This Valve lifter Engine Tap Solution My Car Tune up Customers discovered - Offers A Quick, Permanent Way
To Quiet Any Engine's Lifter Tap  -Themselves!

The Mega Power Engine Treatment. A engine  tune up and fuel injector cleaner kit stops valve lifter engine tap!The Mega Power Engine Treatment. A engine tune up and fuel injector cleaner kit stops valve lifter engine tap!

that was stuck so the problem with oil - and reinstall them to quiet their. And charge just the labor.  But I found a product that does it for me, mThe secret my customers discovered that stops valve lifter engine tap.

    For years, for my auto repair customers, I've taken apart their engines to remove, and hand clean, and re-prime their stuck, tapping, valve lifters, to again allow oil pressure to push their valve adjusting part out ward moving, and again end their annoying, hammer-like tapping sounds. That's their job!

- that horrible tap tap tap sound you could hear 20 feet away, worries the heck out out of car owners with they suddenly appear. - Is that your engine problem, too? Read on...

 Here is what makes your tap tap tap sound - How I fix them; How your mechanic ends their tap sound, and How my customers discovered my tune up additive ends tapping in a better cheaper faster way!

Ending Engine Valve Lifter Tap - 3 ways

  1. For engine tapping, all mechanics replace each of your engines 8 to 24 valves and their lifters. A $4000 repair. There is one valve lifter for each valve. Their piston moves outward by engine oil pressure. When stuck and tapping mechanics replace them with new ones. That is their profitable fix that is expensive for you.

  2. I found you can end valve lifter engine tap, tapping by simply freeing up each of the lifters adjuster - by hand and reinstalling them. It frees a tiny pencil-eraser size piston inside the lifter - that for dirty engine reasons, gets them stuck in the slot; a gap appears, causes the sudden tapping noise.  That's method two - its about $400 cheaper or about $3000 to end valve lifter engine tap problems. However, ...

  3. .... My Customers discovered - the third method - after I cleaned their fuel injectors that also removed combustion carbon and engine sludge, using the Mega Power Engine Treatment - - ENDED their come and go valve lifter tapping - It went away!   
    So ... Now that's my solution. I charge $400 for diesel, less for cars. Not $4000. It builds customer repeat business for one hours work. This started me to promote it all across North America online. It is what I want you to use to quiet your valve lifter engine tap with. Free for trying if it does not, too!
    What my customers discovered when I did a tune up on their cars.

   From what customer told me, and tested and I discovered from the Mega Power Engine Treatment - this engine tune and engine cleaning cleaner and protector, for mostly engine fuel-injectors and removing combustion carbon - customers later told me.... what ever I did, also stopped their engines, lifter valve tapping.

   I was amazed to learn of this secondary benefit of Mega Power to free-up and quiet any size or age of valve lifter engine tap noise! It does what I did by hand - your mechanic is not smart enough to figure out - my customers discovered for me. Order this product if you want the same, stop valve lifter engine tap benefit, too! 

   That's what My customers discovered I did to end valve lifter engine tap. I feel that is what you should order to end your tap problem to/ I'll help you.

    Order the Mega Power Engine Treatment. It comes mailed to you, with my directions to easily instal and them just drive. Driving cleans and frees your engine, and its dirty, or stuck valve lifters adjusters like nothing I ever tried! It will then - primed them to pump up the lifter adjuster part  - and the tap ends - and you have a $1,500 car dealer fuel injector tune up for free, besides. Just $99 on sale today! Limited supply.  Price soon going twice as high for this amazing budget and car saver. 

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     Wish you could ask my loyal customers, what  \ is the best remedy for car owners with the valve lifter engine tap problems.

Avoids a big repair bill, too! Shown in the picture above.

You may seek advice from your mechanic about your noise. It's not good news either. And most of them refuse to use additives. We like to sale big repair jobs - that's why! Not me!

Google may have led you here as you searched for a less expensive way to get your car running quiet and great again. This is it!Introducing the product in the picture from Mega Power. A new additive way that ends lifter and valve tapping - as you drive.How to  install Mega Power Valve Lifter Noise Treatment to end tap tap tapping, like I do!

Please note:Men and women easily perform the simple install, and results quiet their motor's tapping noise - in as little as ten minutes!

Nothing to take apart! 3 items so marked are added to the fuel tank and motor's oil.

Driving for a week does clean and free and quiet tapping off noisy lifters, and other parts during an oil change. 3 items shown are added to motor as shown in the directions. A week later at a fresh oil change - the other 3 are added. Simple! Smart! Assures permanent quiet. For all engine to protect them, too!

As a service for good engines, this same 6 item treatment helps the fuel combustion exhaust and oiling system and parts oiled to stay clean and quiet.  Compares to car dealer 50,000 mile service. About $1200.

What to expect? Your motor will quickly return to a strong running, quieter-than-ever operation - The install procedure is simple.  6 items are supplied. You add them following directions provided to the gas and oil to quiet tapping. 

Ordering and guarantee.

Shipped to your door via FedEx in 3 days. Box delivered has 6 items shown, directions, phone help if needed. And satisfaction guarantee. Just add them as shown to the fuel tank and motor oil. and drive. Driving then ends the valve lifter engine tap problem. 

Order now. Get on down life's road running great and quiet again! Click cart button to order. 

How To Stop Your Valve Lifter Engine Tap Problem.

What you should know about valve lifter noise. Stopping tapping by repair.

  • You can replace your motors lifters, but cost may ruin your budget with its $2000 replacement expense.
  • Chemical cleaners may be a better alternative. One brand actually guarantees to stop tapping. Here's why...

Stopping tapping using Mega Power's Engine chemical cleaners.

Stopping valve lifter engine tap by chemical cleaners.

Mega Powers Method

  • Mega Power's Engine Treatment will stop valve lifter engine noise efficiently and economically. 
  • Mega Power removes oil blockage, allowing oil to pump up the lifters gap adjuster, stopping the tap problem.
  • With a cushioning quieting feature - your motor is guaranteed to run quiet and strong from then on.   
  • Mega Powers way is cheaper and faster than by repair!
  • Unlike part store and quick lube harmful additives, Mega Power contains no solvents like those product do.

Mega Power Cost.

As a mechanic, I found my customers are very pleased with the Mega Power Fix.  It saves a lot of money!  Cost average for the the install is $450 for big diesels. Around $250 if me or a repair shop installs this treatment.  However, if you can add gas and oil to your motor you avoid the mechanics labor charge.

See Pricing if you want to install Mega Power yourself, below.

What the mechanic does to replace noisy valve lifters you don't have too!

You get to the valve lifter engine tap, by taking off the top part of the motor. Yank out each of the 8 to 32 valve lifters and hand clean, or replace them at $15 each or more. Labor to do so runs $3000. Gasket sets needed are $1000. My customers way is cheaper>>>

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