Do-it-yourself, automotive trouble-ending additives detailed for, Like-a Pro result. But at a 10th of the costSmiling, because I fixed-it-myself! Like I hope you do for your auto repair option.

For  the person who needs to reduce car repair expense.

    This is that auto repair option,  detailed here for mechanics, but explained so any man or women can perform the service that does so, its easy, or have their mechanic help them do so – with the products and directions given.                                                                           You are shown the easy How To, and With What solution for a complex professional result.          Driving starts the fix with this option, and reverses the problem. Includes an oil or fluid change item to provide years of problem-avoiding protection afterwards. That's my... and our customers experience. More...                                       End of problem guaranteed! Yet, this option is has a greater promise. Long term anti-wear.               Designed  originally to  keep  newer  car, pickups, diesels you want top performance and hard work out of. Service them this same way to keep good running vehicles going strong, as long as you want!                                                                 A true, pays-you, repair and repair avoiding option. All detailed below to make you smile afterwards because, you did it yourself.

That auto repair option is detailed here for mechanics, but explained so any man or women can perform the service that does so, its easy, or have their mechanic help them do so – with the products and directions given.

You are shown the easy How To, and With What solution for a complex professional result. Driving starts the fix with this option, and includes an oil or fluid change item to provide protection afterwards. End of problem guaranteed! Yet, its designed to keep every car, pickup, diesel you want to to keep going strong for with years more trouble-free, repair expense avoiding dependability. A true, pays-you. repair and repair avoiding option.

Auto Repair Shop Additive Profit Boosters

     You, as a Tune Repair Shop Owner can find a specific additive problem solver here!                                And learn how our premium tune, repair servicing alternatives can add hundreds to your income, more days of the week.                                                                You’ll love, as this Auto Repair Options Program saves drive away estimates for you.                                   And it builds a loyal customer pleasing appeal to have customers return for additional services, in as little as 7 days. Those are profit boosting aids you need to employ.                                                                  You also benefit by our just 5 item inventory, yet covering over 400 fuel, intake, engine, transmission, radiator, steering, and a/c problems. This means less of your money and space is tied up in inventory, and a high percentage of vehicles in the shop are needing results these 5 items provide you.                                    Each Tune Repair Service item works in minutes, so its not a time waster, and customers see power performance as they drive off! This feature indicates you provided a powerful improvement to help their ailing car recover beautifully.                                              More profiting from older worn vehicles occurs where overhauls out of price range, the engine treatment service works here as an income booster.           Free ads and local marketing by email and postcards are available to reduce your advert expense, yet attracts better paying customers. Phone help anytime and overnight inventory refills all so nothing slows down your profit boosting efforts.                 Monthly Program start at $500, and doubles or triples return each month. See what you're after below. Call saying you want to try the $500 program deal at: 512 665 3388  ...george

Radiator problem solver: Stops leaks. End Overheating.

Radiator problem solver: Stops leaks. Reduces Overheating.  Save your motor and money.... Auto-repair-options.com

The only place to find Radiator and Engine Transmission Cooling System Servicing & their Problem Solving Fixes the service provides. The product directions, product review and ordering info. 

The Mega Power Brand Radiator STOP LEAK feature works on heater core, manifold, head gasket, freeze plug, and radiator core leaks. Yet, uses no fibers, fillers or thickeners to stop leaks like other products use. It comes in a 3 item scum, acid removing cleaner - the cause of leaks, and stop leak treatment that is easy to install in any radiator to end internal and external coolant leaks.

Order One MP Radiator Cooling System Stop Leak Service #RS3. 
3 item system service as described above. Click cart button.
Just $50+ $15 s&h= $65 total shipped to your door in 3 days.

Radiators with 3 gallon to 7 gallons coolant require 2 kits. Just $45 per kit. Order 2 or more Radiator treatments for a big engine or to service 2 or more radiators in your cars, at $20 off each kit.

    The Mega Power COOLING ADVANTAGE transfers coolant heat to the outside faster, lowering temperatures as much as 40 degrees when need be; helping your motor operate more efficiently under heat load conditions.

    The Mega Power Engine Transmission Protectors add heat reducing advantages by removing metal to metal friction and its internal heat producing negatives, ending its faster wearout, temperature rising, and horsepower sucking negatives, seal oil leak causing troubles, allowing every surface to run coole, smoother, with more horsepower and zip going to the wheels to give your more power, faster speeds, years longer trouble free car life.

    Those are 3 heat load reducing, leak ending problem solvers Mega Power ends. Mega Power is easy to install. Comes with easy-to-follow directions, phone help, guarantee - shipped to your door by FedEx. 

    in 3 daysoWork fast. Low in cost compared to actual repair alternatives. Does it fix every problem? Of course not! 

    order just one or all 3 below.

    , much faster up to f is the best ever found for tow trucks, police cars, vehicles that tow - when also using Mega Power in your radiator, motor, and transmission oil.

Order Mega Power today, to end your cooling system heating, and leak problem fast:

  • Stop leaks in your heater core, gaskets, radiator; even your motor and transmission oil leaks - with those Mega Power Treatments.

  • Review of products we found that work best - and provide additional benefits, is Mega Power Radiator Treatment.
  • Is a non-clogging Stop Leak.
    Mega Power Lowers Coolant Temperature. Keeps engine temp from climbing hotter.Mega Power Radiator Service Kit#RS3. 
  • Includes the above, plus our new safe fast flush - when you want to "tune up" and protect your radiator cooling system for 3 more years.

Radiator problem solver. Mega Power has found a treatment for greater Problem Solving advantages.

Simple 2-step Radiator Cooling System Service Procedure

  1. With the motor and radiator warm - and cooled down to the touch, remove about a quart of old coolant from the radiator.Add clear bottle of Flush Cleaner to the radiator replacing the coolant removed. Replace radiator cap to the first adjustment stop - so it remains lose. Turn heater to hot, run or drive so the cleaner circulates for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Drain, rinse, drain and begin refill with 1 gallon anti-freeze if a 4 cylinder motor, 2 gallons if a 6 and 8 cylinder motors.Add the 2 remaining products to the radiator. Start motor, heater still on hot, and then add water to fill the radiator to 1 inch below the fill neck. Replace cap to the 1st notch catching place and let motor run a minute. You should feel the radiator turn real hot as circulation begins. Rev up the engine speed a couple quick times.
  3. Remove radiator cap carefully with a rag protecting your hand and arm - as an air bubble may splash hot coolant out while escaping. Check fluid level, top off to full. Replace cap to full tight - second notch.Make sure the overflow tank has 2 inches of pure anti-freeze in it. 
  4. In a minute or so, bubbles and coolant will flow into this tank a bit and as you drive. Check level of this container after a fifteen minute ride. it should be at half full. Fill to that level if not.Proper anti-freeze is 50% anti-freeze - 50% water. See product label. You are good for 3 years. Rubber radiator hoses and belts need replacement every 4-5 years. End

It's what your cars need! Order on line or by phone 512 665 3388 ...George

Directions: Add Mega Power Cleaner to old coolant. Run motor or drive for 10 minutes. Drain and replace old coolant with new. Add Mega Power Stop Leak and Mega Power Conditioner with new anti-freeze coolant. Leaks stops from instantly to overnight. driving sets stop leak - which crystallizes when hitting air.

Ordering Mega Power Radiator Cooling System Products

    Mega Power comes with three products shown, easy-to-follow directions, phone help if needed, guarantee. Shipped FedEx, direct to your home, business, or shop. Order online or by phone. 1 512 665 3388.

    Ordering info

    One MP Radiator Cooling System Stop Leak Service #RS3. 
    3 item system service as described above.
    Just $50+ $15 s&h= $65 total.