Newest engine restore treatment  from Mega Power offers both gas and diesel motor conditioning, reduced oil, burning, ends blowby with advantages for years longer life.
Avoids repair need up to 2 years.

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This engine restore review is meant to be mis-leading. No!

    Today's Hi-tech cars and equipment get touchy when friction and sticky parts show up. Friction and sticky parts are part of the wear-out process that causes performance problems like oil burning, valve tap, rough idle, stalling, high emissions, and a loss of power - all of which Mega Power high mileage problem solver will end.

High mileage problem, motor, high mileage remedy

Otherwise, friction and crud slowly grinds your cars and equipment to a stop.

    By reducing excessive friction, and using a new breed of cleaners, conditioners, and protectors, a product called Mega Power has rejuvenated thousands of older, high mileage cars and equipment.

Engine restore ordering details and specials

    Mega Power high-mileage-problem treatment does so with older, worn cars - like medicine helps people end illness, and helps restore health in people. Order now! Get on with life being happier you found Mega Power!

    Ordering details

    One Mega Power High Mileage Treatment as shown. includes 6 items, easy-to-install directions. Shipped to your door by FedEx. With guarantee. Just $75 plus $15s&h= $90 total.

    Consider the facts about high mileage problem cars and additives for them.

When friction

    And sticky residues hamper the operation of your motors pistons, bearings, valves, lifers, and gears, the cars computer goes wacky.

    It can shift poorly, lose power, internal parts start banging around. Engine stalling, overheating, burning oil, even leaks and tapping occur as a result.

Mega Power Engine Restore Treatment

    Mega Power specializes in products to undue these and other wear problems. They are really the mechanic in a can - if installed before the breaking point of wear occurs.

    When I mentioned I bought poor performing cars and trucks. Then added additives to them to end their problem. Then resell them.

    I'm talking about Mega Power. They are meant to perform the "fix" the previous owner did not know was available, or maybe, thought it was time for a newer car - and sold it as is, to get on with life.

    People who road test the worthiness of the cars I "repair with Mega Power" can tell such cars are still worthy of a lot more service and years of dependability. They usually pay top dollar after Mega Power is installed.

Mega Power performs this engine restore transformation on any car or truck. Even Worn, and hi mileage ones!

Mega Power performs this transformation to any car or truck.

    Mega Power can be added to 5 of every cars power train components - to reduce friction, release power friction absorbs, as friction grows in all five components.

    Mega Power Brand have a proven product, called treatments, that work to reduce friction and different kinds of residue problems, in ach component. The more places you add Mega Power, the more places you slam the breaks on friction, reduce friction, and recover the 10 to 20% horsepower friction took.

Try these links and pages for details that may help end your car problem. You can order the products listed for your problem there.

Those pages list the Mega Power Additives for them.

    The buttons on the left are another way for you to look for a remedy for your cars problem. They contain what works for me, and what I teach mechanics to use.

    These additives from Mega Power, are what customers want to stop what's running their cars and trucks into the ground.

Mega Power covers a number of different high mileage problems.

    Mega Power helps start instantly, run smooth, shift smooth. End tap, smoke, rough shift, rough idle in minutes. Ordering details

    One Mega Power High Mileage Treatment as shown. includes 6 items, easy-to-install directions. Shipped to your door by FedEx. With guarantee. Just $75 plus $15s&h= $90 total.

    These Car-lot-additives save money, help turn more cars each month - its our secret.

Try Mega Power for your car problem. Its the best form of car maintenance you can give a car.