Engine sludge removing tips
that work!

Engine sludge removing tips that also revitalize power and greater zip. Contact Info: if on a smart phone, to ask a question, order items listed, call me...george at 512 665 3388

The cause of engine sludge. Our removing tips.

You don't think about it, but sludge and/or residues move about and build up in your engine. They do so by engine design! Well, not directly! Sludge forms from 1800 degree metal-melting hot combustion that slips pass dirty piston rings into the motor's oil. That makes sludge!

Piston rings and valves get bathe in it - they rings and valves, end up being the second and 3rd engine trouble maker. Now you know that cause.

However, sludge starts from day one, when the car or truck was new.

Oil changes keeps introducing new cleaners to remove residues, but sooner or later, acids - [the first engine trouble maker] etch away the smooth protective finish of your pistons, bearings, valves, gears, sensors, smog parts, and seals.

This roughness makes a foothold for residues to get a foot hold. As that condition continues, it becomes sludge. Oil changes rid the motor of some contaminates - but can't reach others. Our sludge removing product stops acid damage, heals it, and fills in any damage - protecting your motor as you drive or when parked.

Car makers know combustion escapes and adds a suction connection [PCV Valve] to the oiling side of your motor. It sucks up an re-burns those combustion fumes - mostly rich with gas fumes. One of several smog reducing devices on your motor. But a new problem occurs.

Sludge. Where it travels to:

Since the original cause is combustion slipping pass your motor's piston rings, landing into your oil. It form sludge and circulates - and starts causing more problems. Ending up blocking oil to the valve lifter adjusters - they collapse causing engine tapping. Also..

As the lower 3rd piston ring wipes away motor oil and blocks its escape to the combustion area; gets gummed up with sledge - it loses ability to block oil, so oil burning and consumption begins.


Combustion fumes - now oily, are sucked to the fuel-air top of the motor. Then, mix with air and fuel. Traveling to the re-burn, leaving a layer nasty goo film on the idle control, fuel injectors, valve head, sensors, and catalytic converters. Each, now become lazy operating - and power reducing, adding to the horsepower loss, friction increase. Got all that?

Sludge removing tips: Engine flushes.

As a finger-thick layer of residue builds up all around your engine - power loss, performance decline, tapping, and oil burning increase. One or all of them can occur.  

The mechanic sees it peeking into the motor. And some - not knowing, add a solvent, or part-store, quick-lube engine flush additive solvent to the motor, to rinse it out. Its like cutting-out cancer to help - but helps spreads more problems; like plugging up the oil pick up filter. Engine life suddenly grows shorter. "You need a new engine" - is their cry. So much for solvent engine flushes for your sludge removing tips!

What's really needed is what was just explained about your engine dirty condition.

Engine sludge removing tips that use Mega Power engine Sludge Remover to clean and also revitalize power, for like new zip!

My sludge removing tips remedy, are in use in thousands of cars, pick ups, diesel rigs, tractors, boats, RVs, motorcycles and power plants. If you read this far your car needs it! Why?

As you followed the why-of-creation of your engine-sludge, and when it starts, and where it goes - it makes sense that a more complete, holistic approach is needed.  But...is basically unknown.

Part store, quick lube, and mechanic sold additives like BG cannot do the job needed Mega Power offers! Help!

With research, Hi-tech chemistry, and field testing, 6 additives have been formulated that work and are my sludge removing tips for what to use.  Shown here..

Invest in your motor using Mega Power. It cleans and restores better than anything else! Since a new engine runs $4000=, overhaul of your old one $3000. Mega Power is about $400 for big trucks and such. about $250, if a mechanic installs it. Under $100 if you do so yourself. Its easy. Just add and drive! Drain, add and drive for the cleaning.

For diesel pick ups, trucks, tractors, boats, big motorized power gens and equipment.