine movement as it grids a bit of metal away. 

As you start up and drive each morning, no manner of warn up prevented it from getting worse and until no more horsepower can be developed to overcome the problem,  and engine power wears down. That is the problem I'll correct for you. Engine flushes.


When engine flush additives start rinsing away all that muck it resettles to block more of the lubrication channels. No wonder the engine can't run as well after a flush. Its removing the wrong problem. That's going to be bad - maybe already is!

Not A problem Now !

Of all the engineers, oil additive makers, oil makers, Bud Esterline, an automotive problem solver who invents automotive additives and sells them under the Mega Power Brand Name is the only one who understands this muck problem. 

Instead of selling solvents and detergent flushes to remove the muck like everyone else - a method that sizes the engine.  Bud understands the problem is not in the muck just sitting there.

And so should you if you're following me.  - And removing the muck is a disaster waiting to happen  - if you follow along with what was said. 

Specialized Engine Sludge Removal Chemistry

Instead, Bud figured out what your engine needs was not solvents or detergent  - already in oil that did not help, but specialized chemistry that could go where oil and engine flushes can't... can liquify the layers of much - causing the real problem of keeping oil out - and to again instantly allow oil to flow between the parts.

To do so several ingredients  for Engine Sludge Removal are used in two steps.

This turns out to be a better solution that will, in minutes after being installed, crawl into everyone of those muck-jammed spaces to liquify the muck, allowing the oil to again flow and correct the lubrication problem the muck jammed parts cause. 

Bud's Mega Power Sludge Removal process solves how to end the friction roughen surfaces grinding away years of wear so fast. A friction modifier.

Engine Sludge Removal Chemistry at work - doing more good.

These selective muck=removing ingredients include a cleaner called MC+ bud invented, which also soaks into the friction torn surfaces.

In the metal, as friction occurs the heat and pressure touch create a metal changing, A softening of the surface and it now begins to flatten. As this surface softening grows, friction disappears. Results add to the revitalization of the actual troubles part of your engine, as those rough surfaces turn smooth, with a new like look. 

All while the muck you seen, stays where it is at.

While a new engine cost $5000. Bud's Mega Power Engine Treatment, I call the Mega Power Sludge Remover and its just $199. 

The treatment contains, beside $100 worth of sludge removers  a $49 fuel injection cleaner, a $49 carbon remover, a $49 engine friction modifier, and a $49 anti friction mc+ protector. They end the real sludge problem and assure years of dependable service.


 I've made it a 2 part service - with easy to follow directions. Nothing to take apart. Just add to the fuel and motor oil as shown and drive. The engine will  keep getting better and better, and then an oil change is done. This is where the second part is added to the new oil.


Please note : No refunds have ever been asked for its failure to do as advertised. A 90 day satisfaction or money back warranty is included. 

Please note" To give our business a covid boot ahead -if you order today , I will add for free as a bonus for you and our business boost :

  • Our $49 MP Transmission Saver, and our 
  • Our $49 Radiator Overheating Preventer Bud invented and loved by millions. 

These additives stops those problems in two other other areas beside doing the whole engine wherever fuel, air, combustion,  exhaust and oil go. Note supplies limited.  First come first sold who also get the transmission and radiator bonus of  $100 for free.; 100 available. 

PS: In just 3 days you can have the Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Product with directions and free phone help at your door. Just add to the fuel and oil to start Bub's instant engine revitalizing of your dirty engine, right before your eyes. Delay will be costlier. 

Click cart button to have this product at your door in 3 days. Just $199 Not a $5000 expense ...Bonus included. ... george

Mega Power's Best Engine Sludge Removal For INSTANT RECOVERY!  Do it Yourself Problem Ending need no taking engine apart expense. No engine replacement need. Runs ready to go in 30 minutes! Details... 

Engine Sludge Removal Premium Way To Do So, And gain co-polymers for added slippery protection from Mega Power.


Select This Premium Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Product. Combines the Best For Engine Recovery Results. "Like a new engine but way cheaper." 

Best because:

  1. Like cleaning that muck off your hand, Mega Power uses 6 different products that in the following steps is the best way like to remove harmful sludge, carbon and ...
  2. It includes Mega Power's friction removing MC+. Removing the engine killer friction sludge magnifies.  
  3. Offers Mega Powers' engine lubing and binding remover no oil or other product can do by dissolving the much - turning it into oil like liquid where it can't recollect and muck up the oiling system.
  4. Clean the fuel flow way, injectors for ideal fuel burn mixtures.
  5. And removes crud and carbon in the breathing and combustion area of the motor for a return to maximum ideal horsepower creating and de-smoging - returns clean exhaust, not harming trees and babies, older people with bad fumes any more. 
  6. Introduces  a cleaning process that zero's in on critical piston rings, valves, bearings and such, and Opens blocked oil delivery  passage ways for a critical oil delivery to every part.. 
  7. Then, adds more MC+ ingredients to fill each part 's worn, wear roughen surface - smoothing your motor's other trouble maker away.  

    Each of this products ingredients and feature adds the most available to the engine sludge removal process, while returning years of good life to the total engine problem.

  • Order Now! End your engine's worrisome, sluggish operation, and dreadful tapping that deters your motor's performance. 
  • Unlike $2500 to $5000 tear apart engine sludge removing methods mechanics use for sludge removal. 
  • Mega Power does so for under $100 [Soon to double in price ] . 
  • Cost:  if a mechanic or repair shop does the install. About $250.
  • Cost:  About if you do the simple, easy install. S100.

  • Driving does the actual cleaning followed by an oil change.
  • Easy Install Directions:

Ordering Mega Power's Premium Engine Sludge Removal Treatment.

     This Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment includes 6 items shown. Including 3 item treatment. Their Bonus - 2 more items to protect your cooling system and transmission.  Easy-to-follow directions.  Phone help, if needed. Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. 6 items $129 + $20 s&h= $149 total.

 Today's Free Bonus Items Included. Order this item click cart button. Get on the road to recovery quicker, way less expensively.

    "Each of these engine sludge removal services adds the most available to the engine sludge removal process. Offers years of good life by letting you chose what of the total engine problem you need or want removed - by a service anyone can do" ...george

   Directions included with each item, and free techy help to walk you through to a great result!  Go to this page for Mega Power's Sludge Removing Directions - also included with your order.