Engine Valves Tapping?
This new, easy to install engine
treatment will end the tap when nothing else will, and get you down the road of life quietly, happy, with a smile that says you fix it yourself. And saved a bundle of cash doing so.

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How the method does so:

I guess, anyone who started his motor and heard it sound like some part came lose and it was hammering away with a tap tap tap beat was wondering if the car would make it down the street!

Motor valves tapping? The mechanic said it will cost $2000 to fix! However, many car and truck owners stop the tap with my method for under $250! Which price is better for you?

Most mechanic's tell car owners with tap problems they need to pay for a $2000 engine overhaul to replace dozens of $20 to $40 valve-parts, machine shop work, 3 or 4 days of hand cleaning and re-assembly - as your remedy.

That's good! New clean shinny parts and hand cleaning of all other parts is good! I've done lots of those engine repairs, and they work!

However, there is more than one way to skin a cat - they say.

I'm not sure  about skinning a cat. However....

There is a chemical way to stop your valve tapping - and do so for a couple hundred dollars or less - not $2000. Here, reviewed.

See if my way is logical, cheaper, and you can quiet the tap yourself, with the tips and products suggested.

A new product from Mega Power ends the noise fast - when nothing else will!

First of all, the cause of the tap is a serious engine wear-increasing factor. You probably assume it is, also. I'll show you exactly why it started and the way to end the tap, and heal any damage with Mega Power.

Mega Power is a developer of problem-solving products and this one will end your valve tap. What you will also like is in doing so, Mega Power adds a revitalizer to the motor to return a near, like new, restored quiet performance, besides! That is what you need! Right?

How your valve tap started and how Mega Power ends the tap.What you should know

    There are many kinds of valves in your engine, transmission, power steering, and even your radiator, and air conditioning system.

    Each time you change oil only the watery thin, dirty oil drains out...

    A sticky acidic engine film remains behind coating every part. Now, you would expect fresh good oil to remove that film - but it can't!

    Eventually, enough dirty motor, and transmission residues, for that matter, collects as a tar-like goo on every part to cause many problems and your tap.

    As your intake and exhaust valve stems slide up and down that sticky goo binds and slows their closing valve speed. When that happens...

    A space appears and then closes and a tap like a hammer blow sound occurs.

    In transmissions, the same goo on shift valves causes jerky or rough shifts, hang ups, and slippage. In Power steering - a whine or growl sound. In compressors, a hot running compressor and not as cool air flow. In radiators, less cooling efficiency.

    Mega Power Engine Valve Treatment ends your engine tap by its cleaning and conditioning ingredients - It takes 6 of them and I've made it easy to stop valve tapping with them. No other product has these ingredients.  See the video on this, below.

Mega Power Valve Treatment ends your engine valve tap when nothing else can!Mega Power Valve Treatment ends your engine valve tap when nothing else can! Looks complicated buts its not. Nothing to take apart. Driving stops the valve tap.

    Mega Power has a service product treatment to clean and free all the valves - during a fluid replacement. The Treatment exceeds the 100,000 mile service all car makers suggest you do after the car makers warranty ends.


    Mega Power is installed by addition to the gas tank, oil, and air intake in Step One. Step Two a week later is installed during an oil change. Because Mega Power is thinner than oil it can reach troubled valve sticking areas oil, even synthetic oil cannot. The fix works as you drive.

    As the product chemically cleans each engine part and valve, Mega Power conditions and smooths, heal, and then adds a protective over worn areas - that is the secret to its restorative and valve tap quieting secret. See video.

    For this reason Mega Power is added to brand new engines and transmission to prevent such problems - and provide longer life.

    The more places you install Mega Power, the more places you are providing extra years of dependable life to. That is my conclusion and that of many thousands of motorist who love and add Mega Power to all mechanical things they own.Those are the advantages all your cars and their motors and transmissions an other components need - and now you know what will do so. Order Mega Power for this and other cars - Don't you agree they all need Mega Power!

Order this Mega Power Valve Cleaning Treatment today. Have a quiet and smooth motor tomorrow! Avoid a big repair hit to your budget, too

    Includes 6 items needed. Just $135 plus $15 s&h; total $150

    Includes easy-to-follow directions, Guarantee. Includes phone help if needed during installation, a $25 value. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days.

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