Diesel Engine Oil Burning Remedy A Solution Giving Engines Oil Control

Check out this diesel engine oil burning remedy from Mega Power to help you skip overhaul as its solution.A diesel engine oil burning alternative from Mega Power may help you skip overhaul as the solution.

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The engine blowby problem Remedy

Using  the Mega Power Diesel Remedy Blowby Service Treatment Products are labeled to use, some just before, and when changing out old fluids with new fluid.

     This rids the engine of the troublesome residues and friction caused blowby problems. and will give a quick tune up  result.

     This service and driving then ends most any residue wear, mechanical problem - amazingly. And that feature can save you tons of money. So can  mega Power crossover applications that end other engine, fuel, gear shift, and High Mileage problems.

    Off course, its its actually broken, repair then treat as shown.

     Additives for diesel blowby remedy.

     My story on additives.

     Some go for overhaul and get on with life - others look for additives to control their problem. Additives can be the cure. 

  • On my own trucks and cars I use Mega Power Brand Additives to tune and end minor problems. 
  • Their Diesel Blowby Remedy Always works! It is not a $5000 overhaul for a few hundred dollars, but it can suppresses the problem and keep your engine problem minimal.  

  • It can give your trucks and equipment a few more years trouble free usage and avoid its costly replacement or overhaul. 

     Jerry Clark Trucking:

     Jerry Clark runs a fleet of vehicles as signal trucks blinking ahead and behind those oversize trucks across America. He also bids long haul shipping from Sebring Ohio. His equipment takes a beating on the road every day. 

     With a million miles on some of his rigs - internal problems of all kinds can suddenly ruin a profitable run and month of income.

     Jerry says: I can't believe your Mega Power Diesel Blowby Remedy has done what you said it could.

     Since my test of your product over the last year, my older diesel and gas trucks and equipment are now running the same route up and down roads with way less oil burning, black  exhaust, and blowby would - that before the product, could barely keep going.

     Your phone advice on various products have continue to keep my small fleet problems solved and away, keeping me in the "black" and I know of no other product  - I tried most of them,  that can match their promise to do so.... Thanks for a great tune and repair vehicle problem solvers and personal help! ....Jerry Clark


     Additives I don't like.

     Don't try sticky, honey-like ingredients that goo up the engine like Lucas and other additives sold as a diesel blowby remedy....! 

-- why goo up an already gooed up engine causing your diesel blowby? Instead....

    While a $5000 to $10,000 new engine is the ideal solution, There are other methods. Remove the cause.

    Clean and free sticking piston rings.

    Do this! --Clean and free the causes - Sticky piston rings -- that are stuck and no longer block combustion from slipping pass your diesels pistons.

    The method car buffs and smart diesel owners use as their diesel blowby remedy.

     They use a special 3 part treatment and drive to end blowby.

More... Diesel Engine Oil Burning Remedy

     Driving with the treatment in the fuel and motor oil has the specific purpose to remove years of sticky accumulations that are holding the pistons rings stuck tight causing blowby.

     Select only products with these 3 engine piston ring cleaners and engine conditions:

  1. Select only those that can reach, clean, and free the top piston ring during combustion and compression. This allows the top piston ring to again expand - Like our Mega Power Diesel Fuel Treatment with its carbon remover.  Cleans the injectors, intake manifold and combustion areas of sticky, black blowby causing residues. Stops blowby as motor power force the product into the tops piston ring groves to free and clean the top piston rings. Other benefits?  Instantly stops black exhaust smoke as cleaning occurs. Also needed...
  2. Add a piston ring groove and piston oiling hole cleaner to your oil. This will open oil flow to the piston rings. Cleaning works from the under side of the piston. Driving - forces this type cleaner to free up the lower 2 piston rings - blocking blowby's escape completely again. Select any product like our Mega Power Diesel Oil Side Residue Removing Treatment to do so. [Shown Above]
  3. To complete the diesel blowby remedy. After an oil change, be sure you add an oil piston ring protector that keeps residues from sticking. Be sure it contains anti-wear and friction reduction additives - like in our 3rd Mega Power Diesel Blowby Ingredient Remedy. Ours contain MC+ conditioners  - helping the motor to run smoother, quieter and stronger- Keeping it blowby free. Up and down the road good as if new.

    The  car buffs, 3 diesel blowby remedy  ingredients from Mega Power  work instantly to  block the engines 3 blowby escape areas. 

    They restore the motors constant cleaning, freeing combustion sealing ability. This controls and limits combustion escape - called blowby.

    This is needed to have piston rings seal compression escape between piston, cylinder space openings  -- now missing. This action seals off the combustion and limits its blow-by. Got that?  Your budget, your peace of mind, and engine needs this treatment. Order it before you have to spend much more.

Ordering info 

   If you want to stop your rigs blowby problem for good, order this treatment and use it each 12,000 mile oil change.

   Usage also stops oil burning and black and blue exhaust smoke. Keeps the oil cleaner. Avoids or puts off a costly overhaul for years. 

   Treating the engine with these 3 items - the treatment, blocks the 3 avenues of compression escape. Ending blowby problems as long as the product is in use.

   I keep all my older engines going strong with this Mega Power Brand Blowby Treatment. Its simple to use, works fast, a lot cheaper than a $5000 engine replacement. 

 - see picture.


Diesel Blowby Remedy. 3 ways to stop it. Much or little. Which is best, explained here?

Diesel blowby remedy. Contact info: On a smartphone, need help, to ask a question, order items listed, call me...george at 512 665 3388

Here's a picture of blowby - the arrows. Overhaul is a good fix for blowby at around $3000+. Better is a new engine at $6000+. Additives are cheaper. But what works? What's harmful?  See comment below about blowby origin, and its control.

For today's older engines its a big confusing issue to know what to additive to buy for them. What if the product made your engine worst!  Some products will!

Here's why I settled to using the Mega Power Blowby Engine Treatment.

It reduces Blowby. It refers to escapes combustion. 

All engines have blowby! It the number one fault of diesel and gas engines. 

Blowby is a term indicating an engine has too much. You can see it! You motor can't remove it all by sending back up for  re-burn.  So it sludge's up your engine oil and parts.

Too much blowby means the piston rings - and valves are sticky, lazy, and can't move outward enough to block, or seal, and keep just a minimal amount of combustion escaping.

To me, I'm a mechanic, it seems there ought to be a way to clean and free sticky rings and valves. Years of usage say its the Mega Power brand.

 You want a product just for cleaning and freeing those dirty 24 to 48 piston rings and 8 to 24 dirty valves.  That's what Mega Power does to control blowby and return normalcy to your older engine.

No one else makes that claim!

That's what Mega Power cleans up, frees, to stop blowby.

Adding a gooey, thick, sticky additive to the oil just creates more of the sticky, gooey stuff already causing your blowby trouble. Sticky does not seem good to me!

Mega Power consist of no gooey items. They make a treatment with 4 cleaners and 2 conditioners found to limit blowby.

Now, you know the cause, and what kind of additive not to use. 

Directions are made simple for the complex blowby ending task.

2 steps are performed. Step 1 by adding items 1, 2 and 3 to the fuel and oil. Then drive for a week and change  the oil.

Step 2. Add item 4 to motor oil. Run motor for 10 minutes. Change oil and replace 1 gallon oil with item 5. Driving problem improves between oil changes.  Its that easy!

My tips, products and directions to control blowby may be your best method because,

        its not as costly,

        gives you control to limit it.

        Keeps a bundle of cash in your pocket.

        No vehicle downtime for a month.

Cons: Won't stop blowby caused by a busted piston ring. No by burnt seals on air flow tubes of a compressor or supercharger.

       Won't work if cylinder seals are eroded away.

How do you know? You don't!

With a 90 out of 100 engines you have success. Mega Power offers a refund if no improvement is noticed. 

Which do you want as your answer.  Do you want to spend $5000. Or first try a $450 Mega Power test see? I'm trying the additive. You should too! Order Mega Power Here! 

Diesel Engine Blowby Additive from Mega Power. Non-gooey. Has 6 ways to stop the 3 sources of blowby. Not one, like all other additives. Just $381.

Click to Order Diesel Blowby Renmedy.

2- Plug Up the problem: Diesel Blowby Remedy Solution 

  1. Just as stop problem new medicines are avoiding surgery and its expense, so to ...New automotive additives from Mega Power are doing the same for motor vehicle owners, avoiding overhaul and keeping their rigs operating at lower per mile cost. 
  2. Mega Power's Engine Tune up offers a way to corral blowby by plugging it up!
  3. Gives you relief of the problem - just keep it handy for when needed on down the road in time.

Sticking piston rings caused by dirty fuel injectors causes blow-by.

  1. Mega Power cleans the fuel injectors on the way to cleaning dirty sticking piston rings - ending blow-by. Few products can clean injectors as good as Mega Power can! Cleaning returns their fuel fogging and clean burning features - eliminating a fuel rich, wet burn and its carbon and residue sticky piston ring causes.  Within minutes black exhaust stops flowing out the exhaust and blow-by lowers showing the cleaning power is working.

  2. Mega Power Cleaners crawl into the piston ring area, freeing sticking piston rings. Mega Power returns piston ring expansion allowing them to again expand outward- returning their combustion blow-by blockage design again. 

  3. Mega Power's..other additives MC+, layers a slippery co-polymer on pistons and cylinder walls. Doing so fills wear gaps to also block diesel compression blowby. 

  4. Mega Power's Anti-Wear MC+ and adds a raw friction-reducing feature. This raw friction eliminating feature offers a smooth feature to roughen pistons, bearings, and shaft surfaces allowing a stronger running, hill climbing operation. Its appearance in newer, good diesels and cars prove to users its a valuable addition to all the vehicles longer life and continued like new performance even when old.gives wear roughen internal surfaces that slide upon each other a smooth anti-wear protection to improve power output and slams the brakes on wear out for years to come. 

  5. The better way of course, is a $6000 new engine. This is a get you by alternative. Is it for you?

      You now have a choice to stop engine combustion blow-by yourself in one treatment - and a way to avoid thousands of dollars overhaul expense for a fraction of that cost. 

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Just $399+$50 s&h. Now $381 total. Click to see Bonus.  Save $60.  Shipped to your door in 3 days, include 4 gallons needed, directions, phone help and guarantee.