Learn how one Repair Shop Additive Programs Builds Good Will And Income for Shop Owners.

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Program reverses profit making struggle!

  • No large expenses needed. Just follow the tips for different sections of your business. 
  • After teaching mechanics and race car owners our horsepower boosting service to win more, in a less costly way, the repair shop owner can do the same  to build a healthy following.

About me:

      I worked a s a mechanic in Ford and Chevy dealerships where my commissions were among the top - using additives to improve the overall performance of each vehicle that amazed the owners.

In my own repair shop afterwards, I specified and treated power train components with a problem to avoid  repair.

If it didn't work the cost was applied to the actual repair  -  and in this way built a strong clientele.

My customers bought services they never would have - just like most of your customer don't buy those you suggest.

Over the years I learned new ways to impress customers with additives that made me two lifetime incomes while others make one. And works 10 months out of the year traveling two.

That’s my way I profited in my shop and since then, have thousands who follow my method. Read Rudy's Auto Repair tell you the same of his business experience following our program for more than 20 years - making top dollar and putting 4 kids thru college.

I personally seem them in vehicles and 95 times out of 100 it avoided the repair needed. Now --- you may say "Wait a minute! Why would I want to make $50 selling additives when I could make $500 on and engine repair? "

Yes, I wondered that too!. But from the customers point of view, if you saved him thousands of dollars and followed my program his performance improvement will so amaze him and that you saved him thousands i n repair, he will tell others - and some will come in on that testimony you would never get - and often with big repair needs.

That word of mouth is - business you can't get now!

What our product do that builds income.

They slam the brakes on wear-out, and release absorbed horsepower that makes the vehicle seem older and more worn  - and needing replacement than repair. And when released returns the vehicle to a new like feel and operation. Where does the customer come back for more of that? To you. Something that would never happen if as the car dealer would get his business for the next five years if the feel of the vehicle seem worn out and un trustworthy. 

That's the outcome you want our program offers you.

Other features in the program all add new ways to produce hundreds of extra dollars income in each week.

I am a real person, you can call me for help.

I'm most noted for providing both mechanics, and tune repair shops, small fleet owners you can also go after,  earning tens of thousands of extra dollars over the years  - like many of us do.

You can also help just plain car and equipment owners --- who don’t know beans about additives these additives and profit as they end their engine transmission radiator steering and a/c internal problems – with additive that do so.

The Whole Real Problem Solved

Auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com is definitely the most powerful and effective way to start doubling your income over the next five years - as competition get more agressive.


… it’s also all really, really hard to do properly! Most people fail, and they could have succeeded. No charge for any month you don't make double that months programs investment

 if you are a discerning person who feels waste not, want not. This auto repair options service fix is for you too!

It will help you restore your vehicles operating ideal  - with a twist!

It pays you, as you can extend the life by years, all your vehicle engines and transmissions  - when others, using other methods must spend plenty for new cars,  while yours just still runs great!

As you learn to follow the service method of care here given, very smart people invented and follow.

These auto repair options will help you end your car trouble, wisely.

Meaning it shows you how to gain wear avoiding, repair caused internal engine and gear troubles. Is that what you are after? Read on...

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