$1000 a week at your place oil change.

A rural vehicle oil change and servicing business can give you the freedom you want.

A lo-cost system with robots products and a hook. Profit from helping others take care of their vehicles twice a year? Get started in as little as 15 days.

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Do - your own - car maintenance? You're one of the few?  

Why not profit doing it for others in your rural area?

The We COME TO YOU - OIL CHANGE BUSINESS GET PRIMIUM PRICES.  A rural area business can be a most profitable service. 

With our system you add driving performance improvements customers love. A $ 1000 a week business doing what you love with a profitable twist!

An on-location oil change business can average $1000 profit with 20 or so oil changes. More  promoting services which you do a fluid test on to show their bad.  people know its cheaper to service a vehicle than not!  Seeing the robots pull out crude through clear hoses makes people wonder how their cars ran at all.  A little test of their oils shows this is what their cars need to keep going strong and trouble free.

Our set up cost runs under $10,000. Plus, a truck.

Pass out flyers and cards to local businesses to get them as customers. Give them a discount for getting you customers. A lo-cost direct mail program spreads the word. Door-to-door visits can get jobs right on the spot

Having robots:

Robots do the actual fluid changing. Just connect them to the component and in a few minutes the customers see's years of dirty black muck come out, as clean fluid and conditioners goes in. 

The 5 service result produces a quiet, strong performance similar to a new vehicle - customers rave about. Takes about an hour per car. About $200 profit per car. A menu describes the unique features. Financing for them is offered. A do it now enticement. 

With 80 million neglected older cars, and the average home having 4 cars - in the rural area near you. That offers a local convenience factor -  for vehicle owners - worried about their cars servicing, and its long livability. 

You can start with a small investment. Profit off of full time or part time making more in a few hours time than people earn working 8.  

 If you work for others 8 to 5, it makes them rich off your sweat. They get all the recognition. Satisfaction. Money. 

However, you can easily enjoy the same business ownership  recognition- Satisfaction- Money as a mobile, car care and service business owner. You keep all the profit and overhead is low - working from your home. Sure you may work a bit harder - but you keep all the income - not pass it off for others for their benefit - off your labor.. And you choose your own work schedule. Take off for a week - the money is there waiting for you. And to make your future easier, it builds a growing repeat business. 

The Service That Pays the Customer To Use. I feel from my own experience, car owners want a service that avoids older vehicle problems - and this is the only one around. WalMart and Quick Lube Services don't offer a free redo, nor a problem solving option for the engine transmission radiator steering or a/c  systems like you can. Think of the opportunities that can open up for you with our servicing program.

We call it, Slo-Wear Vehicle Servicing. This service ends oil and fluid changes that now  leave behind friction and sludge. Our service ends what.causes a vehicles sudden -  engine and gear shift problems - vehicle onwers are worried that might appear. Does so by normal oils and fluid changes. Sludge and friction build up internal pressures causing weaker parts to fail to move properly. Wearout  prematurely.   Not after our slo-wear free repair oil and fluid change. The customer actually sees our machines remove buckets of sludge, while new oil and fluids with friction modifiers and conditioners clean out sludge. Smooths friction roughern surfaces - thereby making possible a return a new-like operation to each component. 

Slo-wear ends problems, and resets the car's wear and mileage manometer back 25,000 miles. This assures them they can drive older vehicles with the confidence of it being like newer. As many times as you like by simple repeat of the service. Once every 4 to 6 months for the engine. Every 2 years for all other components.

It pays the car owner to use this service and they can chose the pay nothing for any part failur repair in the cars 5 systems as an extra service to sell.

If not removed will cause the next 100,000 miles operating problems and  engine and transmission $2000 to $5000 repair bills. Start in as little as 7 days. Interested? 

Set up is simple, and your area is most likely open. Call for details on the small investment and training at 512 665 3388.


To ask a question, if in central Texas, try the service out on your on vehicles at a discount, to experience the amazing performance improvement results the service provieds to do either, call me ...george at 512 665 3399