Focus Fiesta Transmission Additives

Mega Power Transmission Treatment for Ford Transmission Service. Ends Focus and Fiesta shift hang up stall problems.Mega Power Transmission Treatment for Ford Transmission Service. Ends Focus and Fiesta shift hang up, stall problems.

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Focus Fiesta Transmission Additives to stop residue, friction, stalling, causes of rough shift, hang up, clutch chatter from ATF Leakage on clutches. 

How this service product stops stalling, rough shift, hang up, ATF Leakage on clutches.

      When new, close fitting internal gears, shalfs, bearings and seals tend to rub and smooth themselves into a long-wearing sequence. 

      Certain kinds of driving speeds up this long wearing effect. However, certain types of driving does not! When not, raw friction at the contact points grind and trouble begins.

      This  touching of metal to metal raises the temperature of that friction point to metal melting degrees. Oil in contact to lube and cool will sludge. Of course, more friction means faster wearout.

       OIl in contact with those Hot Spots cooks and remains as a coating of tar around that contact point.  Acids easily form under such conditions.  They circulate to now cause more harm..

     When the motor is at rest, such as overnight, acid pitting can occur on smooth surfaces - making them rough. Now, that sets in motion an increase in friction.

    Between hot spots, tar-like coatings and an increase in pitting on internal parts, binding and sluggish action develops. Acid shrinks seals and they seap oil past them, Those are the primary causes of trouble that occurs to cause Focus and Fiesta Ford transmission problems.

What's needed?

What's needed is an ingredient to end such friction from acids and metal to metal contact.

        MC+ is a chemical surface healer that solves those problems. They change rough surfaces to smooth. It is a prime ingredient in the Mega Power  Transmission Treatment shown, and in Mega Powers engine and steering treatments.

     Acid and raw contact friction, and the binding they cause for problem-shifting and hangups end as the surfaces return to their intended smooth operating state.

       Mega Power special Cleaners and Conditioners remove dirty conditions returning a smooth shift to those affective parts where tar like residues are  problem source. 

      Mega Power Seal and Gasket Conditioner  - also included in all Mega Power Treatment returns an expended benefit to seals and gaskets, stopping that source of leaks, completing the total healing and return to smooth shifting.

My experience.

      This is the transmission treatment from Mega Power I installed for Ford Focus Fiesta and other Ford cars when customers ask me what I would do to stop their transmission problem - to avoid an expenses overhaul.

     Directions to install Mega Power:

       Install Procedure:

     I open and pour in the above yellow item cleaner into the transmission. #T1 yellow item above.

     Start motor and move gear shift selector into and out of each gear and park, several times. Let motor run several minutes, then repeat shifting sequences above.  Motor off. Drain out old fluid. 

     Follow suggested  Catch and measure old fluid so you can match the amount of new fluid addition. A slight overfill is OK if Mega Power T2 T3 are added by hand with the new fluid.

     To the new fluid I add the 2 remaining items - T2 and T3. Then install that fluid into the transmission. I try to overfill the full level.

    Driving will continue to remove friction and hang-ups as you drive.

     Does not void transmission warranty.

     That service can be done with a transmission fluid exchange machine with Mega Power. To do so, add the Mega Power T1 cleaner first into the old fluid.

     Perform several gear shifts, into an out of each gear several times before exchanging the old fluid for new. Then add the T2 T3 Mega Power items to the new fluid exchange process. 


    If your transmission has a dip stick tube, Pour T1 into the tube, then drive to a shop that will change out the fluid. You may have to add T2 and T3 yourself if they won't - after the new fluid in inthe transmission. This gives it a slight overfill to let the T2 and T3 conditioners do their part to stop leakage, and smothout friction hangups.

Ordering Info:

Ford Focus, Fiesta Transmission TreatmentFord Focus, Fiesta Transmission Treatment

Ordering info:  

     Mega Power Transmission Service includes 3 items shown, easy to install directions, phone help, guarantee. Ship FedEx to your door in 3 days. Plus this Bonus:

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