Engine tapping? Oh no! what do I do Now?
5 questions people ask about engine noise.

Engine Tapping. A solution I found to end my tapping problem myself.

Engine tapping. Contact Info :

5 questions people ask about engine noise - and their solutions.

Review of 5 questions to end engine tap. Solutions cover tapping: at start up, at idle, all the time.

Talk to a mechanic. On a smartphone, ask a question. Order products by phone to end this problem... Call me... george 512 665 3388.

5 questions people ask about engine noise.George Christ. Automotive Tech Trainer, answer 5 questions people ask about engine noise.

   Engine tapping. 5 questions people ask about engine noise - and their solutions.

Review, help, tips on products to end tap at start up, at idle, at road speed. 5 questions people ask about engine tapping- 

5 questions people ask about engine tapping- 

  1.  Why my engine valve noise when hot?                   Engine oil, when excessively hot weaken the oil - which then losses its push and lube features and cannot keep engine valves and lifters - the cause of the noise, working properly. Tapping results. Likely cause: Internal temperatures weaken oil and weakens its ability to keep engine parts quiet when residues inside the motor and cooling system block high engine heat transfer out of the motor and and radiator cooling systems.

   2-  What does a bad engine valve sound like?

engine knocking noise when hot

engine ticking sound when hot

what does it mean when your valves are rattling

After you install Mega Power 3 step engine tapping treatment items as explained below, into your gas and motor oil; the install is easy to do, and then drive your car as usual, to end your tapping.

Its that easy! You save your engine, tons of credit card repair debt, end its worry. Have a revitalized, quiet running car again! No more engine tapping!

The ingredients are some-what amazing in the way they work -

  • From top of your motor, to your motor-oil-delivery system, 
  • They crawl, to clean your motor's fuel combustion area valves, 
  • Ending that combustion residue source that caused tapping. 
  • While Mega Power's cleaning ingredients in your oil goes where oil can't seem to, 
  • To remove dirty, sticky, valve stems  - stopping that oil side source of your tap. 
  • And gets oil flow to flow past blockages to pump up the lifter adjuster.
  • That closes its gap, and ending your engine tapping from that source.
  • Avoiding a $200 to $5000 engine repair to replace those dirty tap causing parts.
  • Does so for $250 if you find a mechanic that sells Mega Power.
  • Buy, an install it for about $100 below, it you feel inclined to do so. It easy to install.

Here's a great motor noise tap ending secret most mechanics don't want you to know, if they know it... It's this...

You can chemically stop your engine noise - a tap tap tapping sound, with this product for as little as for $100 if you do the easy install. For about $250 - if a mechanic is found selling and installing it.

This beats, by a fraction of that $3,500 repair expense most mechanics want to charge you, to end your noisy engine valve by new part replacement. Where do you stand on this choice, anyway?

Why continue to let your motor beat itself to death when Mega Power will end its noisy engine valve tap and restore it quiets strong performance, for years to come. Waiting could cost you $1500 instead of $100.

Ordering Mega Power Noisy Engine Valve Treatment Info and guarantee

One Mega Power Valve Treatment Includes 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if wanted. Satisfaction Guarantee with no time limit! Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.

Includes 6 items shown. Easy-to follow directions. Even Free phone help if needed. Guarantee. shipped to your door in 3 days. Just $85, plus $15 s&h= $90 total. 

Order 2 Treatments protect both your cars, save $40. 12 items. $135+ $15s&h=$150 total. Not $190. Save $40. Subject to an advertised price increase, soon. Order Now!

Order a Mega Power Treatment for your cars transmission $75, and engine valves. $90.  9 items. Easy to install. Directions and guarantee. Just $135. save $30

Ingredients in Mega Power work with heat.

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Engine tapping review, help, tips on products to end tap at start up, at idle, at road speed.