Amazing Engine Treatment from Mega Power Helping  OLDER CAR AND DIESEL TRUCK ENGINES Get Over Oil Burning, Blowby, Low Compression, Lousy Fuel Economy Problems 

Mega Power's Worn Motor Help Product for older vehicle engines and transmissions  Ends wear and tear operating problems. Their causes. Keeps vehicles going.Mega Power's Worn Motor Help Product for older vehicle engines and transmissions Ends wear and tear operating problems. Their causes. Keeps vehicles going.
    The Mega Power Worn Motor Help Product
    What is it?

    Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment impresses and surprises every user  for its features to ending over 2 dozen running performance problems. And does so as you drive.  Read Mikes older car experience

    This one-in-million additive gets the job done in several ways -  Its not an engine flush or quick rinse. Has no magic particles, is not thick and gooey like part store additives.

    How does it work?

    Instead, it uses a crawling, problem-solving chemistry to  end your engine or gear problem. By a simple install, the following  features ends operation negatives wear and tear creates.

    Trouble starts internally - when your engine was running just fine!  From that time on, acids and residues left inside after oil changes your once new, shinny clean surfaces to rough, increases friction, and builds up residues on them.

    Will it help my engine? 

    Little by little, your good running engine grows dirtier, friction loaded surfaces wear faster. They absorbed, and lowered horsepower that use to go to the wheels. Some weak part or subsystem acts up, noise or power loss upsets performance. 

    Most times, a dirty subsystem, dirty piston rings, stick valves, tapping lifters and dirty combustion difficulties caused one or more of the weakest parts to bind, stick, tap, work slower, producing one or more running performance problems.

    What my alternative?

    For a mechanic to tear apart, clean, machine, and replace affected parts  with new, run $2000 to $5000.

    Our method runs about $400 for big diesels and equipment, about $250 for smaller engines. Cheaper still if you do the install - its easy to do. Results are near instant. Nothing to take apart.

    Product test and research, and my expertise gained from them helps me teach mechanics  and individuals how to chemically clean and condition each part of their tune, repairs, service.

    Do I have to be a mechanic? 

    An equipment owners and motorist can follow the same simple install directions to reverse their engine problem and return their vehicle to its former like new state - avoiding repair.

    Delivered n a few days with directions, phone help, guarantee for the skeptical. Other pages details how!

    Here, I tell you what to use, add, in a couple easy steps to get your

How Mega Power is sold and installed. 

  • It comes as a 6 item treatment. For cars see picture, the treatment fix contains $69 fuel injector cleaner, a $99 combustion and catalytic exhaust system cleaner, a $69 valve lifter and ring cleaner, and $99 Engine Friction MC+ friction modifier, and worn surface smoother. It includes a slippery co-polymer to fill worn spaces. Car dealer prices - but at mechanics prices here.
  • Shipped FedEx to your door in 3 days, with easy to follow directions, add to fuel and oil items, phone help guarantee. Our special price can't last! Stock up today! Get all your vehicles treated.
  • Just $99 +s&h 15 +tax 8 total $122 for each engine, Plus  our $75 2 item transmission help treatments included free, while 100 transmission service pak's last. Order here for cars pickups motorcycles. A $200 value, just $122 for a few days.
Worn Motor Help Product for Diesels from Mega Power. Keeps your rigs going longer cheaper.Worn Motor Help Product for Diesels from Mega Power. Keeps your rigs going longer cheaper.

Diesel Truck Worn Motor Help Product. 10 pak for 2 large Diesels Engines, or enough for 6 cars and pickups. The Mega Power way to  help your rigs run great again, run longer free of operating problems, cheaper. 

What's included: 10 gallons, plus 2 combustion cleaners and 2 bonus items. Just $600 +$50 s&h=$650 Save $400  Total 14 items needed. Easy to install directions, phone help, delivered in 3 days by FedEx.

Mega Power Diesel Engine Treatments treats 2 Big Engines.  Just $600 +$50 s&h=$650 total. Save $400 during our sale.  Click cart button to order. Call 52 665 3388 if you have a question.

Try this worn motor help product to revitalize and keep your motor going  strong            

Why it will it work for your motor?

   By removing residues and friction that develop and deter combustion, you raise horsepower output. With less friction, and more horsepower output, the engine will more compression.

If you want those advantages in your cars pickups diesel trucks tractors boat RVs motorcycles - Order Mega Power for them. I'm owner of all of those vehicles - so i know those improvements do as I say.

And there's of tens of thousands of happy users of Mega Power besides me. A secret, part stores and car dealers want to keep under wrap.

 So I call this package of Mega Power the "Worn Motor Help Product" because customers and my own experience tell me, our older, worn old car and trucks will "ran like new   afterward."

Many customers return to have me service all their good cars with Mega Power for its protective and performance zip features

During any tune up, and any repair, Mega Power is installed as part of what I believe completes the tune up or repair by its ability for specialized cleaning freeing smoothing and filling of worn spaces of the many internal parts and subsystems not replaced. An idea foreign to all mechanics except those trained by me.

Results provide tune up enhancement is so powerful and racy like, older vehicles feel like they have a bigger stronger quieter motor. Customers are impressed with my ability to do so. Nothing else sold or advertised can compared.

Compliments from customers - especially with older vehicles tell me how much new-like Mega Power and stronger their car runs, and better than they expected.I found Mega Power's ability to clean fouled fuel injectors, fouled spark plugs, poor reading sensors, sticky rings and valves, can unclog catalytic converters and reduce internal friction an improvement that provided amazing tire spinning racy results afterward.People came back saying their old car runs as if new! some said it stop oil burning, blowby, engine miss, valve tapping and returned a like new performance. 

That's when me and many others started using it to keep our worn vehicles going - rather than put $2000 to $5000 into overhauling then - as overhaul is often costlier than some vehicles are worth. Since this product is way cheaper with similar results, it makes  an ideal investment to keep tired engines and transmissions past 100,000 miles going great again.

To have this Worn Motor Treatment sent to you - Order now! get on down the road of life with dependability and performance back on your side.

Just $75+ $15 s&h= $90 total. Includes 6 products shown. Simple pour-in and drive instructions. Guarantee. My personal help by phone. Shipped to your door in 3 days by Fedex.

Buy two treatments for 2 cars. Includes 12 items shown. Simple pour-in and drive instructions. Guarantee. My personal help by phone. Shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx. Just $140 total, Save $40.

    Do you think your motor deserves this treatment? I think so!

    The products work thru the gas and oil to clean injectors, combustion area, valves, piston rings, lifters, and catalytic converter. 

  • This combination has proven to be the only way to restore an older vehicle's power, performance, and dependability.

  • Compared it cost of under$100 to spending $2000 to triple that for an engine overhaul. Mega Power engine care is not expensive. It is the only fix known to help extend years of additional, good life to thousands of older, even hi-mileage motors.... It's a true bargain - even if it cost twice that!

My experience

    Mega Power's capability to rejuvenate has help me keep more than a dozen of my older cars going strong.

    I have gained years more driving dependability compared to hearing how others have had expensive overhauls, or had to go in debt for a new car, because they follow the common method of car care.

    By following Mega Power's Worn motor Treatment method, I can look back and see that it has helps me avoid tens of thousands of dollars of auto repair and replacement expense.

    That product expense-avoiding advantage has helped many of us divert that money to other family needs - a wiser use of our hard-earned income.

In doing so

    Mega Power has keep much more of my hard-earned money in my pocket. For the good of my family, rather that pay for the lavish, jet-set lifestyles of wealthy car makers, and parts producing moguls. They rather have you wear out your cars and fix them every couple years, instead of not! Or, go in debt for new - for their benefit, not yours, every few years.

    What would it mean for your finances, if you had to spend $2000 for overhaul or serious engine work, but, you could get more than adequately by for less than $100? Would that be important to you? I think so! That is what I love about Mega Power!

How the Worn Motor Treatment is Installed

  • 3 of the products are installed to restore power by cleaning and freeing sticky, poor-sealing piston rings and sticky, slow-closing valves - eliminating the need to take the motor apart to do so.
       That is top-side cleaning. This ends over a dozen performance problems
  • The following week, the other 3 products are installed to free and clean the oil side below; each piston, cylinder, bearing, valve, and gear.

  •     Then the process adds a slippery co-polymer anti-wear coating.

    These advantages end performances problems and restores smooth running power and quietness to the motor. [A similar treatment does the same for the transmission, power steering, and air conditioner wear problems]. 

  • This is how this product restores a cars power, performance - in minutes.You can't help but love this car care invention!

This is what you need for your family cars!

Wouldn't it be nice to suddenly

    Hear their motors running smooth and quiet again? Wouldn't it be nice to crank the started and hear it roar into power like its former self? What would it mean to your finances to spend $100 for what $2000 does?

This reduces the full charge of gas needed - and is one reason why your motor feels like its worn out. It can't get the full charge of gas it once use too. Why it burns more oil.

As the piston starts upward

Now your watch your motor at work - with Mega Power inside.

    Mega Power's two step procedure cleans and frees sticky pistons, piston rings, sticky, slow-closing valves, and end valve lifter tap - in just minutes after you add it to your motor. They contain the strongest ever invented.

    Now, as the piston pushes upward and compresses the fuel, the clean, fast closing action of your valves will seal the fuel in ready for compression.

    Got that? It is important to for smooth performance and power.

    With the spark plug spark occurs now with a full charge of gas - the combustion force sends the piston downward with much more force, and 10 minutes later like new zip and power returns again - doing so on a bit less fuel...

    That is why you need the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. Don't wait until your motor breaks and then wish you had tried it.  

    that is the help your engine  want?The product's maker - Mega Power
    Is a leader in the development of over 50 problem-solving additive formula's for automotive and industrial performance restoring and longer life enhancement.

    Mega Power customer's include car makers, huge ship owners, equipment owners, mechanics, and just plain car owners - all looking for a product to solve wear and performance problems caused by high mileage, friction, and residues.

    The Worn Motor Help Product is a Treatment as it rebuilds compression, stops oil burning, smoking, oil leaks, and power loss. Something only a costly $2500 to $5000 motor overhaul could do. Sure, its not the same as a rebuild, but no one cares as the result gives a like-new performance. But way cheaper!

    Call me and order this product now. It will be the best method ever to save your cars, your money, and get back that zip you paid so much for.

Why your motor is not acting sluggish like before. Why?

    your combustion was cheated out of a full charge of gas - partly because dirty valves and rings and wear and excessive friction did not seal properly, leaked out, limited the power.

    Mega Power cleaning, freeing, sealing and coating ingredients sealed the explosion in - sealed the oil out! This is what ends why your oil is so black - and so soon, between oil changes.

So........What happened so far?

    All those conditions that rob your motor of its full power, consumed more oil, wasted fuel, causes leaks, creates conditions for faster wear, and more friction, and steals years of life away from your engines and transmissions - disappeared.

    You, now unknowingly, press the gas pedal and your car goes much faster. You back-off on the gas pedal for the right speed - and start going 20 30 40 more miles between fill up - because of all this improvement.

    Before, you wondered when your motor will force its hand. When it will require a $2000 plus overhaul or a $500 new car payment - as the remedy. Poor mileage eats your lunch money.

Now, reverse all that with this Worn Motor Treatment! What happens then?

    Your motor runs great again. That is what happens when you switch to the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

    Like playing a country western song backwards. You get the problem fixed, and great power and performance returns.

Now let Review...

Lets install the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

    6 sub-systems are cleaned - not just injectors - wherever gas, air, combustion, oil and exhaust goes.

    Then, special chemistry - MC+, smooths wear-roughen pistons, bearings, valves and gears. With cleaning and friction drag removed - parts are clean, smooth, move freely - like when near new. the power-loss they use to cause is gone!

    There is more! A smooth, protective co-polymer fills worn spaces - closing the wear gaps, to keep power in.

    Now as combustion occurs, full power is again developed. The car cranks faster, starts easier, runs smoother, has the get-up-and-go of like when new. Internal conditions are chemically made so they perform like near new, again!

Can you see why so many people love this Worn Motor Treatment?

Ordering information

Sold direct. Not sold in parts stores. That is because it needs a good bit of explanation to show it worth.

Your guarantee! Free if not satisfied - should this not work as described.

This Worn Motor Treatment works so well; Please note: No refunds asked for in the last 267 days..

I'm here to help you get the product and install it by phone.

    It's like adding gas and oil. It's easy to install. I help people by phone - live, as they install it - to give them confidence - as most are not mechanics. That is my Job - to help you. I am a mechanic. I'm here for you!

    "Mega Power has helped our cars run great again!"

    Now it time for you to help your motor by doing the same!

    To have this Worn Motor Treatment sent to you - Order today!

    To have this Worn Motor Treatment sent to you - Order today!

    • Get all your engine and transmission treated with these Service Fluid change Mega Power Worn Motor, Help Products and Transmission Conditioner Treatment.
    • Just $99 +s&h15 +tax 8 total $122,  for each engine, Plus  our  2 item transmission help treatment Deal  $75 item included free, while 100 in stock supplies last. At these mechanics prices to anyone. Order here for cars pickups motorcycles. A $200 value, just $122.

BONUS Get Acquainted offer. Buy two treatments for 2 cars. $140 total, including shipping, to protect both your vehicles - Get our MP #120 great all purpose lube and nut buster spray, a $19.95 value, for Free! 13 items, $140 total. Regular price over $200. Order Now!  For 2 cars. Just $140 total, including shipping and protect your cars easy start, fast warm up, acid neutralizers, and friction removing anti-wear. Solve wear and tear problems that are costly to repair. For 2 cars. Just $140 total.

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