Why is my engine burning oil?

I found, not all solutions are that practical for ending burning oil problem.

The truth is that most people will not have an engine that is burning oil during the course of their lifetime, so this is not the kind of information that most of us need.

But, if you have found that your engine is consuming oil, and you have been told during an inspection that it is on its last legs, before you consider a costly repair, purchasing a new engine or new vehicle - Here's what practical you can do to get a few more years from your car or diesel. 

Common choices are in fact costlier than they should be.

Most people are confronted with those choices. Before I explain how I and thousands of others  end our engine burning oil and have an engine that purrs as if new. Consider these points against a repair or costly new vehicle, then compare it with what my solution will do to end the oil burning and help you avoid  the present outcome choices.

The truth is right now:

  • You are not only wasting a great deal of money on oil and lack of fuel efficiency. 
  • You may be speeding up failing of associated parts - one of those failures could change a crisis.
  • To the mechanic, and if trading your vehicle in... its smelly, smoky, noisy state gives evidence it has a serious problem.  And is worth many thousands less. Or thousands more for repair.
  • What you need is a lo-cost solution that ends all those problems you can manage.
  • Provide the means for a couple more good years from this, and all your vehicles.

For you to understand the value of what we suggest, that saves your engine, end its problem, and gives you a few more good years of service - the answers to the following need to be considered.

People ask:

    Why does my engine consume or burn oil when it didn't use to?

    Answer:  As your engine ages, wear gap growth, and dirty operating piston ring parts were not serviced properly,  and they cause seals to leak internally  - all making for their oil burning problem.

    Solutions people try that don't work.

  • Some add sticky thick additives like Lucas oil treatment to help wear gap growth, but their sticky nature soon adds to the problem after a while. 
  • Others follow tips to add heavier weight motor oil, and find it failing half way through the oil change cycle. o work as wanted.
  • No wonder its frustrating with such solutions and leaves you with only the costliest of solutions.
  • Improper annual servicing. 
  • City driving, and longer oil change intervals speed up the causes years sooner. 

  A burning oil control method to end the motors burning oil problem?

    Answer: Sure. Sticky gooey additives work some. The next heavier oil grade during oil change intervals works. What's really need is to reverse the conditions that allow the oil to escape - and that means returning internal parts back to their like new state.

Repair is one way. Additives that end the cause is another.

Turning internal burning oil negatives back to its oil controlling state.

Correcting the fuel injector cause. Over time, your engines high temperatures of 1000 degrees or more cooks the gas or diesel in the injectors - after you turn the motor off.

  • Over time a sticky film over the injector tip changes the injector fuel fogging action spray into a wetter spray. During its combustion the wet part of the fuel can't burn. It does turns into more sticky films coating combustion area parts. 
  • It also coats the engines 8 to 24 engine valve stems making and the pistons 12 to 36 pistons rings  - making their closing movement slower - allowing combustion to escape pass them, instead of pushing the piston down as they should. 
  • Wetter fuel also leaks pass sticky rings and valve parts more so pass the engine's pistons  pistons and - over 6000 miles of driving between oil changes, a gallon of gas and a hundred gallons of combustion mixes in the motors oil -creating engine sludge  with the help of combustion slipping pass the sticky valve s 

Several other problems are now occurring to cause loss of oil control.

specs given in the manual and shown on the oil filler cap are for new engine servicing, when lube spaces are small. They say, 0w-10, 5w-10, meaning their molecules are smaller and can get into those smaller, less worn spaces. However, over 5 to 10 years wear, and dirty oil controlling parts lose oil control.  time to cause the problem. I find, many use  20w 40 designation means it molecues make a thicker oil. They are less likely to be suck away - in the combustion process like the smaller 0w -5, or 5w-10 motor oil molecues are. required whrn the engine has less wear and smaller spaces.  is and sent out the exhaust as a pollutant.

Will heavier motor oil help?

 Sure: A good solution. It may not be time for a new motor. But a bit more than that mey be needed...

A heavier motor oil grade has the needed larger size molecue ingredient to keep engine parts seperated and moving effortlesstly. A larger size slows their escape and oil burning loss.

By the way, oil has a marble like shape. They roll to reduce touching and friction - and to provide a seal to prevent oil escape and burning. But friciton happens and roughens the metal and breaks the oil film, allowing it to draw into the combustion process. That is a feature to look for wheen selecting additives to end oil burning.

Oil aids and is needed to absorb heat as a coolant keeping surface rubbing hot spots cooler. Oil eventaally losses its ability to stay where it belongs. Other means can then be selected to help oil not burn.

   If you engine burns oil and requires more between oil changes, it OK when you change oil, to specify you want 20w 40 grade motor oil to slow engine burning oil problems? 

  Things you can do to stop engine oil burning.

  1. Buy a gallon of good motor oil to add between oil changes - which is half the price of single quarts. Select 20w 40 grade. Some brands list for oil burning engines. They may use less refined oil which is thicker, or they may add a gooey ingredient to make oil more sticky - as a solution. 
  2. Gallon prices are cheaper than quarts - and assuming you can add oil when its shows low oil on the dipstick. 
  3. Consider a primium oil additive treatment. New ones are extremely effective and friciton reducers make for fuel-efficientcy, which means that you will get a lower fuel bill and actually have a more comfortable and quieter running engine while controlling the oil oss problem - at the same time.

These are a few different reasons why people choose one method over all others to end engine burning oil problems, not least of which is because of being extremely effective, yet economical.

Mega Power provides an additive remedy to end burning oil engine problems; consider the best to do so.Mega Power provides an additive remedy to end burning oil engine problems; consider the best to do so.

Should You Consider An Engine Additive?

  1. Sure. The complaint against are many, but mostly due to their aggessive cleaning which also causes new problems - while not gaining on the problem.  So stay away from those additives.
  2. When cosidering an additive, consider what your engine needs after years of driving, and service those causes of oil burning - rather than just chosing an additive that thickens the oil to control burning oil problems. 
  3. That's because the problems starts years earlier with films of oilly tar like films begin  crawing around your engine from its smog system. Those tar like films cause the fuel delivery sprayers to spray droplets rather than the requiered misty spayed for clean burning. Also...
  4. Those droplets not only won't burn  - wasting your fuel by a couple miles every tank of fuel. They also add to the tarlike and carbon like deposits by burning "too rich," leaving behind residues. They bog down and makes less effective what stops your piston rings and valves from maintaining the motor's oil control. 
  5. There in its not a wear problem - just a heavily dirty operating state. The usual remedy is a costly $5000 engine ovehaul, new engine, or costly new vehicle. However...
  6. An additive "treatment" from Mega Power Additives address both problems - is found as a good mechanics tune up product, now with more potent cleaning features do end engine burning oil problems.  Mega Power Additives, 

More Tips for Burning oil solutions.

There are some auto repair shops who specialize in Mega Power Additives and not nescessarily always just a new engine remedy. They will be able to give you a good price on Mega Power's installation. Ask you mechanic to stock them for you. If do it yourself is not your thing.

While Mega Power Engine Treatment ends oil burning and many other engine problems. it is the ideal servicing products for tevery vehicle for the coming years. You will want Mega Power Engine and bumper to bumper servicing additives helping you add endurance while keeping future problems away, down the road. A product that adds endurance to the costly vehicles makes your life easier. 

Supplier of Mega Power Additives info: auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com

The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment ends all the engine causes of oil burning.The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment ends all the engine causes of oil burning.

For ending engine oil burning problems, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment,  specifically addresses cleaning and smoothing every engine part for zippy performnce return, but earmarks cleaning the burning oil problem dirty parts  - ending the burning oil problem in a week of driving. 

  1. Mega Power Cleans your engines fuel side, fuel injectors,  ring and valves causes.
  2. Mega Power Cleans every engine moving part.
  3. Smooth wear-roughen surfaces and coats them ending those causes.
  4. Mega Power Engine Treatment, with its conditioners is considered the best way, and an ideal economical solution  for car and diesel rigs owners to control engine burning oil problems. Even in the most worn engines. 
  5. PS: You may want to try Mega Power as your good engine problem service to clean good engines, but also as your engine burning oil solution, too. Its packaged as a "guided do it yourself service" that works quickly  - nothing to take apart remedy.

     These are a few different reasons why people choose one method over all others to end engine burng oil problems, not least of which is because of being extremely effective, yet economical.