Directions: oil change for sludge removal. Steps to recovery.

     Directions here included for engine sludge removal with each item purchased, and free techy help to walk you through to a great result!   

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Best Oil Change for Sludge removal.

Directions : A 2 step method: 

  1. Step one: Install 2 of the 3 items in the gas and oil as shown and drive for a week  Let them do cleaning bottom to top of motor areas.
  2. Step two: A week later, you do an oil change using items marked 3 just 10 minutes before you change oil. This liquefies sludge to drain out with the dirty oil.
  3. This assure healing of damages surfaces and to add protective conditioners. You will notice an improvement with each step and as you drive, more cleaning takes place as your drive. Repeat ion 3000 miles. This avoid overhaul expense  
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Other product come with their own instruction.

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