Product Ends Valve lifter Noise This Simple, Inexpensive Way!

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End Valve lifter Noise And Its Worrisome Ways!

Imagine pouring in several kinds of liquid into your gas and motor oil, and the hear your dreadful motor tapping - no more!

The picture shows Mega Power's Engine Treatment to end tapping. Explained as you read along. Its a DIY product at 10th of the cost of actual repair that fixes the problem.  And, maybe do a better than a repair fix ending valve and lifter tapping - because it ends valve lifter tapping as you drive.

Valve lifter tapping is a problem caused by one or more thum size engine valve adjusters - deep inside your engine that lost their tight engine valve contact. Its reason for losing the contact, causing a space to appear, and its tapping noise happens when they slam close that open space they created, against the valve it pushes open  - and the tapping sounds results. The reasons, are covered on other pages. However...this...

Imagine ordering a box of products and pouring them in your gas and motor oil to stop your valve lifter noise and tapping.

Following directions, and pouring in several kinds of liquid into your gas and motor oil, and then driving the process starts to end the valve lifter noise. After their install, you start the motor. 

The tapping noise is louder that ever. You rise and lower engine speeds and the sounds goes faster and slower in step with engine speeds. No change happens yet.

As the the gear goes into drive and moves forward the tapping speeds up, slows down, speeds up with the gear shifts. At 50 miles an hour for a few miles the sounds continues. After some stop and go driving and on the road the next day, the motor gives a blimp hesitation and the tap misses a tap. Further on the  tap comes and goes. 

The next morning the valve lifter noise completely goes a way after a mile on the road and  the engine runs as if it never had a problem.  You push the shift into neutral and step on the gas off and on a couple times coasting and the motor is perfectly quiet. 

After adding the remaining products in the box and then driving, the engine becomes more responsive and zippy. It runs as if it never had a dreadful valve lifter noise!

If you want to add the items to stop your  dreadful motor tapping - no more. it might be a good idea to order the products below that does so. 

Ordering info below. 

Ordering info.

  • Order one Mega Power Valve Lifter Noise Treatment.  Includes 3 items shown. With easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if needed- a free $50 value. Satisfaction Guarantee. Includes fuel system,  combustion, oil system cleaners needed to stop valve lifter tap. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.  
  • Bonus: simple-install Combustion Area Engine Cleaner $28, Oil  Conditioner $28 Anti-tap conditioners $28 included free for a limited time. A dealership service item they charge up to $400 for installing. Included with usage info with the 3 valve lifter noise ending treatment shown to keep the problem from returning. Click cart button to order.
  • 3 Item Engine Valve Treatment, plus 3 Bonus items free. Just $80, plus $23 s&h= $103 total. Total 6 items =$103. Click cart button to get started. 

More included...

Shown above. I call it an engine revitalizing treatment, from Mega Power. An inventor of automotive and heavy equipment engine transmission radiator steering and a/c problem-solvers with similar revitalizing characteristics for those components!

Special MC+ protectors keep tap and other related performance problems they end from returning.

Its 95% success rate - not 2% like other products make this a perfect fix! Easy to use. Quick results assured!

Engine tapping noise this is best remedy around for the job, and for preventing other troubles older engines have. - no kidding! I use it in all my vehicles, and sold it to thousands of car equipment boat owners who quieted their valves tap with it just as easily.

This Mega Power treatment turns back the clock on age, on miles and ends their age, wear related conditions! The reason for its use in good running vehicles to keep them that way.

  • The items made of a number of different ingredients work as you drive...
  • They crawl to troublesome areas where oil can't go! There, a specialized cleaning, healing, smoothing of stuck lifter parts  stops tapping!
  • Those specialized cleaning, healing, smoothing advantages release and free and close the noisy valve lifter gap. Those gap-closing action ENDS, STOPS the tap and restores quiet operation to your motor. That is what you need right now!
  • Order this Mega Power Brand valve lifter noise ending product below - to ennd your tap.
  • And check out our engine protecting FREE bonus, in the ordering section there, so you can properly fix this problem permanently - our better way!
  • And remember, I'm also here to help you. I'm a mechanic, and America's Car Care Expert in these matters!  Book mark this site for future reference

Valve tapping starts with no warning; and sounds like a wrench  is inside your motor, and is banging around. Is that the problem you want help with? 

The worry is, that if your lifter breaks apart, it will stop your motor right at the spot it happens. Even going down the highway!  Repair cost will then climb.

What mechanic's do to stop tapping:

Cost - you may already know, to end your valve lifter noise, a mechanic must dig deep into your motor to replace your old valve lifters - and mechanic's want to replace all of them - about 8 to 24 - when just one is tapping, and for most engines cost over $3000 +. Your engine noise...

You may have noticed, it's just one single noise, tap tap tap, and decided to see what google says...

And google listed us to check out our alternative-to-repair to your end your tapping problem. It is a better, faster, cheaper way.

Auto repair options is the nets car experts site teaching mechanics about new products and better expertise to end running and performance problems like tapping-

- but anyone can end their engine tap, and most  any transmission radiator and steering problem, using our problem-solving products - and this one ends valve lifter noise - without repair, to do so.

A little education is needed - but, I assure you, it worth it, and nothing to take apart, but driving is needed to end your valve lifter noise...

Mega Power to stop valve lifter noise:  History.

Research on the subject is limited - such mechanic's trade schools teach nothing about lifters except to replace them.

So, Mega Power - a company also inventing products to solve car and equipment invented the product to stop tapping.

Years ago, a product from Justice Brothers Additives sold to mechanic's, first came to my attention [as a mechanic], that there is a formula to stop valve lifter noise - without actually replacing them.

Today, I favor Mega Power because Mega Power is unique for offering a holistic engine treatment because that include protectors - to also help your motors - even if older and hi-mileage, run quiet and good-as-new, again keeping the lifter tap away. 

Mega Power does so by changing dirty, wear worn, roughen pistons bearings valves and lifters back to clean chemically - to end your valve lifter noise.

Add and drive method to end tapping:

What do engine valve lifters do? 

  • Your motor's 8 to 24 valves and valve lifter adjusters, are part of the motors fuel, exhaust breathing system. 
  • They work in hot dirty conditions where motor oil can't do them any good. Over time oil delivery to this part fails, causing tapping. You would think synthetic oil prevents such, but it doesn't.
  • As oil blockage to the lifter wear-take-up adjuster makes it collapse, a space on them appears that NOW closes with a bang, producing your tap tap tap sound that worries you.  That's not good for your motor, of course.

The Old Way To End this Motor Problem:

  • Traditionally, dismantling the motor to replace the lifters at a $2000 to $5000 expense, is still the way most mechanics do the fix. Its like going in for heart surgery when alternatives like aspirin works just as well. 
  • Part store additives are sold to end valve lifter noise - but has negative press from engine damage they cause. Stay away from those products. 

Science and chemistry's remedy...

  • Mega Power Chemistry to the rescue. Mega Power field tested a number of ingredients they found superior to see which reverses the cause of this dirty tap condition, to get oil flowing to end the valve lifter noise problem. This is that formula...
  • Mega Power is a Valve Lifter Noise Treatment that cleans, frees, clears to get oil flow again.  
  • And with special lube conditioners, gets the noisy adjuster moving outward again, closing the gap, ending the tapping problem. Is that what you want to happen?

There are 2 simple steps for the product install and ordering info

  • You follow 2 easy steps, and there is nothing to dismantle. Just add the products as shown. Driving does the fix. Some times instantly. Other times in a few days.
  • A few repair shops install the Mega Power Treatment for about $250 to $400, but most oppose its usage. However...
  •  Its easy to install Mega Power yourself for under $100. Does this method interest you and deserve a try?
  • The valve lifter noise ending treatment is delivered to your door in about 3 days with easy-to-follow directions, phone help, a guarantee. 
  • Men and women vehicle owners find it easy to end valve lifter noise problems and tapping this way.

Order Now!  This also includes our daily specials here.

Ordering info.

  • Order one Mega Power Valve Lifter Noise Treatment.  Includes 3 items shown. With easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if needed- a free $50 value. Satisfaction Guarantee. Includes fuel system,  combustion, oil system cleaners needed to stop valve lifter tap. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.   
  • Bonus: simple-install Combustion Area Engine Cleaner $28, included free for a limited time. A dealership service item they charge up to $400 for installing. Included with usage info with the 3 valve lifter noise ending treatment shown delivery info. Click cart button to order.
  • 3 Item Engine Valve Treatment, plus Bonus $26 items for free. Just $80, plus $23 s&h Total 6 items =$103 Click cart button to order now! See picture.

A study of noisy lifters  additives show  the Mega Power cleaning method best restores their functionality and quiet operation. "If you own an older used car, you have to prepare for the eventuality of a repair. If its previous owners didn’t perform regular maintenance on it, it’s prone to breaking down more easily. When luxury vehicles need fixing, the replacement parts will likely be a bit more expensive.

Mega Powers Engine Treatment is a simple method that quiets valve lifter noise and tap often in minutes! Protectors included, assure noise won't return - guaranteed! Click cart button to start the quiet - before worst