Engine hell worry- How a mechanic makes devilish engines little angels from now on!

Its Engine hell worry time when your engine acts up! 

But, not anymore, thanks to a mechanic's secret potient he discovered that ends over 200 engine problems -so far.

This is how it is turning engine hell into a heavenly ride....

  1. 6 dirty engine sub-systems need cleaning to end your engines devilish ways. They are cleaned using 6 different cleaners.
  2. Since 3 of the worst trouble causing systems can only be reached from the fuel air side, these, he found should always be cleaned first! After trying Seafoam and Lucas and BG additives he found he just could not do all the cleaning the engine needed.
  3. When the right combination of cleaners needed was discovered, it took 3 cleaners, the motors suction climbed from a 15 inches of vacuum to 21 to 25 inches of vacuum. A new engine runs great because its condition creates 25 inches of vacuum.
  4. Further discovery found 3 cleaners called MC+ - conditioners. These were added to the motors oil after an oil change to removes 3 demons spreading terror in the bottom side of the engine. Acids, sludge, friction are the demons the entire treatment removes to turn such engine into strong admirable vehicles again. 
  5. Stopping over 200 wear and tear develist actions so far. 
  6. Amazed car and truck owners found their belief that a new engine [a $3000 to $5000 expense] was the remedy - no longer had such a need as the engine ran good as new.

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PSPS: Acids, Sludge, and Friction are the same demons lurking, ready to ruin your transmission,  radiator, and power steering components. The same treatment for your engine works to rid those devils in a  do It Yourself service product. They satisfy oil and fluid change requirements in those systems you also should invest in to service then to protect those components from giving you more hell down the road.