Automotive Industry Tune Repair Analysis For Independent Owned Shops Weakening.

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Just a car or truck owner looking for help?

OK this is for you too. 

Let me explain why...

This website is going to be about Product Options other than repair to get your vehicle problem solved.

Any engine, transmission, radiator cooling system, steering - running,  noise,  leak, sludge, wear.

A  method  where no repair knowledge is needed.

However, the  fix is specific to problems and their cause...

About 95 out of 100 times  a successful method.

Don't worry. Thousands of men and women have done so. 

Saving themselves time and lots of money.

Is that what you want?

....Read on....

You are given in a few paragraphs the cause. Repair options. And..

our shortcut method anyone can easily use to end the problem.

What problems?

Most any except a busted part. 

 So buying and fixing  will feel comfortable and the fear will not be a thing to worry about.

You have me near as your phone to help you... That's what I'm here for, also.

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ASop Owner looking For. Specfic Income MKer?

Automotive Industry Tune Repair Analysis For Independent Owned Shops Cost & Trends.

While business is good, profits are down for tune repair shop owners.

The reasons for lower income is due to persistent use of old fashion marketing and repair ideas that ignore today's concepts for more profitable car care and repair methods.

For repair shop owners to profit off today's and tomorrows profitable opportunities, driving in and out of their shop - and seeing customers and potential customers go to others, who profit from repair shop marketing weaknesses, new thinking about additives will make the transfer profitable snatching profits from leach days business.

Which is a Better Product to promote: BG Products vs. Mega Power Products.

  • Automotive Tune and Repair Shops remain in demand in good times and in bad. 
  • That's a big reason the tune repair shop owner to hunt for new and better profit making additives and drop those that don’t make the cut.

In today's match up, we're pitting BG Detergent Additives against Mega Power’s similar, but chemical based. Slo-wear Fix-better line of additives.

Which of these two additive brands is the better choice for the repair shop owner?

The Case for BG Additives.

    BG’s primary road to fame, it’s 44K occurred from a chance in Government Regulations in the 1970’s when BG repackaged a detergent from gasoline due to it s negative effects on smog reduction.