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The easiest way to find the additives your car or truck needs.



With so many products, I'll give you an easy way to find what you need - avoid harmful ones.

"Easiest way to get the additives your vehicles need!"

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 5 problems additives help or end.

  1. Rough idle, Lousy Fuel Economy
  2. Sludge Removal
  3. Oil Burning
  4. Valve and lifter Tapping
  5. Piston Blowby

Engine Additives Review

   Oil additives from Boost sell different engine additives - Pick out what you need - is their idea.

   On the other hand...

   Oil additives are better packaged like "medicines and vitamins for motor vehicles and machines" - says, Ed Justice. Justice Brothers Additives.

   He and his brothers Gus, and Zeke know what they are talking about. With top mechanics, and having their products in some of the world's top race cars.

   Ed's product line, JB Quality Additives follow that medicine, vitamin idea with labeling reasoning:

         Fix this, with that item labeling tag.

         Prevent this, with that labeling tag.

         However, their "professional nature" means you can only get them at a JB designated tune repair shops with the "JB Additives Sold Here" sign.

Other engine additive brands and services.

   And in some repair shops you see "BG Additives" Sold Here" sign. Also makers of additives for mechanics.

      George Christ: auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com goes one step further - to make it easier. 

      George offers that "End this, Prevent That" idea by packaging a complete treatment service for the "Do-It-Yourselfer."

ADD What's Needed YOURSELF

       George's reasoning is to make it easy for anyone to end their car truck problems. This is by simple install of items he shows you to install - and when and where to do so.

     And men and women, and mechanics all use them equally well!

     His reasoning is to cover "clean-up and conditioning" of all 6 engine systems as the best idea.

Those sold for internal engine care covering the problem and needs in the 6 engine systemsv- at one time! Click to find out more:

  1. Rough idle, Lousy Fuel Economy
  2. Sludge Removal
  3. Oil Burning
  4. Valve and lifter Tapping
  5. Piston Blowby

    As additive usage grows, and growing in popularity,many drivers are unaware of the benefits that can come to them and their vehicles by using an oil additive.

    Oil additives come in a wide variety of forms and specialties. Not to mention quality levels. 

  You will certainly be able to find one which meets your needs, such as the CleanBoost® EMT™ oil additive for multipurpose use.

But first, look over these links to find why you should even consider using an oil additive. 

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