Women-who-fix-their-own cars with Additives

Helen writes: Your site tips and products helped me end my engine problem myself!

     "When my mechanic said was my engine had lot of miles on it, no wonder it full of sludge, was tapping like an old typewriter,  using oil, and had lousy power.

      He recommended an engine replacement! The $3895 price to do so floored me," says Helen Chris!  Living in California where you need a car for transportation. A Toyota Camry owner, single mom, on a real tight budget, and needing a dependable car for shopping, and taking care of her little grandson, Cory.

     This engine problem looked like it was about to turn my finances into a bad year for my budget, I thought!  She wondered if there was a temporary way to end her engine troubles. The internet helped!

     See the product that help engine and budget... she writes.... Read her story here...

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