Race car winners share secrets car owners are using to avoid repairs

Race car winners share secrets car owners are using to avoid repairs.

A racing team’s “Secret Formulas” to victory

Save drivers $thousands in repairs ...Sent to your home in 3 days to do the same for you.

Dear Vehicle Owner,

… AND keeps their vehicles on the road for many years longer.

     Now, it’s easy to prevent the most common causes of breakdown - before they appear! Imagine a car which rarely needs repairs, and never lets you down. Just imagine the money you save and inconvenience you avoid. A distant fantasy? Not at all.

     My name is George Christ. I’ve been a mechanic for 60 years.


How Anti-Wear Problem-Ending Works.

      You will be surprised at how scientific this is.

      The Mega Power Additive Brand Anti-Wear MC+ ends operating problems in this way.

      Let's say, to end your engine valves tapping.

      There are 3 reasons for tapping and 3 ways to end them: 

       1- Carbon deposits in the combustion area keeps the valve head from closing. Carbon holds the valve a bit open and as the cam rotation slams its valve push rod against it - a hammer blow like contact tap sounds. Valves and fuel injectors both become dirty with 25,000 miles of driving. The Mega Power Additive Fuel System Cleaner and Combustion Area - 2 of the products in Mega Power 6 item Engine Treatment will chemically take apart the hard carbon glue holding the deposit debrie, left over from combustion. Within a few miles both injectors aand valves will be stripped of carbon... read more

       2- Valves tap when vanish-like tar binds their closing action. The cam parts will slamm against it making a hammer like tap. Valve stems covered with sludge will cause this problem. The easy remedy from Mega Power .... more here

       3- Valve lifters cause valve lifter tapping. More on it here

aou'll find you can quickly grasp and make use of it, there’s no doubt you’ll love it and use it for a long – I mean very long- time.

       You may have noticed every now and then a great product has its ability to solve our vehicle problems and a unique way of contributing its functions to make our our daily lives better. And there have always been some common qualities that good product possesses.

     That's what are offer you here. 

  1. Ends your engine transmission radiator steering and a/c problems - 
  2. Offer a secondary value to extend your vehicles life -  years beyound the average.

     That's what we offer here to help you. I call it your auto tune upmand repair option or alterntive.

           You will find, they work to end your automotive operating problems                   

to get your vehicle life back to normal in the easiest, best way.

     No matter car, diesel rig, tractor, dozer, farm tractor, RV, boat, motorcycle, even lawnmowers. No matter new to older and worn, any size, any brand.

     How do they work, You may wonder?

Our Hero's.

     Anti-wear MC+ and Problem-Solvers, about 20 prime ingredients are package 6 for the engine and 3 for the other components toend their problems.  

     Unlike the use of common sticky detergents, and thick gooey additives, [oils need no more detergents. Why pour sticky goo into engines already choking from gooey sludge ]?

How they fix cars.

  1. MC+ anti-wear is an ingredient that changes wer rough anf worn surfaces to smooth and friction free - one reason for ending their problems.
  2. Conditioners specific to the problem ending need. ie; stop leak for example. These are added to the fluid to mixin and unravel the problem. Then drained out.
  3. Flush : The old fluid and troubles flush out. Conditioners to smooth in rough worn surfaces go in. As surfaces are cleaned and smoothed,  they end hundreds of vehicle operating problems. Yours, too!

Bumprt to bumper protection :

Keeping your vehicles engines, transmisssions, radiator systems enemies surpressed.

     They use the vehicles enemies to advantage - thrust, rubbing friction, high temperatures, and extreme pressures - all engine and transmission killers, used by anti-wear and problem-solvers to advantage.

What happens after the fix.

     The problem goes away permanently.

     Also what results during a few miles driving is a chemical cleaning, smoothing, newlike shinyness. This state ends negatives causing vehicle problems. How do you know?

What people say results.

     Field reports. The motor problem fades away. A sudden quiet operation appears. The tires spin at take-off at green lites. Pulling into traffic is right on - no more lagging power.  Shifting is now velvety smooth. Leaks stop. Overheating ends. oil consumption ends. Valve tapping end. Blowby is controlled - not a problems.

The purpose of auto tune up and repair options.

    We are distrubtors. We educate and provide mechanics, repair shops, farmers, equipment owners the needed products to cut in half thousands in now avoidable expenses by using these additives as the fix...

What you can purchase here for your engine and component problem solving? 

     These  following auto tune up and repair options provide complex problem solving, yet need no skills nor nothing to take apart to do the fix. All in easy to follow, in a recipe format.

    This page acquaints you with its features and benefits.

    Answers questions.. about ending your automotive problem.

    Introduces you to a proven scientific, street proven solution.

    Offer what's needed to do so. Sent to your door ready to use.

] To help you find your auto tune up and repair avoiding option.

     1- Read this page. Bookmark it to find it again.

     2- Scan it with your eyes for your problem consideration,

     3- Click its links, read articles of interest about your problem.

     4- Menu appears: More detailed help is given in the menu.

     5- You can call me - I'm not a robot. I'm a mechanic -expert in this niche. 

     6- I'll help you from the right product choice. Even if you do the install yourself!


     7- To the install and happy conclusion,  from then now on. Which ever way you go.

     8- With the most experience support team in the industry.

        - top researchers, and thousands of repair shops support,

        - and my life's whole experience narrowed down to a...

        -  if you have this problem, if it acts like this. Add These to end the problem.

    That is what auto tune up and repair options is all about. Me ?

  Start the education in care care to

reduce tens of thousands of dollars expenses. Before failure ocurs.

    5 bumper to bumper servicing kits to help you. These are auto tune up and repair options you need.

    The anti-wear care vehicles deserve and needs for the next 100,000 miles starts with thesse 5 Mega Power Problem Ending Treatments. Why?

What customers say happen I guaranty will happen.

      Mike: “I can’t believe the products George sold me made my noisy  tapping, oil consuming old engine I thought was on its last mile, could run sweet, strong, quiet - and not use $20 oil between oil changes! It's been over a year and my old car still runs sweet and strong!” ...Mike 

     Greg : “The estimate price to rebuild my diesel engine to end its compression blowby was $6000. I ran across your $400 blowby fix on Google and ordered it. I can’t believe that in minutes the blowby fumes pouring out of the engine and black exhaust smoke just receded. I followed your tip to add some of the product to the gear boxes and rear end gears. I can’t believe the sudden return to a smooth shifting, and great running engine was possible from any additive - and I tried them all. For a fraction of what the repair shop said was needed, you fix my problem. Following your treatment directions is simple - for solving such a complex problem.” Greg.

    Susan: “ I found your engine sludge removing product online, and with no complaints. It’s sold with its guarantee - no other product has one! My sludge choked down engine has a full recovery. The performance is great and I really can't believe it. The new car dealer said, a new $5000 engine was the only fix. My car is not even worth that - and I didn’t want to go in debt for $25,000 for a new one. However, your $150 Mega Power Brand sludge remover engine revitalizer had it running good as new in a week!  I’m so happy - I'm glad I bet on your product making it so.” ,.. Suzy

     You should know that I have an additive treatment from Mega Power Additives available to end most any vehicle internal, automotive engine transmission radiator steering an a/c problem deep inside. No matter what, even one causing a serious operating problem.

The good the 6 kits has meant for car and equipment owners is …  a new option to consider. Is it worth it to install these additives as a possible lo-cost alternative, or go for the costly repair option?

If so, look for links to your problem and order the items listed.

    A word of warning.
      However,  millions of motorist and equipment owners spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily because they and their mechanic are not aware of this option. 

      Part stores - to make a quick buck, sell knock off products with huge markups that confuse the vehicle owner. Such part store and quick lubes products have proven harmful. Stay away from them.
      Don't go for magic powders, micro ceramics, gooey fluids either. What's needed aare the street proven treatment sold here: 

Benefits of Mega Power: 

More cost-effective: By investing in Mega Power's Worn Engine Treatment, you can enjoy its recovery and reduce your expenses you no longer have to endure costly and time-consuming car and equipment repairs. And keep ythose savings working for your business. With the latest advancements in automotive additive science helping you

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It doesn’t matter who you are:

No Risk Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident that our Mega Power Brand Treatments will meet and exceed your expectations for auto tune-up and repair. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply return the unused portion of the product, along with a copy of your receipt, within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price.

At Mega Power, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solutions to keep your vehicle working superbly. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We are here to help.

Take advantage of the peace of mind that comes with the Mega Power money-back guarantee. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself. "Click Here To Learn More!


Invest in Mega Power Auto Tune-Up and Repair Products to keep your vehicle in optimal performance. Our additives are a proven alternative to traditional repair solutions, removing the mystery of vehicle problems. Our 40-year background in additive research and extensive knowledge of every component's design and function guarantees to solve your oil burning, blowby, valve tap, loss of power, rough shift, overheating, and other issues.

Our treatments cover bumper-to-bumper problems caused by acid and heat, removing sludge and friction. With 6 treatments for servicing and problem-solving, our products provide the added value of cleaning and smoothing parts for a new-like operation. Our website lists over 400 problem-solving recipes and our tech hotline provides instant assistance.

Incorporating Mega Power into your inventory can increase your profits with a typical 100% markup for repair assistance and a 400% markup for problem-solving with a guarantee to apply the cost to repair if needed. Our treatments are increasingly used by repair shops and mechanics, and adding them to your invoices can attract more satisfied customers.

Rudy's Automotive, San Marcos, Tx has a 20-year history of growth using Mega Power Products and attests to their staying power and results. Our auto tune-up and repair product directions come with videos and personal phone walk-throughs for hassle-free installation.

In summary, Mega Power Auto Tune-Up and Repair Products offer complete, professional-quality service, with a guarantee to end vehicle problems and bring increased profits. Get started today to experience the benefits for yourself.  Click Here To Learn more