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Car Buff George Christ Reveals the secret to ending car and diesel problems cheaper, better.Car Buff George Christ Reveals the secret to ending car and diesel problems cheaper, better.

auto repair options home page var. 

Surprising Solutions Are Ending
Vehicle Operating Problems
Cheaper, Faster, Better

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Auto repair option home page var Article:


It may be the faster, cheaper, better way to end car problems.

   Since the 1950s, vehicle owners have followed the Justice Brothers race car builders method for solving automotive internal engine and gear operating problems with additives -  have been using their additives to avoid a small fortune in automotive repair expenses. In contrast, others burden their lives with expensive repairs for not knowing their alternative solutions. This article shows what you can choose from today.  

   Do you want that kind of product?

   Usually, when an engine or gearbox problem occurs during a race, the car is called in for repair.  A new gearbox may take an hour to replace. The Justice Brothers discovered a product they could add to the gearbox or engine with a problem and have it back to life, ready to go in a few minutes of driving.

  Since their bounce-back feature propelled them to the asTop Racing Champions they have grown into a world wide distribution of many automotive formula solutions selling them thrught Distributors to mechanics.   Mega Power Brand Additive Makers have produced today's version.  

   Since 1980, vehicle owners have been using the two companies' products to win more races and to end various automotive operating and mechanical problems. These unique problem-solving formulas avoid the need to do so by repair. 

    This winning edge advantage is helping other race teams, local mechanics, farmers, and equipment owners overcome all sorts of automotive and diesel performance problems. 

    I sold their products to repair shops as a distributor.

    Today, online, I'm providing the recipe's mechanics, farmers, and equipment owners what today is. It should be in an accessible format with the particular products orderable and sent to your home with instructions just like us pros do.

   Their anti-wear product features can help you, as well as race cars, car owners, and equipment owners, to have vehicles and equipment that run even better - never decline, for years longer significant usage.

Order These Great Solutions to Master Ending your Vehicle Operating Problems in the Same Cheaper, Faster, Better Way.  

   I follow the Mega Power Brand of additives method of kits to end car problems with tune-up treatments because their formula feels like the greatest tune-up result afterwards. 

   With Mega Power Products because I provide online explanations of  problems and the products to end any internal mechanical problem chemically -

   You will find these auto repair options listed here at to get the exact needed additive to end your wear and tear or performance operating problem.

   To help you I listed the recipes you need to end your mechanical operating problems. Coveraga includes the fuel system, combustion, engine, transmission, radiator, steering and a/c.

Solve your vehicle problem faster with help from mee - a car buff, mechanic, Trainer, and my auto repair field tested problem solving automotive solutions.

   An easy-to-follow website  using links and menus to find the recipe help you need to gain a professional fix.

   Additives come and go! The additives have been street-proven and tested against all others to be the fastest, cheapest, best method of care and repair as a vehicle/truck owner solution.    

   A guarantee of satisfaction for 12 months assure you the solution works, afterwards.

   You also have me to call for any help tif needed to end your vehicle operating problems with additives. I'm a mechanic and now the Countries Automotive Additives Expert Online to help you!

   Results expected.

  • Your specific additive treatment will end the problem in minutes to a day of n. ormal driving.
  • This is by returning a total and complete internal removal of the problem users.
  • What's removed and healing done offers a cleaner, efficient fuel burn - ifin engine.
  • Smoother gear shifts if a rough shift problem. 
  • ,,, and by smoothing our wear-roughen surfaces releases horsepower to again go on to the wheels friction drag and binding of parts  use to absorb. 
  • These features end any internal, mechanical problem to avoid the repair. The tips are the car buffs secret of those who use additives to end their vehicles problems with and what adds years more great life to all their vehicles, large or small.

  These additives help them accumulate more victories because the made lazy, faltering internal piston, bearing, valves, and gears, and fuels, oils, and combustion stoi-chio-metrics. is helping the man and women car owner, and small fleet owners fix engine transmission radiator steering and a/c operating problems.

These auto repair options offer fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, and steering problem solutions. Try them risk free. Packaged for the do-it-your-selfer to end any internal problemThese auto repair options offer fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, and steering problem solutions. Try them risk free. Packaged for the do-it-your-selfer to end any internal problem




For Engine Transmission Radiator Steering A/C

Powerful products are fixing car and truck problems. Often is the repair. Often installed first to cut major repair cost in half.Powerful products are fixing car and truck problems. Often is the repair. Often installed first to cut major repair cost in half.


End your vehicle problem in a new and better way with help from me - a car buff, and mechanic, and my auto repair Field tested problem solving automotive products.


End your vehicle problem with these additive treatments supported by thousands of field-tested results, a car buff, a mechanic, and an online expert to guide you, assuring you a fantastic fix and horsepower improvement.

  Ends the mystery of ending your car's internal mechanical or performance upsetting problem. With us helping you reduce its cost to run firm down life's highway and you smiling, you tried this option. 

  I explain their mystery so anyone, not just mechanics, can end their automotive problems.

  To get to your problem, start by selecting the problem component in the box below. You will be on your way to running down life's highway, trouble-free again faster - cheaper! Bookmark this page not found anywhere else, with a guarantee to do as advertised promise. Please note: 2 refunds in the last 267 days, in case you are number 3.

For engine solutions:

  • Engine: Internal solutions to get you on the road again.
  • Transmission: Internal solutions to get you shifting smoother than ever.
  • Radiator: Internal solutions to get you leak-free and running cooler than ever. 
  • Steering:  Internal solutions to have your steering system running smoothly. 
  • Fuel: A complete fuel treatment covering the three problems: carbon, water, and lubrication. Each is a cheaper, faster, and better product to get you on the road again.

One may be what ends your vehicle troubles for you. Check the following for problems.


Mega Power Complete Engine Treatment. The First Holistic engine recovery, rejuvenation product.Mega Power Complete Engine Treatment. The First Holistic engine recovery, rejuvenation product.

 Engine  Service Directions:

Introducing the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

The Mega Power Complete Engine Treatment. The First Holistic engine recovery and rejuvenation product to end operating loss, tapping, oil burn, rough idle, and lousy fuel economy problems. 

Ending them for you can save you several thousand dollars in repair expenses and give you control to end transmission and radiator problems also - besides engine problems in any vehicle, from now on!


Action given: The first engine treatment to clean, free, smooth, and fill worn surfaces,  ending the cause of your engine problem.


An ADD-it-yourself and drive product that returns a previously near new condition state - chemically to older engines, resulting in a tune-up-like return, ending the upsetting internal negatives.

Is that what you want? Order Mega Power Now!

With Mega Power pin-point features, you recover performance in every engine section function in 2 steps. 


  1. Add two items shown to the fuel tank and one to the motor oil. Drive to permit cleaning and recovery.
  2. A week later, change the oil in this way. Add the item shown to oil oil. Ten minutes later, do an oil change. To the new oil, add two remaining items: driving finishes the recovery and protection enhancement for a trouble-free driving future.


You have sent FedEx 2 days with easy directions, phone help, and a Satisfaction Guarantee.

At $250, if a mechanic installs Mega Power, that's much easier than dismantling by a mechanic and its expense to fix your engine! It's just as permanent, too! Order here...

You are assured of ending any problem from the gas cap to the exhaust tip. And wherever oil, fuel, air, and exhaust flow. - customers tell us. 

The product user is assured of a speedy recovery. A considerable expense repair avoidance. And the return of the engine's former like-near-new trouble-free operation.

Your engine is always in the process of breaking down! 

Perhaps, along life's highway, when a problem develops,  like right now. 

You want the cheapest but still, the best way to get your engine back to normal.

When your vehicle was new, its pistons, bearings, valves, and gears were clean and moved quickly on smooth, shiny surfaces that fit close together. That’s what produced the most horsepower, and I quickly transferred it to the wheels to zip you around with great ease.

With regular use, the clean, shiny, close-fitting pistons, bearings, valves, lifters, and gears become acid pitted and rub – creating sandpaper-like friction that collects sticky film (sludge). This film binds movement, producing less horsepower, creating tapping sounds, causing engine misfires, backfires, oil burning, rough shifting, poor gas mileage, and eventually death to your engine.

To help you, our chemist has created an additive that protects your engine and restores it to a just-like new condition. It is also the only product that cleans your entire engine and emissions system from the gas tank to the catalytic converter. Many professional mechanics and race car drivers use Mega Power products in their cars, and now you can, too.  Auto-repair-option-home-page-var end.