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Repair options: How these options, new-to-you, but in use by ten of thousands, will solve your engine transmission problem, like it solved theirs! 

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  1. To get started click a few pages to get the possibilities and our choice for your fix. 
  2. Purchase the items suggested and install them as shown.
  3. Enjoy a new economical care and power output.

Can I... not a mechanic do

the fix?  YES!

Yes! And no special skill needed with your fix option. I'm a mechanic, and trainer for this for mechanics and the country's expert in this area. No gimmicks here! 

Please Note: If the method fails. An actual repair does the fix! And benefits gained otherwise do not impress you, ask for a refund. 2 refunds requested last 267 days.

How do chemicals fix my cars problem?

The product reverses the trouble using problem solving chemistry to clean, free, heal using your vehicles internal heat and pressures  - so operation and performance reverts back to like it was months, even years earlier - operating like closer to new and trouble-free.

What if there's a broken part?

Replace them after a week - if the cleaning and conditioning can't help it. That will certainly help every other part, so both have anew long trouble-free life for years to come.

What people and mechanics say?

I've made them for mechanics, but easy for you or any man or women not mechanically inclined. 1 out or 6 customers are such women! 

Mike's wife and Mike did so to end your cars wear and performance problem. Mike says so...

Some say its the best Do-it-yourself tune repair options to stop or end car truck equipment wear and performance problems. See video.

Avoid costly repair this way. Or learn the secret to push overhaul need years into the future. And this ideal option fix secret... that makes any engine transmission repair...  work good as new,  indefinitely!

You and your family can benefit from these auto tune up and repair options. 

Protect or fix your equipment and bottom line with them.  

Repair shop owner can attract more customers with these  tune repair options?

"Hey, wait a minute," 

say most people and mechanics! You can't fix broken or failed parts with any additive! That's true, you can't!

  • However, if one part has failed, surely others are not far behind ready to fail. The question is this...
  • What slows down their failure?
  • Our option specifically addresses and removes those sluggish, binding from friction and tar-like residue - negatives. 
  • Stopping their growing intensity causing years sooner demise and failure. 

So, your auto and repair option treats those about-to-fail parts so they operate as if much newer, clean and freely operating, and coated with co-polymers in the treatment to fill up their worn spaces.

  • You will notice from this option an instant power and performance improvement; already at work in thousands of older worn out, and in need of repair cars and trucks so treated. 
  • And some I torn down for inspection and repair years later, that were clean and every part freely operating - showing our additive options did as advertised. 
  • And from customer testimonials saying they felt that is what worked to end their engine and gear problem their cars and diesels had.
  • And there is this advantage: the engine transmission will run a noticeable better due to the chemical re-conditioning. Better is what  you're after for longer life.
  • And repair bills are lower as the failed parts will be easier to identify for replacement, so no need to replace those seemingly good ones that usually are replaced - cutting in half the repair bill. Right now, though...

Your option is guaranteed to end the problem because 95 out of 100 times no parts have failed!

By this option choice, you are chemically removing negatives from what years of driving the cause, too!

Us mechanics  don't clean up,  we just chunk all related parts and add new ones - who cares - you pay the bill unknowingly. And with replacing -  every other part; seal, gasket, sensor gain the same like-new-again advantage from such at $2500 to $5000 expense..

The WOW factor from our auto-tune-up-and-repair optio:

Your using our option to end your car engine transmission  binding, wear, residue performance trouble will have your car or rig also run "tuned up" as if new-er by removing its binding, wear, residue performance trouble.

Do you want that feel from your repair?

That is a WOW factor just replacing such parts can't provide! Only what we show you to do and install!

Seems impossible!  And, our method guarantees the like-new return-feel zip, performance and dependability as long as you want! Yes...

Tens of thousands have already followed this  guaranteed to work, fix ~ option.