Why Part Store Additives Don't Work! Those that do! Best engine additive for older engines. 

What about part store additives? 

       Why Additives that Thicken Oil don't Help!

    Part store additives sold for older engines have a molasses, honey-like nature to fill worn spaces.

     Since worn motors are already coated with some sludge, or have oil passage ways partially blocked by sludge, such thick additives may be harmful to many motors. However...

New products do whats needed  for older engine problems

  However, engine treatments we favor, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment contain no thick or sticky ingredients. Their value is due to a thin chemical made of conditioners that removes older, even worn engine conditions, thereby ending sluggishness.  Yes! They can be added to good engines as an upgrade engine protective aid.

    Such older engine treatments can add many more good years to an older motors life!

     Improvement results from removal of sludge that binds movement and saps horsepower development. Ending horsepower loss, and conditioning worn rough surfaces back to smooth, adding a fill protective coating to worn spaces, ending horsepower lost.

   Benefits reduce or end problems like blowby compression loss, oil burning, sticky valve and lifter tapping problems, producing a revitalizing power older worn engines lost.  Have a question about your engine?

Worn Motor Treatment Contact Info: If on a smartphone, have a question, want to order this product....      Call me at 512 665 3388...george ...Online ordering below.

     Why the best treatment for worn engines owners

     Tens of thousands who tried my engine treatment - I'm not the inventor, but a mechanic always putting together combinations of additives to test for better results - now push engine, and even  transmission troubles off into the feature with it. 

  •  How it works to revitalized older engines - even giant diesel worn motors - struggling to work!
  • You add what I show you to fuel and oil, and drive. A week later change out oil for new and add what i show you.
  • By this product combination of additive working both top and bottom of your motoroil burning, tapping, and  power loss problems just disappear. 
  • Such problems  once costly to correct are ended for a fraction of overhaul expense.

    Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment - now on sale, is helping car and diesel owners reduce wear problems to a livable presence.

    That is my secret! Some love it - others prefer to buy new vehicles instead.  Of course, if a part is actually broken - it needs replaced! This can't fix that problem. Is it for you?

   Try it! if you don't think its better than anything else offered - I'll refund your purchase price! 

Not a part store additives - 

Order the Worn Motor Treatment shown above.
Includes 6 items needed and  shown. Simple pour-in and drive instructions. Guarantee. My personal help by phone. Shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx. Just $150 total.

Not a part store additives - 

Not a part store additives - 

Want just the Worn Motor Treatments - Tech Side, Install Directions,  Easy 2 steps do, ordering info:

  • All Mega Power Treatment have a pre-cleaner installed first. Then conditioners mentioned to finish the job described.  
  • Each conditioner frees and cleans, heals and friction-modify's, then adds a slippery coating - after cleaning sticky pistons rings, valves, bearings, gears, sensors, and such. the cars prime trouble-causing conditions.
  • Dirty, wear-roughen conditions cause your motor and vehicle to seem worn out when its just needs a little loving with Mega Power.  
  • Mega Power smooths wear and friction roughen surfaces removing and a big power sapping condition that makes you feel the motor is worn out when its not.
  • Mega Power then adds a co-polymer coating to fill worn space that allow oil to escape and burn. Stopping the need for repair. 
  • Mega Is your best and cheapest investment and way to extend the dependability of your motor [and transmission].

Avoid sticky gooey part store additives. Why buy old fashion part-store, and quick-lube thick type products that add a sticky film to your oil, and do not nothing to clean and free and coat your engine parts. 

Guarantee. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment results are so good and with so few complaints about its ability to stop worn motor oil burning, stop leaks, stop engine valve tapping, and stop exhaust smoking - we offer a money back guarantee - if it does not do as advertised.

Please note: 2 refunds ask for last 267 days.

    Buy two worn motor treatments - Save. One set for  engine, but order 2 sets and protect both cars. Includes 12 items shown. Simple pour-in and drive instructions. Guarantee. My personal help by phone. Shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx. Just $140 total, Save $40

End:  Not a part store additives -