The King of Engine Fixers.
A service to end your engine problem - Guaranteed Easy and Cheap.

   The Mega Power Engine Treatment.

   The Firsts, top-to-bottom engine sludge, carbon and friction removing product -  making it the KING OF ENGINE ADDITIVES. The install recipe is professional, but made easy for everyone to end their engine problems with. The Mega Power Engine Treatment. This KING RULES, not problems, when in your engine. Read to see how to have this King Ruling your engine domain. Not its negatives.

   Our auto tune up and repair options conditioners removes sludge to maintain the new-like cleanliness factor for longest trouble-free life . They may end or prevent future problems. This site offers option the premium option, - explained and detailed for auto repair shops and individuals. 

Investing in such care every 2 years  our ways exceeds the problem-causing manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Most mechanics are able to give you advice on what you should have done and when - as they see the results off what products and services do or don't do. Read a few pages to see how to.

Mega Power's Bumper-to-Bumper Service Products will have your vehicles running great in minutes! Ends engine trans mission head gasket tapping oil burning tough-shift  many other troubles doing so. Making Mega Power The KING of Automotive Problem Solvers.

Because our service provides clean out and anti-wear conditioning, it is more than an oil additive or engine rinse.

It's an internal wear and mechanical problem ender. Made possible by MC+ [metal conditioning and anti-wear chemistry]. After the fist mile, you will better Mega Power's approach to car care and wear problem solving as your every 2 years. 

For Professional use only. But easy to learn.  More...

Not just for mechanics. 

A Simplyfied Way To End Your Vehicle Problems Yourself. A better life from it. 

Car care you can count on>>>

   No one likes car trouble. For engine, transmission radiator, steering and a/c operating or mechanical prooblems, Mega Power Brand Additives - and me explaining, offer you a simplied way to end any bumper-to-bumper problem -  

   Say Goodbye to costly, but avoidable vehicle and equipment troubles with Mega Power's NOW SIMPLFIED, bumper-to-bumper Problem Solver Treatments. I'll walk you through the steps;They are easy.

   Enjoy a better life with this One Leading Web Source to end, and prevent car operating troubles with additives.

   Sent to your door in 3 days with directions, free phone help if needed, an our auto tune up and repair avoiding Guarantee of Satisfaction.

   A better life Possible because... 

   Possible now, with our treatment you can easily use to remove your problem cause chemically with the brand that does so - Mega Power Additives. They will remove the problem cause of binding, sludge, friction. Healing the damage. The cheapest fastest and best way to ending most any problem they cause. And right before your eyes.

   The menu button and this page shows your solution. What they are. Making a better life for you. That's your real goal, isn't it? Sure!

   Imagine the good and the savings possible.. No looking for shop to fix your problem. Avoiding the expense and week of repair to replace troublesome parts.

   So powerful, there is not an upseting automotive internal problem it can't end!

   Nothing to take apart - just add them to the fluids as shown - and drive.

   Not like ordinary additives that treat the fuel or oil.

    These go where they can't-  to reverse the problem cause ending problem.

    Isn't that - Better- To Return your life to normal. 

    No wonder its the choice of car buffs, equipment owners, tune and repair shops, and individual car owners who like to solve their own car problems  - who install them in good vehicles for its doubling  of the remaining vehicle life.

    Use the menu to for your auto tuneup and repair avoiding treatment.

Learn more...

This simplified treatment explained on the page your problem is covered on.

And Mega Power invented them!  The "Car and Diesel bumper-to-bumper wear and tear, and problem solver all your vehicles will ever need!

Stop worrying about your car. Start avoiding a costly problem

   No matter; even mechanical problems quickly and economincally. How so...

   This is from their exclusive set of ingredients nicknamed MC+ by Mega Power.

Did you Know...  It's this simple?

   You have the POWER to undue a cars internal wear or mechanical problem -

  • Rarely is a car problem due to an internal part breaking
  • Todays cars and equipment just never have a part failure - unless you ignored its signs of toruble. 
  • - just dirty, gummed up, and binding with friction as their problem...
  • Mega Power invented the way to reverse the problem with chemical problem solvers
  • They end vehicle problems when nothing else can!

    ... We have been embolden to say so - as customers report that result!

Drive your car with confidence. We’ve got you covered.

    You would have nothing to lose but your problem by Mega Power Product usage.

     But, that's not all the value you receive.

Extending your car’s lifespan in the process.

     After me, and others, who have taken Mega Power Treated engines to check on their innards, the origianal machining marks are often still there - not worn away as is common. The tooling leaves a grove - those markings. Still there.

     It's been the winning secret to endurance for many race vehicle owners for 50 years.  One race equals 20 year driving. Having engines, gears, and cooling system operating trouble free consistently - with fewer replcement parts needed, provides the edge to more wins as a result, its benefit.


What is our proposal?

    90 day full refund, if any of the 6 bumper to bumper care and problem solving solutions do not end and keep away any wear and tear, mechanical, or performance upsetting problem. 

    Of course, if a part is actually is broken, it needs replaced. Refunds given if so, and you decide it has no other value. However...

    Our auto tune up and repair avoiding option fixes what can be fixed, but exposes the faulty part- a problem in 1 in 99 vehicles. 

    Conditioning each part makes the bad part stand out. Saving, avoiding the cost to replace all parts. It then makes those parts not replaced last as long as the new parts. Our auto tune up and repair option is often selected for that purpose. And for its full horsepower recovery value - new parts can't return. Method of fix...

 Usage is easy.

    Uses a simple 2 step method to end operationg and mechanical problem. It slams the brakes on their cause to end the problem. Its repair need.

     It is the secret us car buffs, classic car owners, engine rebuilders, race team owners, shade tree mechanic's, top mechanic's, top repair shops, equipment owners, even car manufacturers, and just plain men and women have used to end our carsproblems - not leave it to luck. Not have to replace vehicles years too soon. Have vehicles that always run new years longer than the average. 

  If that is the knowledge you want to gain..

Over the years there has been two arguments over the way to fix a vehicle's - running, performance, leak, mechanical, wear and tear, and worn out troubles.

  1.    Traditionally, you replace the bad parts. 
  2.    The other way has been, using Mega Power additives.


   Replacing your cars internal parts ends the problem. But is costly.

   The Point, never is there a busted part.

   Just parts that seem that way. Think about those points.

   Find what to try using the menus buttons on every page.

If sick, your Doctor uses medicines to heal, to avoid your costly surgery.

   Even your insurance goes the meds route first because, it fixes 99% of our ills.

   I can assure you its the same with your cars mechanical problem.

   How many times have you fixed a electric motor, hinge, or item with a drop of oil.

Using Mega Power additives is your cars less costly solution in the same way

   Like in real life, medicine works 99% of the time.

   And knowing the meds for cars I'll show you to use works 99% of the time.. 

   You have that here in a recipe format.

To get sarted do the following.

   The Left Menu Buttons takes you to them. Scan for your fix...

   Call me if its to much for that solutution/

 Why additives work:

   They work because, its not a broken or failed part needing help.

   Just friction and sludge drag, binding, upsetting that component. 

   Want to know more - Read on.

Deciding if your problem quailifies.

   Research shows, and I know as a fact as a mechanic, rarely do internal parts fail. They become wear roughen, friction loaded, and choked down with tar-like goo. That causes over 400 problems cars have.  Us mechanics yank them out, give the unit a cleaning, put new parts in and collect out doug - to repeat the same on the next car.

Our menu leads the way to your solution.