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Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment Service Cleaner For The Enginens Fuel Air Emission System Servicing

3 part fisc sludgeMega Power "FISC" Product. A versatile Fuel Injector cleaner[FI], and air intake/combustion/valve/lifter/PCV/emission system cleaner [emission system [S] cleaner [C].

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One of the world's most unique tune up aids and engine problem solver. Favored for its ability to also increase horsepower by removing negatives like carbon, residues, and raw friction, which  uses horsepower to overcome them and thereby takes horsepower away from the wheels. Mega Power FISC Servicing in any size engine releases that horsepower wear and tear negatives absorbs, and sends them to the wheels. A up to 20% horsepower gain results the car owner finds impressive.

Mega Power "FISC" Product. A versatile Engine Revitalizer from Mega Power Additives. Combo Fuel Injector Cleaner[FI], and air intake/combustion/valve/lifter/PCV Emission "S"ystem [S] Cleaner [C]. Required yearly cleaning service product. Part One of Two of the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment service item. Comes with install tips and directions, phone tech help. Price includes shipping. $49.00. Click this cart button to order one to 11 kits. 

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For fleet, dealer service department, auto repair shops servicing, emission smog testers quantities.  Suggested labor charge "one hour." Retail $49.00.  - Buy 12 sets now,  36 items, 3 to a ki,t each $29. Includes shipping - total. $348. FedEx 3 days to your door. Free installer with this order while supplies last. A $125, value.

Customer ordering instructions for Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment

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