FAQ About Installing Your Additives

FAQ Mega Power Additives End operating and mechanical problems avoiding their repair need.FAQ Mega Power Additives End operating and mechanical problems avoiding their repair need.


Why are your products supreior to other products?

  • They end wear and tear and mechanical problems chemically preventing problems in new vehicles. 
  • They end operting , performance and mehanical problems - the owner can do.  at low cost and produce a long term endurance with their anti-wear ingredients, repair  can't - unless you add the products afterwards.  Of course the rsults will be gratly increased and endurance added. 

FAQ What if I don't use them.

  • You will pay thouands in avoidable repairs
  •  and lose many years of life - the products can add.
  • They pay you to use them. Its your vehicles safety net. 


Will Installing Your Auto Repair Options Additives be Difficult?

  • No
  • Just follow the simple step- by- step instructions and your engine or component problem will end or stop being a problem and turn out great. The whole process should not take more than 15 minutes. Remember, were here for you every step of the way so get in touch with us if you have any questions. If your not sure your install turned out OK, you can always go to step two to complete the process and it surely will end with assitance of the step two items.  You can call and a few quetions will decide the matter and if you need of an item more at no charge.

How can auto-repair-options.com charge so much less than repair?

  • First off, you will be receiving the same exact custom-made products as your mechanic would use! We are a commercial formula laboratory that has been working exclusively with mechanics, equipment owners and individuals for over 5o years and are now open to the public. It’s very expensive for a mechanic or company to run a repair shop. Their costly overhead of up to $500,000 gets passed onto you. At auto repair options we are able to provide you online with the same product quality mechanics use without the costly markup added as overhead costs, so much lower priced.

FAQ What happens after I place an order?

  • When your order is placed on the web site you will receive a “Thank You” page, which will have an online confirmation number on it. This is confirmation that your order has successfully been placed. 
  • Your order is then sent over a secure connection to our packaging department. If there are any problems with your order, one of our Sales & Service Specialists will contact you by phone or e-mail.
  • We process and dispatch all orders within 1 business day, so you can expect your order delivered within  2-5 days, 5 to 7 Canada. 10 days elswhere at the longest.  An automated tracking number will be emailed to you once your shipment is in transit.
  •  If you feel you did not receive your tracking number please check your spam folder. Or call for it at 512 665 3388 If you still have questions, tex us, or call us at  512 665 3388

Can someone help me to choose the right products to end my problems?

  • Sure that's are delite! A mechanic in the usa will answer any question and offer tips on the fix if our products can't cover it. Call or tex us, or call us at  512 665 3388 24/7

FAQ What if my treatment does not work?

  • We understand this fix will not fix busted parts, nor external ones n ot connected or in contac with fluid, and that’s why at auto repair options Direct there is always a knowledgeable certified l technician on staff to assist you. We listen to our customers and will help assist you with the best solution that will  fit your lifestyle and budget. Just like taking medicine it can take a little time to undo yearss of bnegative build up - but it will end the problem noted. 
  • If its its a broken problem or something different and you misscalled it. you can ask for arefund - no quibble. Our explanation of your problem pretty much assures you it will work by the story details. 
  • No need to send the empty's back! Give us a call for a refund or a different item that may be the real fix - for free. We know it happens and feel we didn't do that good of a job - and it has us scurring to improve that communication.

How soon can I expect my treatment and what is the shipping policy?

  • Ship daily with 2 to 10 day FedEx or USPS delivery depending where in the world you are. Cost mostly paid by you but we will pay any difference to get it to you quickly.

How do I care for and service my vehicles?

  • We’ve got you covered in the directions and there is always a free tech call to us to help you do the install. Nothing to take apart. Just add the to the fluids as explained and driving does the rest. 

FAQ Do I need to change the old fluid first? 

  • No. Add the items shown and make sure the fluid part is not low. A few hours to a week later the instructions explains when changing out the old stuff and replaced with new, along with the additives for step two. 

FAQ  Will cleaning and caring for your vehicles components help extend car life and functionality.

  • Off course.
  • The ingredients remove sludge, and adds friction and acid eliminators or reducers and that slams the breaks on wear. Every 6000 miles for engine. Every two years for the transmission radiator steering and a/c components.

FAQ Must I continue to use the products?

  • Of course. Theyprevent future avoidable problesm- so costly to repair. 
  • – It is recommended you repair the engine oil drain at 6000 miles not 3000 to help prolong the longevity of your engine. Every two years in all other components. 

FAQ  Can a mechanics me help if needed.

  • Ask your mechanic to do the install. About $50 if likely the charge, if you like.  I find most don't read the instructions. So ask him what step one is to have him do so. .

These statements have been evaluated by repair shops and mechanics and you are following the method we teach them to follow for the ideal result.  These products cannot fix what's broken - and you may know that. But the treatment may confirm it - while performing the cleaning and condition the old parts will new when new ones replace thebad ones. 

Whether you’re looking to fix or end a problem or enhance your protection beyound the minimum, auto repair options is here to help improve your vehicle life without having to break the bank.

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