These Additives Give Transmissions A New Second Life While Ending Their Rough Shift Cutting The Cost To A Fraction Doing So.
Do it yourself instruction.

Transmission Service Product to end shifting problems - from Mega Power Additives.Transmission Service Product to end shifting problems - from Mega Power Additives.

     Enjoyed a fast-acting, yet economical  transmission rough-shift, slippage  "PROBLEM-Ender," - you can end  meant to add "Anti-Problem" and "System Tune Up" Features for 50,000 miles to good transmissions at their required oil fluid change-out, adding anti-problem conditioning - salming the breaks on future problems because the complaint is, "new fluid can't!"

    Unlike most additives from part stores and quick lubes; that are thick, gooey fluids, or solvents - repackaged for extra profit-making for the store. Here are shift problem-solving tips using the Slo-wear Fix-better Transmission Treatment. It corrects rough shift problems.

    Features and benefits:

            Features and benefits:

            1. Slo-wear crawling chemistry penetrates the tiniest of spaces - where other products, an even synthetic fluid cannot, like in the transmission valve body - and in shifting mechanisms, where Slo-wear removes residues and or friction shift causing conditions, to end your shift, slip, leak, clunk problem. Order below. Slo-wear does not end there with it help...No!
            2. Slo-wear then changes your wear-roughen, dirty shift valves,  shift mechanisms, and gear parts back to their new-like, smooth and clean - shifting state - ending the problem for you. The install is simple, and driving does the actual fix!
            3. Slo-wear works in engines, too, to also clean, condition and revitalize the many engine pistons, bearings, valves, and gears - that may be on the verge of causing you engine repair problems. This advantages, add more great, trouble free service to the life of your whole car - for those planning on keeping their vehicles.
            4. The 3 Slo-wear Fix-better MP ingredients shown, 6 needed for engine car, 2 for power steering, and 3 for radiator servicing - meets new car maker fluid change requirements for every 2 year serving of new cars - also coats every part surface, filling worn spaces, to guarantee a long smooth-again, shift life - and operation of your car, pickup, diesel truck tractor, boat and motorcycle upgrade servicing.


            The Mega Power Transmission Treatment Cleaner is added to the dirty fluid. After 5 minutes of running, the cleaning process is done - and fluid replaced with new. You or your lube oil changer can change the fluid now.

            The two remaining products,the Mega Power "Friction Modifier," and "Seal Conditioner," stop friction caused shift, howl, and leaks problems.

            The Mega Power Cleaner is added to your transmission fluid.

            Drive or idle the motor for 5 to 10 minutes. Drain the fluid and replace with new. Add the two remaining products to the new fluid.

            As you drive the products do the fix. That it! Pretty simple.

          Things you should know

          When new, shinny, clean, transmission parts operate with great ease - helping to make for a smooth shift.

          When wear roughen moving gear-shifting parts have more friction. Friction resistance causes shifting problems.

          Stop Leak. A coating softens and expends leaking seals, to stop leaks.

          The Mega Power Transmission Treatment finds and ends problems so every part moves cleanly, smoothly, and freely ending their cause for hard shifts and leaks. Pretty ingenious!

        Protect all your transmissions with Mega Power and keep troubles away and costly repairs away.

        Cost is very reasonable.

          This is what your car needs. Call me... at the order desk at 512 665 3388 now, to ask a question, or to place a phone order. Get the fix and get humming down the road, again, too!

        Ordering info

          One MP Transmission Treatment 

          3 items as shown. Includes FedEx shipping to your door, with easy-to-follow instructions, phone help if needed, and guarantee. $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.

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    Two MP Transmission Treatments for 2 cars 6 items. $100 +$20s&h=$120 total.

    Six MP Transmission Treatments 18 items $180+$20 s&h= $200 total. Bonus: Get one $60 for Free - by asking for it with order of 2 or more Treatments... Just 24 reserved, so order now, before this $65 Free Bonus is gone. If calling, refer to this page please for this bonus.


    Order one Mega Power Engine Treatment $80, with your Mega Power Transmission Treatment $75. Save $35 Both $120, total shipped to you. Same guarantee.

    Order online, have a question answered, call in your order: 512 665 3388 .... george

Get the hard shift fix and protection only Mega Power can give. Get on humming down the road, again!