Read why people praise this DIY  engine tick removing instant quieting revitalizer

Engine problems, when they appear can be both worrisome and costly to end. That's true when engine lifter tick noise is one of them.

But, it doesn't have to be. Engine lifter tick to new additive treatments that end the ticking or tap tap tap problem.

Lifter tick and tapping engine problems likely boil down to poor oil flow over the lifter rollers and the hydraulic wear space piston collapses from lack of oil.  Poor maintenance is a likely cause. Poor oil flow from sludge causes them to seize. Once poor oil flow and friction occurs, the lifter allows a space to occur. Contact on cam lobes on each rotation produces an audible engine ticking noise. Of course, valves won't open fully, so power declines. Metal on metal contact also results in friction and shavings of mental entering the engine oil. 

Repair can run $4000 easily.

Many cars owners have found the Mega Power Lifter and Valve Treatment Additives the quickest way to correct all 4 problems. While somewhat pricy, its the best way known to smooth and return strong quiet operation.

Online ordering below will have it at your door in a few days. The install is easy. Results ending the tick can occur in a little as 15 minutes. But sometimes in a few days of healing while driving. While not a good as $4000 worth of new parts, the $100 Mega Power tick treatment can provide you with years more good quiet engine operation.

Works on sticky transmission shift valves to end rough shifting. For engines it comes with a top and bottom engine tick ending 6 items.  For transmissions 3 of the items do the shift smoothing. 3 items in the treatment. Chances are that the transmission will soon act up if not serviced in the same way.

Order Both Kits. Its now a good time since its on your mind. Offers price of mind for many years. End think if they repair expense it can save you.